Let it be

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Another moonsun is coming :)



I have met him but I have never seen him and I have never known him or where he came from and why he punished me in such a way. Until now I live in question.



Love is only a metaphor for poetry. Love is just exist in a movie. Love is just a fairy tale in a novel. Love is the folly of man who does not want to accept the fact that it does not actually exist.



Before you say no, I want to tell you that this feeling has long been engraved in my heart. I know you may not like me. But every time I look at your shiny eyes, your sweet smile and your cute way of talking, I get crazy. So before I get really crazy, I know I should be honest with you.



I'm jealous. Because all this time I love you. But too ego  to admit. I treat you like I treat my other girlfriends. In fact, you are in my heart. In fact, you are more than them. I love you more than any woman I've ever met before. Even though it's too late, I still want to tell you. I love you.



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