Chapter 6

To The Beautiful You - My Version

Jae hee’s POV (Still in the changing room)

“Jae Hee, I got these for you,” the class monitor interrupted my thoughts.

“Thanks, but I just had my lunch, I don’t think I have space for 2 big buns,” I rubbed my tummy.

“No, this isn’t for consumption. You are supposed to wear it, you know…” he pointed to his chest area.

“Do I have to look that convincing?” I cringed with disgust.

“Might as well. Come on, the response is overwhelming. There is already a long queue waiting to take picture with you. “

Eun Gyeol’s POV (At the special area for customers who were qualified to take a picture with Jae Hee)

“Wow, the business here is really good,” Krystal commented.

“I can’t wait to see that cocky friend of yours masquerading as a woman,” Sulli grinned evilly. “What’s even greater is that I get to freeze the moment in my selca, so that I can taunt him anytime. How convenient!”

To be honest, I was just as excited as Sulli to see the female version of Jae Hee, but for a different reason. Without my permission, my heart started thumping as my imagination ran wild.

“Eun Gyeol, you are drooling,” Krystal whispered into my ear. “I understand how you are feeling now, but for your own good, exercise some self-control.”

“Ahh. Thanks for warning me,” I quickly wiped off the saliva from the side of my mouth.

Krystal’s POV

“Are you ready to witness the beauty of the goddess of Genie High?!”

“EVEREADY!” the crowd cheered.

Normally cross dressing antics did not excite me. It’s not that I had no sense of humour, but I felt that such jokes were downright cheap and cliché. Therefore I wasn’t prepared for what came next.

As Jae Hee made her… I meant his grand entrance, everyone was left in awe as their jaws dropped. Even by female standards, Jae Hee’s complexion was flawless and fair. When combined with that luscious kissable lips and slender figure, it was hard to believe that was actually a male. Soon wolf whistles sounded across the room.

“He should have been a girl.”

“I don’t care if that’s a girl or boy. I want Jae Hee already.”

Unconsciously, I nodded at the latter comment from the crowd. Wait, what was I thinking?

“Come on, Jae Hee, I know you are enjoying the attention. Smile to show that you love them!"

More cheers followed as Jae Hee shot a malicious glare at the MC. Then he turned back to force a smile. Despite the reluctance with a hint of shyness, his eyes twinkled nonetheless, melting the crowd with his signature eye smile. I looked at Eun Gyeol and as expected, he was already on cloud nine, going “Hee hee hee” like a Pabo.

Then I looked at Sulli, only to be struck by familiarity. My eyes darted back and forth between Jae Hee and Sulli. Were they playing a trick on me or was I really seeing double?

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