Chapter 13 - The Night is Turning Cold

Not Without You


It's the week before D-day; a month after Wendy moved in with her group members. Well, for a skilled and talented person like her, that amount of time was enough to learn every single thing she had to.

There was a lot going on. As the girls prepare for their debut, opportunities to get to know each other come knocking. The girls enjoyed exhausting themselves by dancing day and night.

"Hey Wendy, wanna go out with me?" Joy spoke, slouched low in a chair as she struggled to tie her shoes. But not a second passed when she felt the tension of a deadly glare coming from a person nearby.

"Sure, I'll go out with you." Wendy answers enthusiastically.

"You better set your answers straight. Someone's eyes are about to fall out."  Joy teases as she turns her gaze to Irene, the source of all the numbing icy-cold atmosphere. "I meant go out for a walk."

Wendy looks at Joy, confused. When she answered, she literally knew Joy was talking about taking a stroll outside. She turns her head and notices Irene peering around the corner. "Ohh... You wanna come too?"  

Joy lets out a mocking laugh at Irene's disappointed face. How could somebody be this clueless?

Attempting to provoke Irene more, Joy utters an intimidating question. "Are you dumb or just freaking innocent? Well, I do like the innocent type as well."

Irene couldn't take any more of the teasing. "I'm not coming!"

"Okay then, we'll see you later." Wendy utters as she ties her shoes, not even looking at Irene.

Irene gasps in disbelief, but Wendy was already about to go out.

Full of anger, Irene marches to their room and slams the door.

"What's wrong with her?"

"Probably exhausted, I guess?"  Joy chuckles.

The girls went for a walk in a nearby park, enjoying the crisp air they hadn't felt in a long time. The breeze piercing through their skin, the sound of cars honking, the city lights reflecting through the peaceful lake... everything was perfect.

Walking past an unoccupied bench, an adorable creature came out to wander around. It was a dog. The fluffy fur, floppy ears, and curly tail made it look bewitching.

Joy, as a dog lover, attempts to confine it between her and Wendy, but fails. The dog dashed away from her. She went running along, leaving Wendy behind.

"Joy! Stop running! You might trip and hurt yourself."

Wendy was left with no choice but to run after Joy as well.

"No, no, no! Don't go there!"  Joy yells as she runs after the dog, right through those speeding cars. She recklessly held the dog in her arms and aimed to go back to a safe spot. But still, she turned a little too late.

It was a rush hour until a minute ago. Now the cars are all dashing, people behind the wheels refuse to halt. But neither did Wendy. She had no second thoughts. She leaped in straight away.

The radiance coming from a car's headlights flashed before her eyes. Yet, with all her strength, she forced Joy off of the highway, leaving herself behind.

Everything happened so fast. The moment Wendy started to feel her body again, she was in excruciating pain. The pain was so extreme that she started to feel numb. Everything then turned black.


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