Chapter 8(팔)

The spell in the dark-WJSN

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•*XuanYi's pov*•


It was the time where XuanYi just wanted to go home, no matter how much she would be hated by her father, she would prefer home than going to this stupid camping trip, unfortunately her father would rather have her gone. She's surprised that he hasn't kicked her out yet.


She has a nice step mother, and she's guessing she's the one that tries to persuade her father into keeping her in the first place, she has a lot of empathy towards XuanYi, so her step mother understands what she's going through.


When she got her cabin and her cabin mates, she was going for the key, but someone else decided to grab it, but before the other could do anything, she grabbed it quickly and went to her assigned cabin. how annoying.


And today everyone is either outside in the lake or walking around near the forest, of course XuanYi was the only one that actually stayed in the cabin, she decided to look at her bracelet, remembering her mother that made this.


Wo xiang ni(I miss you), she thought, missing her mother so dearly, her father found out that was the last thing about her mother, almost burning the beautiful bracelet, XuanYi was around 9 at the time, it was night and she seen her father go outside with it and put it on fire, she could tell he went into the kitchen, so she ran out quickly and quietly.


She looked at the sight, quickly running over and grabbing the bracelet, getting a few burns on her hand, turning around and sneaking back in, she ran the bracelet under cold water for the burning smell to stop.


She's had it since, and today, she decided to bring it with her, her mother is the only one that understands her pain and why she brought it, she's lonely, and she's angry.


Her thoughts were flicked away as the door opened, she looked up, seeing a blonde haired girl with a long tail, the girl who grabbed the keys, the girl looked up at her, "Are you okay?" She asks, XuanYi didn't answer. Averting her eyes from the girl to her bracelet.


The girl walked over and placed her hands on the part of XuanYi's bunk, "Do you not speak a lot?" She asked, XuanYi was hoping that would be her final question, and luckily it was, the girl got the hint that she didn't want to talk to anyone, so the blonde took her hands off the top bunk and was getting something out of her bag, leaving after a while. Looking back once more to the other sitting on her bed. She sighed before leaving.


XuanYi sighed, quickly noticing the tear that was forming in her eyes, she quickly fixed it while looking up at the ceiling, breathing in deeply and letting out the deep breath, making sure not to overwhelm herself.


She quickly composed herself and decided to draw instead.


•*Exy's pov*•


Exy thinks this camping trip is getting stupider by the day, she hasn't been doing anything fun, and being chased by the devil herself is actually more fun, she sighed while sitting down on a log looking out onto the big field, where some people were at.


"Hey ginger fruit!" Someone shouted, her teeth clenched, and she turned her head around, seeing Dawon, carrying a smaller girl that had blonde hair, "I swear I am gonna come over and kill you!" She shouted back, Dawon laughed loudly, mocking the red haired girl.


"That's not so nice..." the girl, that Dawon was carrying, said, Dawon scoffed and continued to carry her anyway, Exy stuck out her tongue before turning back around and sitting back down.


Groaning at the force when she sat down, and that annoying girl that just don't leave her alone, "shes are a fruit..." someone said, Exy turned her head to the right near the gate to see a foreign girl smirking, Exy clenched her fists, "Go away Rachel..." she clenched her teeth, Rachel shrugged, flicking her black hair and scoffing, "Are you too scared to fight me?" She mocked, hearing a few giggles at the corner of her eye.


"I just don't want to fight a like you..." she snarled, crossing her arms over her chest and looking away from the girl, knowing she's just trying to cause trouble.


Rachel pouted fakely, smirking right after, "Do you want everyone to know?" She asked, Exy shot up and clenched her fists, "Don't you dare tell anyone, you ..." she spat, coming closer to the other, " Oh I wouldn't dare tell anyone our little secret..." she whispered, Exy digger her nails into her palm.


Rachel quickly grabbed her neck and pecked her lips quickly, Exy pushed away before she could do anything else, "That's disgusting..." she crossed her arms over her chest, "Don't worry I didn't want to do it either..." Rachel shrugged, leaving straight after.


Exy raised an eye brow, feeling confused, and disgusted that Rachel actually kissed her, she walked away and went straight to this river, bending down and drinking some of the fresh water, getting the disgusting taste out of .


She sighed before looking up at the sky, why am I different from everyone else?


•*Eunseo's pov*•


Once again, Cheng Xiao always got the attention, and that girl in her cabin won't stop talking to her, she honestly hates that girl sometimes, both of them, all she can hear is stupid clapping and cheering to some stupid flips and tricks Cheng Xiao can do, she could do then too if she wants, she just has a sore foot.


That is her excuse, a sore foot to ignore everyone nagging at her to do it to, but no one believed her and persuaded her to do it, she sighed as she got off the wooden log.


A few people, including Cheng Xiao, decided to watch, Eunseo breathed in deeply before going towards the ground, her arms taking in all the weight(which wasn't that much) making her do a handstand, he legs up straight, making her look like a straight line.


Cheng Xiao nodded, finding that it was quite impressive to hold a handstand for that long, "Split your legs!" Someone shouted, and so Eunseo did, she split her legs.


but also her shorts.


everyone started laughing as she covered the bottom of her shorts, she looked around at the people laughing at her, then stopping her eyes at Cheng Xiao, "It was you who told me to do that wasn't it?" She spat, Cheng Xiao didn't say anything.


Everyone pushed people out of the way and ran to where it looks like her cabin, Eunseo went straight into the woods, sitting on one of the wooden logs around every single tree, crying silently, remembering the embarrassing incident that happened just minutes ago.


"You okay?" Someone asked, Eunseo lifted her head to see Juri, Eunseo quickly wiped her tears, nodding as Juri sat down beside her, "Want a tissue?" She asks, Eunseo shook her head, Juri handed her one anyway.


"I'm sorry about what happened back there, I seen it, because there was a crowd, I pushed past people to see what was going on, and even if that happened, you were still amazing..." she shrugs, Eunseo sighs.


"You don't like to cry infront of anyone do you?" She asks, Eunseo shakes her head, Juri nodded standing up, "Do you want to have privacy or?..." she asked, Eunseo just patted to the spot beside her. Juri softly smiled.


She sat back down, rubbing Eunseo's back, doing it slowly in case Eunseo didn't like it, Eunseo didn't show any reaction to it so she just kept rubbing her back until she calmed down, "These are my only pair of shorts..." she sighed, looking at the ripped part of her shorts before cringing.


Juri smiles lightly, pursing her lips after a bit, "You can have a pair of mine...I brought too many pairs" she giggled, Eunseo raised her eye brow, "You don't even know me but your helping me?" She asked, Juri nodded. 


"Yeah, everyone should need someone in their life to help them, no matter what attitude they have" she shrugged, standing up and giving out a hand to the other.


"Come on, let's get this fixed..." she says, Eunseo hesitantly grabs onto the others hand, Juri happily walks with her to their cabin.




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