Chapter 3(삼)

The spell in the dark-WJSN

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•*Yeonjung’s pov*•


Yeonjung groaned and lies on her bed, why did she have to go to this camp trip again? She had no clue, so she decided to ask her parents, she went down stairs and stood in front of her dad that was reading a book on the sofa.


”Hey sweetie” he says, not even looking up at his own daughter, continuing to read his book, “dad, I want to know why I’m forced to go to the camping trip, why am I going? I don’t even want to go...” she says, his father sighed closing his book and setting it on the class table beside him.


He patted the space beside him and Yeonjung sat down, her father sighing, “pumpkin...” he started, he pushed his glasses up long nose and looked at her, “You May think this is a bad idea right? But...I have, me and your mother have noticed you don’t have any friends...” he said, Yeonjung scoffed.


”And you think going on a stupid camping trip is going to help me make friends, and plus I have many friends, you just don’t see them around with me because they are all in different classes” she explains.


the fact is, Yeonjung doesn’t have friends, she used to, but they fell out over something stupid, she doesn’t want to think about it, so she shoves them thoughts away. Every time she’s sad or angry, she doesn’t talk to anyone about it, not even her parents, and her parents have started to realise that she doesn’t have friends.


Yeonjung has been stuck in her room most of the time, on her phone listening to music or watching tv, her parents are also quite worried about her, since sometimes she doesn’t even come down to eat, and most of the time when one of her parents ask her a question, it’s either ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘muh’ that’s the farthest they have gotten into conversations recently.


Yeonjung scoffed again, “Dad, I don’t need any friends, I’m completely fine alone” she stated, afraid of what her dad was going to say next, but she didn’t regret a thing.


”Sweetie please...just listen to us...” her mother came in sitting down beside Yeonjung and setting a hand on the teenagers knee.


”You can’t be lonely forever...I know we have everything you want, but...if you keep this up, no one would want to be your friend....” she says.


Yeonjung felt something, she didn’t know what, but she knew she did feel something, Yeonjung got up suddenly, startling them both, she went towards the big staircase.


”You don’t know what I need and don’t need...” she spat as she walked up the stairs, making it up to her bedroom, slamming the door harshly as she went onto her bed and cried silently.


Of course Yeonjung decided to skip dinner tonight, seeing that she already had a few things from the fridge this morning, like a yogurt, and some other things of course.


Yeonjung sighed as she ate the things she got from this morning, not wanting to talk to anyone.

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