Chapter 11 - Reunited

Not Without You

Irene's POV

"Who are you?" I asked in a discouraged voice.

"Oh, hi. Nice to meet you. I'm a staff member and I came here to help your new member move in."

For a second, my mind went blank. If she's not the replacement, then who would it be?



Wendy's POV

Why is this so heavy?! Ahh! Why did I even bring books in the first place when I could just go back there tomorrow?

I'm busy carrying my stuff through the stairs. Dang my luck. The elevator broke down today, of all days!

Yes, it's what you think it is. I am moving into another dormitory. Yesterday, I was in complete shock as well. I mean, who would expect to hear such news on an ordinary day?

For hours, I just stayed in my room trying to figure out what happened, and it turned out that one of my high school juniors backed out of the team. A few hours after I heard the news, my junior showed up in our dorm. She begged me to save her...



"Hi, are you looking for someone?" I asked the girl in front of our door, who was dressed up like a paparazzi. Like seriously.

"Senior, it's me," she answered in a cheerful manner.

I intently scanned her face, and I do recognize her!


"Waaaah! I missed you!" She squealed as she embraced me tightly.

"What brings you here?"

She held my hands as if trying to convince me of something she hadn't said yet.

"Uhhh, you see, I got caught up in this stupid bet three years ago..."  She continued to explain everything to me, and believe me, I barely got to close my mouth out of astonishment. If she hadn't insisted that it was true, I wouldn't have bought it.



Finally! I reached my destination. Is this the right door, though? The staff member seemed tired, so I asked her to go in first. Jeez, she could have waited for me from outside at least.

I knocked at the door nearest to me.

The door opened slowly, making me feel even more nervous. And as the door opened, I froze.

With those tired yet tantalizing eyes, the prettiest person I know stood right in front of me... I was with her just two days ago, but it feels like we've been missing each other for years.

"Hey" I greeted.

She didn't answer. She just stood there, looking at me and was about to cry until tears started to fall from her eyes.

I swear I've never been this happy seeing Irene cry. Seeing her cry, knowing that she missed me as much as I missed her, is so gratifying.

I couldn't help but reach my hands out for a hug. I gave her the tightest one to make up for the days we missed.

"Why'd you come just now?"  she mumbles with a quivering voice.

The whole room turned silent. All I can hear is Irene's sobbing. I was happy to see her cry, but not to this extent. She's crying as if I came back from the dead.

"Hey stop crying. You're drooling on my shirt." I tried to .

Suddenly, I could feel her giggling... and crying at the same time, so I withdrew from the hug and cupped her face to urge her look at me.

Wow, I've never seen her in such a mess.

"Did you even wash your face?"

We both laughed while she tried to hide her face.

"Fine I didn't. It's your fault this time. You should've come sooner! I waited all night again this time. Why do you always make me do that?" She argued.

"Okay, I get it. Stop rapping. I'm not at fault this time. I'm just as flustered as you are. If I knew this could possibly happen, I would have gotten here sooner."


A/N: To those who are asking why I unpublished this, it's to revise it a bit. I noticed so much typographical errors in the initial version, so here I am^^ Anyway, I'm not going to change anything from the storyline aside from the change in a character's name. (So no worries for those who I interrupted halfway :)) Please bare with the writing style, this was the first story I've ever written haha! 


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