Chapter 4 - News

Not Without You


Wendy's POV


It's been a week since the audition, but neither Irene nor I heard anything from the agency yet. We were both sitting helplessly when Ji Eun came to randomly film us as a habit she has for an influencer.


"What's up, helpless people!" She yells.


"Are you mocking us?" Irene asked with her resting face.


"Obviously, I am. Anyway, haven't heard anything from them yet?" Ji Eun asks while she turns her camera off.


"Nothing as of now."


"By the way, what was that bad news you wanted to tell me last time?" -Irene


Ji Eun sat down beside me and gave Irene a cold stare. "Really? Well, sorry dear, but thanks to you, it's no longer news! That was like two weeks ago, and you wanna ask me now?" She asks in a sarcastic tone.


Irene bashfully bowed her head in guilt.


"It's not actually bad news for you two. It's bad news for me. I haven't mentioned this a lot... but I wanted to be an idol too. I was about to join you in that audition."


"You want to be an idol?" With eyes widened and teeth gritted, "Why didn't you tell us about that sooner?!" Irene exclaims.


As a response, Ji Eun stood up and smacked Irene on the shoulders. "Why didn't I tell you? Why I didn't tell you?!"


I just couldn't help but laugh at both of them. "Calm down, alright? So, why didn't you join us anyways?" I asked.


She sat down with a heavy sigh. "Well, that's the bad news. You know I'm an influencer, and you know how entertainments are. They don't like people who are active in social media to be their trainees for certain reasons."





Irene's POV

I was holding onto my shoulder, which Ji Eun smacked when she started to tell us about her worries. The mood suddenly changed. Everyone was quiet.


Dear, I hate getting caught up in this kind of situation.


At that moment, my phone suddenly rang. Thank goodness!


As I read the message, I couldn't help but screech. I was so happy and excited that I couldn't contain it, regardless of the heavy mood. "AAAAAH!"


"What? What is it?"


I handed Wendy my phone as I found myself jumping around.




Wendy started jumping and screaming around with me. And Ji Eun? She's just filming us as usual.


I was on cloud nine until I realized the message was only for me, so I froze for a second. "Wait, if that message was for me, then... You haven't received anything yet?"


The mood turned awkward for the second time. Even Ji En stopped filming to look at Wendy and me, awkwardly staring at each other.


"Eyy! I can wait until the end of the day. They can't possibly send messages at the same time."


Well, that IS true but...


"You're r-right" I answered.




Wendy's POV


The day is about to end, and I'm in my room, lying around as I wait for messages from the agency.


The truth is, I'm kind of worried, not for myself but Irene. I would understand if I don't get to pass this audition, but I'm worrying that Irene might end up going through this alone.


But no matter how much I wanted to wait for the rest of the night, my eyes started to get heavy. Although my ears still hope to hear my phone ring, my vision is getting blurry.


"Please, just this once..."


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