Chapter 5(오)

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*Mei Qi's Pov*


Everyone was quite nervous of who their three other partners were going to be for their cabins, it went quiet for a few seconds until the teacher decided to start naming the ones that go into each cabin.


"Okay so the first one who is going into this one is...Jennie, Seulgi, Cheng Xiao and Dami" she pointed to the four girls, four of them coming up and giving them the keys, they all headed to their cabin.


After a few, Mei Qi's name was called out with three other girls, "Mei Qi, XuanYi, Ju Eun and Eunwoo" one of the teachers say, they all step forward and receive the key, the teacher holding it out, Mei Qi was about to take it when the girl next to her also went for it, "Sorry" she scratched the back of her neck and let the girl take them.


She didn't even say thank you, Mei Qi shrugged and went into the cabin with her other partners, hearing a few more names being called out before they all stood their, she turned to the girl beside her, she had long black hair, with quite a nice nose, of how weird it sounded, she shrugged it off.


”Do you want the top or bottom?” Mei Qi asks, the girl shrugs, going towards the top bunk, setting her bag onto it, Mei Qi nods before looking at the other girls that are staying with her on the left side of the room.


The two other girls agree on what bunk they sleep on, Mei Qi sets her stuff on the bottom bunk, the atmosphere was quite awkward, no one spoke, no one said anything, Mei Qi started to sweat, as if the atmosphere around them was turning cold, she then started to over think.


what if they hate me? Are they angry? Does the girl with the keys hate me because I was going to get them too? She thought of multiple possibilities, instantly being brought back when one of them spoke, " I'm going to go and check what were doing..." the girl with the keys said.


They all nodded and she left, instantly leaving the other three, making it more awkward than it already was, "So...should we introduce ourselves?" The one above Mei Qi asks, they nod, "Well....I'm Eunwoo, so it's nice to meet you" she smiles, the one on the top bunk says across from Mei Qi.


"I'm Ju Eun...." the one above Mei Qi says, so obviously the one that left was XuanYi, she nodded, "And I'm Mei Qi, nice to meet you all" she giggles, "You know it was quite awkward but since we're talking now it isn't that awkward..." Eunwoo giggles.


Eunwoo was very pretty, she has long blonde hair that goes down past her chest, almost reaching the bottom of her stomach it's so long, seeing that Eunwoo loves long hair, she seemed cool.


Ju Eun was a bit different, she seemed innocent and pretty, with her long black hair that wasn't as long as Eunwoo's but still pretty long, Ju Eun seemed like the quiet type.


"Yeah that is takes me a while to talk to someone..." Ju Eun giggles, "I'm glad that the awkward atmosphere is gone now" Eunwoo laughs, Mei Qi nods, "Hey you all want to see if the other one is okay? What was her name?...Oh XuanYi Right?" Ju Eun says, Eunwoo nods as she gets down from her bunk.


"Lets go!" She shouted as she went out, Mei Qi waiting for Ju Eun come down and run after Eunwoo.


•*Luda's pov*•


Luda was paired up with three other people she had no clue who they were and it made her uncomfortable, there was one person that seemed quite creepy, she walked into the cabin and mentally threw up, "Sheesh, I am not staying in here...." one of them said, Luda rolled her eyes as she went in.


"Its not that bad, stop over reacting" she states, setting the keys on one of the mini hangers, the girl scoffs, crossing her arms and sticking her nose up in the air, "Such y girls these days, I don't know how their family deals with it" she states, obviously aiming it at Luda, Luda pretends not to hear.


The two other girls come in without saying a word, "Okay I'm gonna take the top bunk" Luda says to the girl that was whining, she scoffs and shrugs, obviously not caring who goes where.


They all put their stuff away, Luda setting some of her stuff on her bed, seeing that the two other girls were away so it was just her and the whining girl, "So your Yeonjung right?" The smaller asks, Yeonjung nods, "but don't expect to talk to me...." she groans as she also leaves, leaving Luda alone.


Luda rolled her eyes as she also left, needing to go to the bathroom after while from waiting, she came back and seen that no one was back yet, she raised an eye brow before scoffing, deciding to go around and have a look at what's around.


•*Seola's pov*•


Seola groaned at who here partners were for the cabin, two of them were fine, but of course one of them had to be Exy out of all people, she wanted to smack Exy so hard, but unfortunately she couldn't. Yet.


She went into the cabin and set her bag on the right top bunk, seeing that Exy already set hers at the bottom of the other side, obviously not wanting to go anywhere near the other.


Seola got her things for today out and put on a bit of sunscreen seeing that it was very warm, she didn't want to get burnt, so she put some on her face and arms.


Exy suddenly grabbed it and started squirting some onto her own hand, "Hey! You should ask for that you know!" She scolded, snatching back the sunscreen, Exy also grabbed it, "Its only a bit! Don't be so selfish I only need it for my face!" She shouted a bit too loud.


The other two girls just sat on their bed and watched what was happening, instantly both(Somi and Ahyoung) getting out of the cabin so they don't get involved.


"Give me it ba-" she froze, being met with also a frozen exy, they stood close together, but seola was more angry than anything, Exy tried to hold in her laughter.


the sunscreen squirted onto Seola. Covering a bit of her top and a bit on her shorts.


Seola screamed as Exy ran out, making sure not to be near Seola for the rest of the day, or she would probably be dead by then.


"YOU !" She shouted, not even bothering to go after her, Somi decided to stay outside while Ahyoung went in and helped her clean up, giving Seola another pair of shorts that were quite similar.


This day has gone great so far.




Cabins so far:

cabin #1 Jennie, Cheng Xiao, Seulgi, Dami

Cabin #2 Exy, Seola, Somi, Ahyoung

Cabin #3 TBC(to be confirmed)

Cabin #4 TBC

Cabin #5 Mei Qi, Ju Eun, Eunwoo, Xuanyi

Cabin #6 TBC

Cabin #7 TBC

Cabin #8 TBC

Cabin #9 TBC

Cabin #10 TBC



kpop female idols mentioned in this:




Ahyoung-A Train To Autumn 

Ju Eun-Ariaz 



Seulgi-Red Velvet

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