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It is not because of her trouble past but It is fate, who send Ningning to Korea. With so much hope to restart her life, to finally follow her dream to become a singer. She meet a trainee who dedicated most of his life building his future to become an idol. 

A talented star from China meet the child actor from Korea

An Aespa Ningning and Nct Dream Jisung story. Maknae meets the maknae. 


Today was going to be the first and last time Ningning will going to step to her schoolmate and secretly friend house.

She’s never been there before but both of them have been planning this ever since they meet each other at the rooftop of the school.

Their first meeting was the most unforgettable event that happened to her life. It was so traumatic, that they ended up comforting each other and they lack in guidance and hope to live.

Ningning sat on her bed crying as she read the email she received.

From: SM Entertainment

“Congratulations- “

She harshly closes her laptop. Her shaky breathing was causing to cry even harder.

She did not dare to read further because she made up her mind. She’s been thinking this decision for a long time.

“This email will not change my mind. Lei was waiting for me. I must end this now to stop my suffering”. Ningning remind herself.

She kept on caressing her lower back. Tears are slowly falling.

She took a deep breath, she picks up her wallet and cellphone. She walks to up to her bedroom door.

Ningning suddenly stop to look back. To look around her room for the last time.

She then went straight to her parents’ room. Trembling, she slowly opens their room but her parents are not here. This is not new to her. Her parents are so busy that even her dad never go home. Her mom was the only one who is continuously going home to cook for her but she doesn’t even have a clue what has been happening to her ever since she attends her new school.

Ningning slowly went to her parents’ bed and lay on it. She hugs their pillow and aggressively sniff her parents used pillow.

"maaaa....Babaaa.Wo xiang ni..." She murmur.

She ended up crying again. But her mind had already choose to go.

Before going up. She texted Lei.

To: Lei

I’m ready. I’ll be there by 3 pm.

She looks at the time. Its 2:41 pm in the afternoon. Ningning carefully stood up from her parents’ bed and she fixed the bed.

Ningning has a sad smile written to her face. After fixing the bed, she saw that her parents’ room is kind of messy.

She decided to cleans up. It took her a few minutes but then when she stood up. She saw a mirror in front of her.

Ningning look up at the mirror, as she saw fragile self. 

She is expressionless right now. She slowly touches her small face. Using the back of her hand, she slowly caresses her face from her right cheek to her left cheek.

She suddenly lift up her shirt and shows a very visible new and healed Scratch and scars. A long damn starches from her bullies. She hate it so much, because it always remind her unfortunate and depressing life in school.

She even have in her head. It was not visible unlike her  wounds in her upper back and lower back. Because of her thick hair, it doesnt show.

“How could a young, innocent and kind hearted girl life turn like this?” She asks herself upon eyeing her reflection in the mirror.

She felt really tired and drained.

Her phone suddenly vibrates.

From: Lei

Okay. See you then. 

Ningning stood up. Ningning quickly remove the picture frame in her mother shelve and bring the picture in her palm.

She then went outside. She ride the bus and she put on her earphones and calmly look outside the bus. 
She smiles a bit. 

“Hold out your hand, wrap it around my neck
A little below, massage my shoulders
At the end of a tiring day
Even if the sun has already come up
I’m finally closing my eyes” 

Ningning unwrap her palm from the picture. She look at the family picture. They look so happy there.

It’s 2:58 pm when Ningning reach Lei house. She is now standing in front of his door and it is slightly open. It means that he is really waiting for her arrival so he didn’t even bother to lock it.

She suddenly felt very nervous. Her hands are tremble that she can’t even properly hold the door handle.

She took a deep breath, next thing she saw was a huge house inside. The house is so spacious, it is so very different from her house.

Lei instructed her to went straight to his room that has a dark gray door frame. She quickly saw it and went inside.

Upon entering the room. A lifeless body was laying on the floor. A glass of water was thrown and spattered in the floor and numerous white medicines are scattered in the floor. 

Ningning scream so loud. Her legs become weak as she fall on her knees. Hands on as she kept on screaming. Tears falling nonstop from her eyes.

“Leeeiiiiiiii!!!!!!" Ningning regain her energy for a moment and run towards Lei lifeless body.

"How could you leave me alone in a cruel and scary world! We plan this together!!!!” Ningning was crying so hard.

She doesn’t know what to do. She is shaking. 
Her mind went blank. 

Lei and Ningning have been planning to have a suicide together. Both of them only saw death as a solution to their never-ending sadness, pain and problem.

“Leiiiiiiii!!! Ahkkkkk!!! Huhuhu!!” Ningning kept on crying as she held his shirt to wake him up. She kept on wiggling him but he is not responding. 

Ningning tried to stood him up but he us too heavy and huge compare to her small frame. Lei hands and head kept on falling on the ground.

“Why did you leave without me? Whyyy??” She kept on jiggling him but his eyes are close and a white liquid flow from his mouth. 

