Chapter I - Beginning

Not Without You


It's great to watch your friend grow up with you. However, it's also heartbreaking to hear about your friend's dreams slowly shattering because of unexpected circumstances.


But when both of you fulfilled your dreams, at the same time, with different efforts, wouldn't that be the best thing? And is it even possible for such to happen? Well, let me tell you about our story.





I'm Irene, and I'm friends with someone of great soul and perspective. I call her Wendy. It's not her real name, though. I just liked calling her that way.


We've been friends since kindergarten. We lived in the same neighborhood, that's why.


It gives me so much joy to remember us playing jump ropes in the morning, playing by the river in the afternoon, and playing hide and seek till dusk.


Sometimes, we even wake up at dawn to see the sunrise together and then do nothing but dance and sing for the whole day.


Yes. Literally for a whole day. And yes, I cringe as I realize I have thoughts of this kind.


Anyway, people around would ask us why we never get tired of singing and dancing around, and we would always answer "it's what we love to do." in unison.


Wendy and I dreamed of becoming Idols. We both love singing and dancing, which makes us more compatible. We share lots of common interests.


I think it was our last year in high school when Ji Eun, a classmate of ours, came to me exclaiming in joy.


"Hey! Irene! I have a piece of bad news and good news for you! Whatcha wanna hear first?" she asked.


"I wanna go with the good news."


"Okay, so I heard about this while walking down the hallway. They said ASEUL Entertainment is holding an audition for trainees this year. The audition starts by next week. They want— Hey! What about the bad news!?"


"Don't wanna hear about it!" I yelled back as I started to run to the cafeteria. Everytime I hear about auditions and the likes, one person comes to mind right away.


I immediately ran to Wendy, who's busy helping junior students with their projects— again.


"Hey, Wendy, you've got to hear me out," I said, trying to catch my breath.


"What's with the rush? Let's talk about it later. Let me finish these."


"No! You, talk to me, now! Hey. I heard ASEUL Entertainment is holding an audition."






"Say that again?"


"I know! Such good news, isn't it?" Irene answered as she smiles from ear to ear.


"No, I mean, say that again. Literally. I didn't understand any of what you were saying. You were breathing too heavily."


The junior students started to chuckle. As expected, she glared at me like I was at fault.


What? I really didn't understand any of it. I can't pretend as if I did.


"First of all, thanks for ruining my ONCE-IN-A-BLUE-MOON excitement. Also, I'm NOT telling you!" She exclaimed and ended up marching away.


"Let's continue this some other time," one of the juniors suggested, watching Irene walk away.


I nodded and mouthed "sorry" to go after Irene.


The truth is, Irene and I always get caught up in this kind of argument. It's nothing serious. It happens so often that even students around us know just how to react— and that is to laugh. Yep, you read that right.


And, don't believe in Irene's words. Once in a blue moon excitement? Pft. She doesn't even realize how she gets excited every day over the littlest things.

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