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It was always dark.

There were times when he had been in the light but now, he was not so sure anymore. Had the light been something imaginary that his tired brain had conjured? Or even if it weren’t… how was light even? Were there things other than this constant, unending darkness?

It had been too long and even his memory was not reliable anymore.

The only thing he relied on was the constant ticking that echoed around the cave that he had been trapped in. How long had he been trapped in? A year? Perhaps ten? Perhaps a century or even a millennium… He doesn’t know anymore.

In this complete darkness… time did not matter, memories did not matter… Nothing mattered. Simply longing for something else other than this unending darkness.

Once upon a time, he had been one of the most powerful demons across the universe raising hell everywhere he went. Perhaps he had been too ambitious to aim for the heavens, the great and wonderful place designed only for the worthy to enter.

Ah. That was his only mistake and here he was… subjected to suffering for millions of years because of those heavenly beings and their power.

His memory may be fading, he may not remember much but that never meant the burning itch inside of him to burst out of here, gain back his powers and bring down heaven once and for all, to make those angels suffer just like he was suffering had ceased. In fact with every tick, his desire to bring doom, his own version of Nirvana only grew.

But wasn’t it all sad because he just did not know if his punishment would ever even end!

If there was one thing he clearly remembered, it was definitely how he and his army had marched upon the portal that connected heaven and hell: earth.

This was the place where trading happened between angels and demons using human souls, the two-party constantly fighting to take over.

Ah! The insult he faced.

He and his legion of forty thousand armed demons, all high ranking demons had come over after declaring war against heaven. Oh! The scoff that had escaped his lips when seven mere angels came forward to meet them in the fight.

“Do you mock me? Do you mock the great Xiumin of Sheol? I will show you evil, then. I will burn you all in hell!” His voice still hollers in his mind today and yet what came next only echoed louder.

He was crushed and so was his army. They stood no chance upon these holy angels. They were the elite… he should have known. He should have known that he stood no chance against even one of those… lease Seven of them.

Ah! He was powerful but they were his natural

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Chapter 14: Xiumin is here!!! Would Xiumin be furious when he found out that Baekhyun is very close with Cheery and possibly in love with her?
beakey #2
Chapter 14: heart come back!!!
AiiSoo #3
Chapter 14: Uh oh. The big boss has finally returned. Will Xiumin get mad at Baekhyun. Hmm. It’ll be interesting to know whether he knew about Baekhyun’s infatuation towards Cheery. I hope Kai is there too. It’s time that all of them reunite again.
Thank you for this update…!
Chapter 7: WAIT WHY HAVE I NOT UP VOTED THIS STORY YET!??!?! WTH cheery and lucifers daughter..hmmmm
AiiSoo #6
Chapter 13: I’m loving this…!! Can’t wait for Xiumin and Kai’s return too. And o oh. Baek seems to have some serious feeling for Cheery. He even got jealous of her and Chanyeol. I bet Cheery wanted to learn about Xiumin’s name that’s why she took Foreign Language in college. And that’s probably what she figured out resulting in her falling asleep at the museum? Poor Kai teleporting a lot of times to Earth to meet her but still she can’t see him. Is Baek going to be second lead? Well, I expected that he’ll be close to her but not him having some serious feelings for her apart from friendship. Maybe it’s because they’ve yet to find out that Cheery is Xiumin’s soulmate?
Thank you for all these chapters..! I’m excited to know how the story will go from here.
Chapter 13: OMG park chanyeol is back!! And also xiumin kai and chen!! It feels like reunion, no? Hehehe..