Chapter 8

To The Beautiful You - My Version

Krystal’s POV

“Number 0081.”

“Hey it’s your turn,” Eun Gyeol shook me out of my trance.

I made my way towards Jae Hee. As I neared him, he smiled at me, throwing me into a state of confusion.

“Sulli…” I called him without thinking.

“What did you just call me?” His expression changed immediately.

“Sulli, er I mean, where is she,” I pretended to look for my best friend.

“I’m here,” Sulli waved at me from behind. I waved back and quickly stood beside Jae Hee.

“I’m sorry,” I apologised for my mistake.

“No problem at all. Compared to what your best friend had done, this was trivial. Unlike you, she showed absolutely no sign of remorse,” Jae Hee sighed.

“I’m sure she has no evil intent.”

After our picture was taken, Jae Hee requested a restroom break.

“Are there any ladies’ restroom nearby?” I needed to answer the call of nature too.

“Yes, there’s one beside the Gents. I can take you there since it’s on the way.”

“So has Eun Gyeol confessed to you?” Jae Hee asked while we were on our way to the restroom.

“Why did you ask the same thing as Sulli?” I chuckled at the question.

“Again? Aish! Ignore that copycat…” Jae Hee muttered under his breath. Then he turned serious again “It’s just that you were the ones who initiated the date, therefore it’s only natural to expect the two of you to go further than a platonic friendship.”

“Nope, he does not make any of such moves.”

“Sigh, is he waiting for the cows to come home? A pretty girl like you won’t wait too long. If he doesn’t buck up, he is going to miss a chance of the lifetime.” My face flushed with embarrassment when Jae Hee complimented my looks. “Maybe I should do something.”

“No! I mean I appreciate your concern, but please don’t do anything. Perhaps he’s not interested in me. I don’t want to put him on the spot.”

“There’s a gorgeous lady in front of him and he’s not interested? Is he gay or something?” I gulped when Jae Hee mentioned the word “gay”. “If it’s me I would have asked you out already.”


“Oh… er… I mean… we are here. The restroom. Oh, I am so urgent!” Jae Hee scurried to the Gents. There’s something adorable about his clumsiness, I thought as I headed for the Ladies.

Eun Gyeol’s POV (Still at the photo-taking area)

“What are you looking at?” Sulli suddenly appeared from behind me. Not wanting Sulli to see me checking out the pictures with her in it, I quickly shut the covers of my phone.

“Nothing. Gee…”

“Then why are you so engross in it?” Without a warning, she slapped my back. “Don’t tell me you are watching ?!”

“NO!” Both her hit and accusation scared the poo out of me. “I… I’m… a good boy.”

“Eh? The more frightened you look, the less I believe in you,” Sulli looked at me sternly.

“Jinja. I am not watching .”

“Whatever. Come to think about it, how can I entrust my Soo Jung to a ert like you?”

“Yah! I am innocent ok? Speaking of Soo Jung, where is Krystal?”

“Hor…” Sulli facepalmed herself. “You were so into whatever you were watching just now that you did not realize your girlfriend was gone?”

“Girlfriend? What do you mean by girlfriend?” Sulli was confusing me with every single word she said.

“You went on a date with Krystal a couple of weeks ago, didn’t you?”

“Well, you and Jae Hee were there too. So technically speaking it’s more like an outing between friends. Besides I don’t think she is interested in me.”

“How do you know? You haven’t even asked her. As a guy, you should make the first move.”

“Don’t just talk about me,” I had better switched topic before things got out of hand. “How about you and Jae Hee? Both of you seemed to be quite close already.”

“We can’t even get along. More importantly, he’s not my type,” strangely her last sentence made me happy.

“Oh, Sulli has high expectations. So what’s your ideal type?” I .

“Nah, I don’t expect much. I like ordinary looking guys who can make me laugh a lot.”

“Hmm… Jae Hee made you laugh a lot just now didn’t he?” I couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.

“Yah! Not like that. I want to laugh with him, not at him. Hey, Soo Jung is back.” From the distance, Krystal returned with Jae Hee. Sulli ran towards her and they linked arms.

“Thanks for your time. We would like to stay a little longer but we have lots of homework. So we have to return now.”

“Don’t mention it. Both of you have done more than enough just by being here to support us.” I waved at them.

“Hwaiting Eun Gyeol!” Both of them said together. “Hwaiting, Jae Hee agassi!” Sulli shouted across the room, earning herself a death glare from Jae Hee. Everyone in the room roared with laughter.

Watching them left hand in hand, I became wary of my growing feelings for one of them.

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