Chapter 3 - Behind it All

Not Without You


Wendy's POV

Three days left before the audition, and I'm with Irene, filling out these audition applications. The application is quite similar to a resume, asking you about personal details and things you're confident doing.

Looking around, the place is pretty crowded. How much more would it be during the audition day? Just knowing that the entertainment is big makes me anxious. In fact, we're surrounded by gorgeous youngsters who all seem talented and confident.

Earlier I heard other applicants around me talk about how the entertainment is focused more on the dancing than the singing, and the thought of it gets me worrying.

Irene would be just fine since she's absolutely good with both dancing and singing. She even raps. However, I know that I focused more on my singing. I dance as well, but it still worries me.

"Are you alright?" Irene asks.

I can't believe I'm having such thoughts today. "Yeah, just anxious. You know I always am. Especially during auditions."

Irene pulled me by the hand and dragged me outside. "Let's get out of here fast. I know what's making you uncomfortable." she giggled.

The moment I snapped out of it, I just found us sitting at a cafe nearby.

"What are we doing here?" I asked.

But she looked away with a proud face. "I'm such a cool friend, aren't I? I know you're anxious because you're hungry. No worries, I'm buying today."

I wanted to laugh at her at that moment, but her voice seemed so proud. Anxious because I'm hungry? Oh boy.

Come to think about it... it's still pretty touching. I guess I shouldn't ruin the mood today.

"Thanks." I mouthed.



Irene's POV

When I said I knew what was making her anxious, I really did know. I know how she worries about her dancing, but I also know it is not worth talking about because I've been watching her for years.

I saw her progress through efforts; she is talented.

She's much more of a dancer than how she thinks she is. She's best at singing and dancing; I am sure about that. So it's best for me to act dumb for now.

"Eat a lot today. You might not get to eat as much as you want next time." I said jokingly.

"What do you mean?"

"You know how trainees don't get to eat a lot." I looked away.

"OOOHH, I like that punchline," she responded mischievously, so I turned my head towards her and gave her a wink. Well, not an actual one since I had both my eyes closed.

Yeah, this time was not acting. I really can't do it.


Three days passed by so fast. It's d-day!

We're with a large group in a practice room right now. The staff brought out a list of names to let us know when to enter another room to audition.

They required us to perform two songs and one dance choreography, but the judges did not give us any feedback for this audition. We were told that if they liked our performance, we'll get a call back for a second-round audition or get a call back telling us what to improve on.

We're both so nervous right now, but luckily we got to perform without problems. All that's left to do is wait and hope to receive a call-back.


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