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A New Phase: One


“Look at this photo. Your nose is bleeding and stuffed with tissues.”

“Oh… I remember. I think a senior came and punched me in the face.”

“You kissed his girlfriend so no surprise there.”

“I still remember that day so vividly. It was in high school, right? I think Sophomore year?”



* * *



“CHEERY!” A group of young teenage girls came running towards another girl in the playground of their school wearing their PE uniforms. “Trouble! There is trouble! QUICK!”

The faces of the teenage girls were taut and panicked.

“What happened?” The girl yawned as she slowly sat up from the grassy ground. She had been sleeping there. “So much commotion. Ugh. Can’t a girl take a nap?”

The girl on the floor was a pretty young girl with pinkish skin and dots of acne here and there. Her hair is in a messy bun and her uniform is ridiculously wrinkled.

“It’s Baekhyun,” A girl cried as she kneeled down in front of Cheery to pick her up. “He’s in trouble again! Apparently, he kissed a senior’s girlfriend.”

Cheery bit her lips in annoyance at that, her hand forming a fist. “That mother er is going to ruin my life.”

But despite her anger, she was standing and dusting off grass bits from her pants. “Lead the way. I’ll deal with him.”

The other girls hurried to lead her as she followed them massaging her fist.

“The senior came just some time back in the classroom and demanded to see Baekhyun.” Another girl came right next to her and began filling her in. “He is tall and scary looking… I think his name is Ravi.”

“As soon as Baekhyun stood up, Ravi came and punched him in the face and Poor Baekhyun was thrown into the ground.”

Cheery scoffed at that and rolled her eyes. “Poor Baekhyun? Isn’t Ravi the victim here?”

“Well… yes but it’s Baekhyun we’re talking about.”

Cheery huffs at that and popped some of her shoulder bones. “Ah… I can’t believe he kept quiet for a week. Can’t he let me live for at least a month for once in his lifetime?”

The girls giggled at that but still hurried. Everyone knew that Cheery and Baekhyun were childhood friends. Cheery had moved into Baekhyun’s apartment unit back when they were both about six. Till middle school, Baekhyun only talked to Cheery and no one else but it all changed when he hit puberty and reached high school.

He suddenly became a major flirt and started going around with almost every girl possible. Now that they were in the third year, he has had a huge history of girls which would eventually end up in some drama of some sort.

Like this one for example.

Cheery hissed in annoyance as she witnessed Ravi holding Baekhyun by his collar as the pretty boy laughed while his nose bleed.

“Oh no! Cheery! Help him!” The girls all around whined at Cheery making her wish she can escape from all these. She had been sleeping so well.

“Sunbae…” She sighed heavily and called him out hoping he’ll hear her from all the noise. Thankfully the taller man does and looks at her. “Can you please let him go? He’s bleeding enough already.”

But the senior’s face twisted in anger. “Do you know he ing kissed my girlfriend and now she wants to break up with me? I’m not letting this ing piece of go. And besides who are you to tell me what to do?”

Cheery face-palmed herself but sighed desperately. Byun Baekhyun had always been a person with the face of an angel and action sinister enough to be a demon. He was absolutely gorgeous to look at with his light brown hair that shine brightly under the sun and skin that looked as though snow could slip off. He had eyes that rivaled a puppy and lips that sealed all deal.

Of course, that was all nice if you don’t know him.

Almost every girl in the area knew of his shenanigans and avoided him as well as admired him, some falling into his trap every now and then.

“Alright,” She nodded her head at Ravi. “Fine. Do what you want with him although, to be honest, he doesn’t deserve all this time you’re giving him.”

At that, she raised both her hands and backed away.

“Yah~,” Baekhyun whined as she turned around, “Cheerrrryyyy…”

But she clapped her hands on her ears and walked out without a care in the world. She had been dealing with this for about 3 years now so honestly, she’s had enough.

Unfortunately, before she could escape three teachers stood there with hands on their hips.

“Ravi, Baekhyun, and Cheery. Office. Now.”

“But I was not the one fighting-”

“You’ve bunked three classes Cheery. You’re the most wanted in the office right now.”


“This is all your fault!” She hissed at Baekhyun who happily used a tissue to stuff his nose. “I could have gone away without trouble. Ugh. I hate you so much.”

Ravi looked mad as he walked in front of them towards the teacher’s office while Baekhyun continued to clean up his bloody nose.

“That hurts,” He finally speaks and threw an arm around her. “Thank you for coming to my rescue again. I owe you.”

But Cheery shrugs off his arm and elbowed his ribs feeling annoyance built up in every pore of her.

“Offf!” Baekhyun doubled over and dropped down on one of his knees clutching his ribs.

“! Are you okay?” Cheery sometimes forget how strong she is or that she was the finest athlete in her school or that Baekhyun was the literal opposite of her and he was weak as .

“Ugh,” He groaned gritting his teeth. Cheery chewed her lips in guilt.

“Shall I take you to the infirmary?” Besides if that happens, she can run away.

“No… It’s fine.” Baekhyun groaned again. “I think it’ll be better though if you give me a kiss.” At that, he was grinning like a maniac while smacking his lips together and making kissy faces at her.

If their homeroom teacher did not turn back to call out at them at that moment, she might have elbowed Baekhyun to the ground unbothered about how many bones he may break.


* * *


“Look at this one.”

“Oh! You were so short here hahaha… I was much taller than you!”

“Look who’s shorter now.”

“What am I supposed to do then? Cry? It’s not like I’ll grow any taller.”

“ to be you…”

“Shut up…”

“I think this was the first time we ever met though. You moved into our building.”



* * *


“Hello princess,” A kind-looking woman crouched down to her eye level and smiled at her. “You’re new here aren’t you? How old are you?”

“I’m six!” She grinned happily at the woman liking her immediately. “This is my dad! We came here yesterday. Do you live here?”

The adults laughed at how chatty she is. “Awww! She’s adorable! I wish my son was at least half as polite as you. Come here, Baekhyun. Say hi!”

A little boy hiding behind his father’s legs was pulled out and presented making him turn again to bury his face insi

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Chapter 13: I’m loving this…!! Can’t wait for Xiumin and Kai’s return too. And o oh. Baek seems to have some serious feeling for Cheery. He even got jealous of her and Chanyeol. I bet Cheery wanted to learn about Xiumin’s name that’s why she took Foreign Language in college. And that’s probably what she figured out resulting in her falling asleep at the museum? Poor Kai teleporting a lot of times to Earth to meet her but still she can’t see him. Is Baek going to be second lead? Well, I expected that he’ll be close to her but not him having some serious feelings for her apart from friendship. Maybe it’s because they’ve yet to find out that Cheery is Xiumin’s soulmate?
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