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Xiumin desperately wished his powers were still there with him so that he could officially wrap himself up in a small dimension just for himself so that he could escape this noise pollution that was happening all over his room.

On the bed, Kai and Cheery were fighting over the single uncolored page while Chen was obnoxiously screaming at the top of his lungs on the other end of the room and Baek was doing a series of chants up in the ceiling that required several high intonations to work.

So basically the only quiet one in this room was him. Oh. Did he also mention that Cheery’s mother suddenly decided to go on a full house make-over to get over her breakup? That added to the noise pollution as their house was right outside of his window.

Ah. Such peace. That too after thousands of years in complete silence.

He really did not know whether to adore this or abhor it. There truly was no in-between.

But do you know what he clearly abhorred? That tall giant of a boy called Park Chanyeol. All of these noises was actually pleasing as opposed to the ones coming out of his mouth. Besides he was clumsier than a newborn giraffe so when he comes over, the entire house somehow just… falls and clangs.

Unfortunately because Cheery was already the link to the outside world, Chanyeol had pushed himself into his room thanks to Cheery and managed to sit there for a whole minute without saying anything until he began to talk nonstop for three hours. Believe him when he says three hours because he was looking at his watch.

Xiumin decided to say nothing instead beat the out of him and send him out of the room before the demons return. The giant only laughed though. He was probably a masochist.

“At least seeing you like this is better than not seeing you at all. By the way, your subscribers are all bombarding me with questions about your disappearance. Do something.”

Ah right. Do Kyungsoo and Park Chanyeol, since last year suddenly decided to become YouTubers and opened a channel where they did the most ridiculous pranks and just nonsense stuff like going to the grocery stores and reviewing snacks. These idiots were truly living a blissful life of ignorance.

It made Xiumin mad yet marvel at their bravery because they genuinely believe that by the end of last year, they’d have golden buttons each.

They both have 30 and 24 subscribers each, as of now and they were all family and friends.

“QUIET!” He finally shouts having had enough of the noise by now. Kai and Cheery fighting on the bed stops their fight over who was going to color which part, Chen floating above the couch pauses in his screaming, and Baek chanting above also pauses.

It is all nice for a moment, of course, the clanging and roars of the machines were still going on with all its might outside until everything return to normal again. Even Baek did not listen to him when Cheery laughed and continued fighting.

Now he wanted to go out of his room.


* * *


Xiumin walked around the park lingering in the corners avoiding humans as much as possible while covering up as much as he could with hats and face masks. Every single person in the neighborhood knew Kyungsoo so the last time Cheery forced him to go to the supermarket for ice cream, he was exhausted at how many greetings he received.

He was wiser today and he was glad for the quiet park.

Their park was thankfully situated right at the rim of national forest conservation which meant no human beings behind him. Just him and the forest. Thankfully, Baek had opened a portal in the forest given that no humans go there, he receives some energy from it and so this spot was now officially his.

Cheery was away with the father and it made Xiumin worried to hell and back but thankfully Kai went along with them so that was sort of comforting. Now that they hang out so often, Kai was getting better at handling Cheery. In fact, he was now so good that the official tutor for Cheery was now switched to him.

Besides he also made Kai give an oath not to harm Cheery in any way, he had let Kai go with them. Breaking that oath meant a lot of negativity like draining of power for a year or so and Kai being greedy wouldn’t go against the oath simply for a human-like Cheery or her soul.

Now that Xiumin thinks about it, Cheery doesn’t seem anything… special. She was just like any other girl

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