“Leiiiiii!!! What am I going to do now without you? Why didn’t you wait for me?!” Ningning scream and cry. 

The door to Lei bedroom suddenly swung open and a woman scream.

“What’s happening here? Who’s fighting?! Lei? Son?!” A woman voice quickly came inside because of the screaming she heard from the living room.

She was actually going home from work because his son has an appointment to a psychiatrist.

She notices a lot of signs of depression to her child. It’s very scary for her. As a mother, its very scary to send her child to a psychiatrist but what she is more scared is that she might lose her son. 

All she knows is that her child needs help. It was her son third visit today. 

She was excited for his son’s progress. And she knows she lack in many ways as a mother to Lei but she believes that it’s never too late. 

She wanted to give her full attention to her only child now. Shower him affection and all the attention he needs
Lei’s mother eyes widen when she saw her son laying lifeless to a girl’s arm. 

Her world stop spinning for a moment. 

She screams so loud and she immediately run to his son. She embraces him and cry so loud.

“Leiiiiiii!!!!! My baby! My sooonnnnnn!” Lei’s mom said in between crying and screaming.

"YeahhhhAa! What happened to my son? why is he like this?" 

"Ohmygoshhhh!!! Lei wake up. Baby wake up!!!"

“My son don’t leave me!! Why did you do this? Why are you doing this to your parent? I love you so much my son!!!” Her mom kept on crying. She tried to wake her son up but he is not responding anymore.

Ningning on the other hand felt very scared and nervous.

“Call the ambulance!!!!” Lei’s mom screams at her and Ningning rashly dial the ambulance. 

Lei's mother was crying hysterically.

As the ambulance came. The three persons were sent to the nearest hospital and there, the doctor tried to save him.

Her mother was crying so hard. She is begging the doctor to please his only son. She was blaming herself for this.
Ningning was in the corner. Still crying quietly. Her heart was beating so hard. Her anxiety level raises again. She saw how painful it is to see your love ones go.

The doctor pronounces him dead. Lei’s mother collapsed.

Ningning felt her whole body become pale as she heard that. She felt like dizzy. 

A few minutes after, Lei family came by. When they saw Ningning in the corner. Silently crying, fist is close together because she was holding Lei’s couple bracelet.

Ningning was still crying and trembling. 

An older women approach her and ask her to call her parents. She didnt respond. She couldnt hear anything. She is out of her mind.

A police came by at the hospital to investigate about the death of Lei. Since Ningning wasnt responding, the police call her guardian which is her mother.


Ningning mom was at her work at the moment when she recieved a unexpected call from a unkwon number.

"Hello? is this ms. ning yizhuo guardian?" The police ask.

"Hello? Yes this is her mother. Why? who are you?" Ningning mom stop on her track, as she heard her daughter name.

"This is the Harbin Police. We would like to have your guidance and presence here at the Harbin Provincial Hospital. We cannot seems to properly communicate with your daughter ning at the moment. Please do visit us here. Right now" The police officer explain to her.

"What?" Her mom suddenly drop the floor.

Ningning mother drop all the things she is holding upon hearing what the police officer to her.

She is so scared that she felt like something bad happened to her only daughter. 

Her mom quickly leave her work and drive to the Harbin Provincial Hospital.

Her mother tried to contact Ningning father because she couldnt face this alone. She is too scared.

Her whole body is trembling. 

"What happen to my daughter?" She ask herself upon driving so fast. Her heart was raising so fast. 

When her mother arrive at the hospital. She quickly look for her there. At the ER or emergency room. She saw a 2 police officers trying to have a conversation with her daughter but she is saying anything. She is not even looking up to them. Her gaze was just at the floor and crying.

Her mother stop on her track and took a deep deep breath.

"Ningning..." She said then her daughter attention immediately shift to her. Her mother run to her and hug her so tight.

She made her worry so much and she glad she wasnt hurt. But she is wondering why theres a police and her daughter was there.

"What happened? Are you okey Ningning" Ningning mom said. With so much worriness. Her mom caress her back and hair. 

But Ningning just cry again.

Instead of the Ningning. Her mom talk to the officer about whats is going on.

After hearing the story. Ningning mom felt like the world crash to her right now.

"But my daughter is so so nice and kind. She is fragile. She will never do that to her friend!!" Her mom fight for her daughter. She knows her etter than anyone in this world. 

She was the one who raise her from 0 months old up until now. She is only 14 years old officer for God sake!!" She tried to explain and convince them.

"What you guys are doing to my daughter is too much. Look at her. She wasnt even responding because you are attacking her. Let the child rest for a moment and gave her time to heal. She just lost her friend" She said. 

Ningning mother talk to Lei's family and the police officer. After that, the two went home quietly. 

Her mom was still in shock right now. She doesnt know what to say and what to think. 

Maybe her child was there because she was also attempting to do a suicide. That was what the police officer told her. She was still in shock and scared that if that turn out true. 




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