Chapter 12(십이)

The spell in the dark-WJSN

•*Soobin's pov*•


It was such a great night, the dark sky, the sparkling stars and the fire heating people up in the slight breeze passing by.


She was sitting on one of the logs with her new friend Mei Qi, sharing their marshmallows, even getting biscuits and chocolate to make a few s'mores here and there. It was quite fun.


  "You's great that I met you..." she smiles, looking at the other who was eating just the marshmallows, Soobin turned her head and smiled, "it was great to meet you too" Mei Qi laughed, taking the other marshmallow from her hand, "We're supposed to use these for the s'mores"


Soobin pouted but agreed anyway, setting the bowl of marshmallows onto the ground, suddenly a burning feeling was felt on her cheek, she looked down and seen this white blob on her face, Mei Qi noticed and took it off her face, it was a melted, almost burnt, marshmallow.


Not a lot of people noticed, "Your aim is really bad..." someone laughed, they both looked over to see, two girls over the other side arguing, they're known to argue a lot, "Yeah well I was aiming for you, why are you called sounds like Soul but you dont have one" she sniggered, Seola scoffed.


Seola grabbed a marshmallow and threw it at the orange haired girl, since it was melted, and the orange haired girl was behind someone, the marshmallow ran down her arm, into someone's hair.


The girl felt the burn on her head and screeched as loud as she could, everyone turning their attention to her, "God, why can't you both stop arguing and act your age!" She shouted, standing up and pushing the orange haired girl until she fell. In a puddle.


"RIGHT YOU THREE! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" One of the teachers shouted, making some of the girls jump in shock, she was quite a quiet and nice teacher, it shocked the ones that had her.


The three girls apolagized quietly, "See...look What you did Cheng Xiao, your a mess..." some of them sniggered, the girl, Soobin assuming is named Cheng Xiao, sighed and stood up.


Cheng Xiao came towards Soobin's direction, standing infront of the two friends, "Can I sit near you?" She asks, Soobin moved over near Mei Qi a little bit more, "Here..." she patted beside her on the log.


Cheng Xiao smiled slightly and sat down, Soobin didn't expect a thanks, she heard what they were saying about her, so she knows Cheng Xiao is probably upset about it.




Of course people had to ruin it, stupid people throwing marshmallows at each other, a girl is now soaked because Cheng Xiao had to push her into the water. Typical Cheng Xiao that's for sure.


Everyone sat, silently waiting for someone to start talking, the awkward silence filled the area and no one spoke, one of the other teachers helping the girl out of the puddle and bringing her to her cabin to get a different change of clothes.


Yeonjung was praying no one would talk, she would finally get peace and quiet. Her prayers werent answered.


Soon enough everyone was acting like nothing happened, everyone was as loud as before, eating marshmallows and being happy, Yeonjung felt strange.


She felt eyes on her, as if the whole world was staring at her, she looked around slowly, not one was staring at her. She felt a chill run up her spine, she shook off the feeling and turned her head back to roasting her marshmallow. It was burnt.


Yeonjung sighed and looked at the burnt marshmallow on her stick, that was the last one she could have, she spun the stick on her hand, slightly upset she couldn't get more since there was a max they could have, and she didn't even get the same amount as everyone else because they decided to take more than they should've.


Someone sat down beside her, she didn't look. Yeonjung moved over slightly, looking over to her side, seeing that stars were already popping out in the sky, "Here...have these..." a girl offered, Yeonjung looked to the side to see a girl, with nice almond shaped eyes beside her, offering a small bowl of marshmallows.


Instead of the girl letting Yeonjung speak, she just handed them over and went back to her spot beside a blonde haired girl, Yeonjung looked at the bowl, grabbing one of the marshmallows, throwing away the burnt one. She started roasting her new marshmallow, seeing a gold appear on the white coloured sweet.


She smiled lightly as she bit into the soft and sticky marshmallow, eating the rest of them, feeling a bit warm inside, she looked up at the sky and smiled lightly once again.


•*Dayoung's pov*•


Even though it's only been a few days, three to be exact, she's gotten quite used to all the arguing and bickering that some other people do.


The red haired girl has been trying to talk to Yeoreum, she hasn't gotten an answer, what if she doesn't recognise me? I haven't changed much have I? Dayoung thought about it hard. She officially claimed...she had no clue.


Dayoung sighed, she seen Yeonjung across from her, instantly scrunching her face, it's obvious the other didn't notice, she kept looking at the sky. Dayoung scoffed.


she's such a nerd, looking up at the stars like that. She thought, she looked up for a second, instantly regretting what she said, the bright white specks in the sky, with the dark blue sky. Almost turning black. It was beautiful.


"Okay everyone! It's time to go back!" The teacher shouted out loud, so everyone can hear, everyone started getting up, throwing the rubbish in the bin, Dayoung got up and also threw her rubbish in the bin, feeling like she could sleep on the log she was sitting on.


Dayoung walked back to her cabin, seeing that everyone was waiting outside, "where's the keys?" Someone asked, she wasn't really familiar with their names yet.


"I gave them to Dayoung..." she knew a girl called Rachel said that, "Wait what? When did you give me the keys?" She asks, Rachel scoffs and folds her arms against her chest, "I gave them to you when we were at the logs" she said. 


Dayoung raised an eye brow, "You didn't though, you didn't even sit near me" she tried to reason, Rachel groaned in annoyance, "thanks a lot weirdo..." the other one said, Dayoung pursed her lips into a thin line.


Rachel and the other girl went to the teacher, asking for a new key, leaving her and the other girl at the door, "Hey...I know they didn't give you the key..." she said, Dayoung looked at her confusingly.


"I seen Rachel throw the keys on the grass, she was just blaming you... for some odd reason..." she stated, Dayoung nodded, the girl put her hand on Dayoung's forearm and smiled, "Be careful of Rachel, not being xenophobic or anything because she's foreign, she likes to cause trouble" she whispered into the girls ear. The girl's breath tickling her ear.


"Okay..." she said, she was quite curious now that the girl had said that, How did she know? Had they known each other before? 


Soon enough Rachel and her friend came back with the keys, they both scoffed at Dayoung and went inside, she rolled her eyes and went inside her cabin too.




GUYS IM SO SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT T^T, I'm so so sorry, I forgot about this story and I just didn't feel motivated, luckily I'm starting to get motivated to writing again,


                           Yours truly, Yugen x

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