Episode 11

House Number 82


HongJoong POV

"Dad, what do you mean?" I reached him and sit in front of him, facing his face. 

" What do you mean by that dad?" I looked in his eyes, demanded an answer for him. The smell of alcohol from him make me feel nausea. 

He looked at me with his bloodshot eyes " You ARE NOT MY SON " 

Utterly disbelieve of the confession that came out from his mouth, my own dad or now is my guardian. A person who usually sent me to school everyday since I was a kid is not even my real father. 

"HongJoong! " Seol voice woked me from my daydream.

" huh? " 

" Lets get up, and get your dad. " she said.

" Hmm yeah" i replied and get my way to my dad to prevent him from do any unnessary action. 

I could feel the eyes that was laid on us and the matter of statement that my father just annouced. 




Seol put the kimchi stew in front of me. She look dawsy and worried at the same time. The kimchi stew that always been my favourite did not seem delicious at this moment. Specificly, after dealed with my father just now. The people is still laid an eyes on me and wispering about the matters. Does they aware that I, the person that they talking about is able to hear what are they are discussing about?

' Poor that little father, knowing his only child is not even his son'

' Yeah right, such a '

"You know I heard that right after they were married , that woman was still seducing some others guys"

" What? she did not deserved to get that hansome Mr. Kim"

" I know right,  Mr. Kim was such a hansome man, perfect husband but poor him now to be in mesirable situation like this"


" Lets eat. " Lee Seol voice again that woke me.

I looked at her, I think she is getting skinner than before. Is it me or why does it seem like her cheek look lost a bit.  Is she on diet? 

"Wheres Jongho? " I asked while played with tofu in my kimchi stew. 

" Hes at home." she replied.  " He had school tomorrow. " she said continued and placed a water for me to drink.

" Ahhh, I see. " I said while looked at her who is now take her first bite of the kimchi stew,

 " Seol?"  I played with my others tofu in my kimchi.

" Hmm? " she answered while put the rice in the kimchi stew.

" Why didnt you ask? " 

" About what? " she said while mix the rice and the stew.  I looked around and the eyes still on me. I lowered my voiced and said, 

" What my dad say to me? " there is a few second of silent from her. Probably, she had the thought of the appropriate answer to answer my question. She drink her water and with looked at her stew she said,

" I dont want to ask until you ready to tell me to." she continued to take a bite of her food and swolled it.

" Plus its a private life of yours. Its your family matter. You did the same to me Hongjoong. "

Chuckled me. Finally, she looked at me, smiling and said, 

" For now lets just eat okay. Then we get home. "

Dear God, today I may  lost a mother and a father. But God, if you hear my pray, Please let this beautiful person infront of me stay with me as long as she can. As long as you allowed. 


I love her.


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