Chapter 9 - Gamble

Not Without You

Member's POV

I guess this senior of mine doesn't remember me. I actually know Irene personally. She's my high school senior. I am one of those people who witnessed how she and my other senior, Wendy, dreamed of becoming idols.

But now I'm just witnessing them slowly drifting apart from their current situation.

About three years ago, our senior Wendy always helped us junior students with our projects. Because of that, we always get to see her get into an argument with our senior Irene. They fought like every day, which was fun to watch, actually.

Until one day, we junior students decided to make a bet. What was the bet about?

It was guessing whether our seniors "would" or "would not" fight for the day. I know I was quite stupid to witness them argue every day and still bet on "Not Gonna Fight," but well.

I lost the bet. That day, Irene told Wendy about the auditions, and they fought like crazy.

As soon as our senior Wendy left, my fellow students decided on the punishment.

A punishment that ended up bringing me here...

That day, I was forced to attend the same audition. Yes, I auditioned because of that silly bet. I too did not expect to pass, although I had to go through another round. Because of that, I've avoided my seniors as much as possible since the audition.

I easily get to stay away from them since we're managed by different people.

Believe me, I didn't expect to get this far.

Now I'm finally getting into my senses. This is not what I wanted to do... I just got excited for a moment.

And it was after seeing my seniors fall into despair that I snapped out of it.

This is not where I should be. Somebody out there is more deserving to stand in my place.

Besides, I've got something I really want to do, and that is my reason for backing out. I figured that if I am to give this position up, I should at least give it to someone who's deserving.

You know who ...

"Do you not remember me at all?" I asked Irene.

She seemed clueless, so I figured I shouldn't tell her about that silly story.

"Just kidding. Anyway, I've got something I really want to do, and that is my reason for backing out. Being an Idol isn't really my thing. "

The moment I met her eyes, she smacked me on my shoulders.

"Ouch! What was that for?"

"You trained for years and say that again? Not your thing?"  She looked so mad and adorable at the same time.

Well, what can I do? It is my real reason, to be exact.

"Just please, don't back out, okay? I'll take care of this matter, so you go ahead and rest. " I uttered and ran away so she wouldn't stop me from doing what I should.

By the way... You can call me Yerim.


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