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Hello<3 welcome to my profile!~

I'm mostly a MeU, Sone and Reveluv so I'll write tons of fanfictions from those groups!! Side characters would be from my other ult groups, WJSN, LOONA, GFRIEND and IZ*ONE!!


Ships from:

Red Velvet: ALL OF THEM!! But I enjoy writing the most: Wenrene, Yeri X Saeron, Joygi, Joyri, Seuldy/Wenseul! (I wanna write Seulrene too eventually!)

SNSD: Taengsic, Yulti, Hyoyoung, Yoonhyun and Subyoung; JeTi, Yoonyul, Sunyeon, Hyoseo; Yulsic;

F(x): Lunber, Jungli

GFriend: SinRin, Wonha

WJSN: Bonlu, Exy X Seola

LOONA: Chuuyves, Jinlip(Or Kimsoul?), 2jin, Gowon X Olivia, Viseul(?)

IZ*ONE: Chaeyeon X Sakura, Yulyen, Minju X Yujin, Nako X Chaeyoung, Eunbi X Hyewon


About Me

Hello~ I'm Noa~ I'm a 18 years old singer, artist and writer! It's nice to meet you💖