Chapter 13

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"Uh.. I'm going to apologise for the mess my house is in in advance" Momo said as I followed her to her house. She'd invited me over to her house when I'd suggested that we meet at a cafe or something, saying that she had to take care of her daughter. 

"Are you sure your brother won't mind?" I asked again

"Yuta has a meeting to attend anyways" she answered as she opened the door to her apartment. 

"Huh?" a voice could be heard as Momo stepped into the house.

"Mommy!" Mina heard a loud squeal as her daughter ran over to Momo. 

"Hey baby" Momo greeted as she placed the groceries she was carrying on the table. 

"I was wondering when you'd return-" Yuta, Momo's brother said as he came out from the kitchen with a bag on his shoulder. 

"Yeah, sorry. I had to restock some of the stuff" Momo replied in Japanese as her daughter began making grabby hands at her. 

"Nae! I need to wash up. You wait here with Uncle Yu while I wash up and come. Mina, please do take a seat" Momo continued in Japanese as she scurried inside to change.

"Fancy seeing you again" Yuta said to me as he picked the grumpy kid in his free hand 

"Part of me doesn't want you to step foot in this house or anywhere near my sister, but the other part of me which has been instructed by Seulgi says that I should let you in here." he continued in a much darker tone.

"I know what I did to her was hor-"

"Hush, I'd rather not hear your pointless apologies. I wasn't there then, but if you or anyone in your group hurts her again I am not going to make sure you suffer for it. You don't know what it's like to come back after completing a couple extra courses in the US to a family which isn't a family anymore. I spent 3 months trying to find Momo. What you did wasn't funny, but I think you know that already." 

"Yeah, I'm aware of it"

"Okay, I'm done. Yuta, you can go now... I know I held you back, Sorry" Momo said as she came back into the room wearing a pair of leggings and a hoodie. She took her hyper daughter away from her brother.

"Yeah, I'll try to put the blame on traffic. Anyways, take care Mo. I'll be back. Call me if you need anything, 'kay? And please do my laundry before I'm back. I'm begging you since I won't have anything to wear if you don't." 

"When will you ever change?" she sighed before adding "I'll do it don't worry"

"Thanks! You're the best. I mean it. You're amazing. Don't forget it! Anyways, Bye Momo. Bye Naomi" he said as he kissed Naomi's head and hugged Momo before going to the door

"Passport?" Momo yelled to which she got a grunt as an answer 

"Bye" Momo yelled again just as the door opened and shut again.

"Okay.. Sorry about that" Momo said as she pulled Naomi's hand off her hood. 

"She's really cute" I said with a smile trying to feel less awkward 

"Nae, we have a guest home! Where are your manners?" Momo asked her daughter who was playing with the hood on Momo's hoodie.

"Say Hi Naomi!" 

"Momo, it's okay. You don't have to try so hard" I said with a chuckle

"No she needs to learn" She grumbled as she glared at her daughter

"I'm Naomi, '' her daughter said before turning away and playing with the hood again. 

"Yeah, that's all I will be getting from this little monster" Momo said with a sigh 

"Your brother is leaving?" I asked since I didn't understand why you'd need a passport for a meeting

"Uh, it's okay I'm sorry I overstepped" I said when she bit her lip and sighed

"No, it's fine. He's going over to my parents house today and will be there for a week or so

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