Chapter 6(육)

The spell in the dark-WJSN

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•*Cheng Xiao's pov*•


At first, Cheng Xiao was dreading to go to this stupid camp, but then something happened, she met someone, she hasn't seen in a long time, she was suddenly excited to mess up her life. Eunseo.


A while back, they were against each other in a gymnastic competition, of course Cheng Xiao won because of her skills and her flexibility, earning more points since Eunseo didn't have as much skill as the other.


Of course Eunseo was very talented when it came to those types of things, but she would never be able to beat the flexibility queen, Cheng Xiao.


When she went into her cabin she threw her bag onto one of the random bed, obviously claiming it as her own, seeing that the three other people shrugged and picked their own bed.


Cheng Xiao instantly went out and smirked, seeing that the last Cabin belonged to Eunseo, Eunseo took the keys and noticed that someone was staring, she looked to her left to see Cheng Xiao smirking, she clenched her fists, digging the keys into her skin on her palm.


Eunseo ignored her and went to the last Cabin and entered, looking back slightly to see that the other went away.


Cheng Xiao smirked as she then needed to go to the bathroom, so she did, coming back out of the portaloo and slightly smiling at the nature around her, "excuse me..." someone says quietly, Cheng Xiao moves for the girl to go to the bathroom.


I'm going to ruin her life.


•*Bona's pov*•


Bona sat down on her bed, seeing the other three girls also doing that too, "So...who is Bona?" Someone asks, Bona raises her hand forgetting that the one below her asked, she out her hand to the side and shown her hand to the girl.


She seen that the girl nodded, Bona sat up properly again, "I'm Juri..." She introduces to herself, "I'm Eunseo...." someone says quietly, Bona has heard that name somewhere but she has no clue where, it was on the top of her tongue.


"And I'm Wendy, I was actually born in Canada" she giggles, Bona nods as she went back on her phone, "Yeah I'm actually Japanese, my tutor has taught me well...I my Korean of course!" She giggles, Wendy smiles.


"You seem familiar Eunseo....have I seen you somewhere?" She asks, Eunseo shakes her head, "Not that I know of" she said, Bona looked up her name on Google, "Wait your that gymnast!!" She shouts.


"Just don't mention it!" She shouts back, instantly getting off the top bunk and running out the cabin door, the rest of the girls raise an eye brow, "What was that about?" Wendy asks, Bona and Juri shrug.


"Oh I know why...She got beat by another girl that's here....Cheng xiao? Am I saying that right?" She says, Wendy nods, "Wait I've heard of her too, she was the one that beat Eunseo....yikes...." Wendy frowns.


Bona lies on her bed, thinking of when Eunseo will return, she sighs, she turns on her music and puts in her head phones, deciding to take rest for a bit.


•*Dawon's pov*•


Dawon woke up after a while, seeing that it was dinner and everyone had to go to this place beside the forest, she got up and stretched, making her right arm crack loudly.


Dawon got off the bunk bed and awoke the other one that was sleeping underneath her, "Hey, get up, we have to get dinner now...." she groans as she slightly shook the other, "Come on you baby..." she groaned, "My name is Sohee, not baby..." she groaned getting up but banging her head on the bed above.


Dawon snickered, waking up the other two(Yeji and Gahyeon) before getting on her shoes and leaving the cabin, Sohee getting her shoes on quickly and running after her, "So did you have a good rest?" Sohee asks, Dawon shrugged.


They both walked to the long tables at the girls side, seeing that only a few other girls were there, "Where are the rest?" Sohee asks, Dawon shrugs and sits down, "Do you want me to go and wake them miss?" She asks, the teacher nods as she fans herself.


"Can you go help her too Dawon?" The teacher asks, Dawon nods as she gets up an heads towards the cabin, seeing that some of the girls were still asleep since the cabin light wasn't on.


Dawon knocked on one of the cabin doors and opened it, seeing that Exy and Seola were in here, "Ew what are you doing here?" Seola snickers, Exy has her head phones in.


"Its time for dinner, hurry up...." he simply says, ignoring the middle finger that was shot at her by Seola, Somi and Ahyoung got up, Dawon walked away, walking to the next cabin, making sure to knock before entering.


She seen four girls sitting on their beds, "Dinner is ready...." she simply says, the blonde one looks up and smiles at Dawon, "Okay, thank you, I'm Sowon....that one over there is Chaeyeon, this one is Dawon, and she's is Remi" Dawon nods as she leaves them be for now, seeing that Sohee has woken up a few other people, "Oh there she is! Dawon! Heyyyyy!" Sohee shouts, waving at her, she runs over with her friends.


"This is Juri, Dahyun and Suyun...there my friends from my school" she smiles, they all wave and Dawon didn't want to have a rude impression on them so she waved back.


Sohee brought them all to the table and now all the girls have arrived, looking at all the food, Dawon her lips as she sat down, grabbing a plate and grabbing a few different dishes, "Do you want some?" Sohee asks, raising some food to the other, Dawon shakes her head.


She bites into her food and slightly smiles, "Good right?" Sohee giggles slightly, Dawon nods, Sohee smiled as she continues to eat, Dawon looked around to see everyone eating, some having a bit and some having lots, but Dawon didn't mind.


"Do you want some of this?" Someone asks, someone else nods, "sure! thank you" she smiles, being handed food by the other girl, "Do you want any?" She turns to Dawon, Dawon shakes her head.


The feeling of being nice to someone almost made her throw up, but of course she had to know the person before actually being either mean or nice, she sighs.


Dawon continued to eat but didn't feel like eating so much, so she decided to give left overs to Sohee and her friends, Dawon went back to her Cabin and lied on her bed.


She sighed as she put in music and let sleep take over her.





kpop female idols mentioned:

Ahyoung-A Train to Autumn 


Juri-Rocket Punch

Sohee-Rocket Punch

Suyun-Rocket Punch

Dahyun-Rocket Punch

Wendy-Red Velvet



Remi-Cherry Bullet



Gahyeon-Dream Catcher 






Cabins so far:

cabin #1: Jennie, Cheng Xiao, Dami, Seulgi.

Cabin #2: Exy, Seola, Somi, Ahyoung.

Cabin #3: Chaeyeon, Sowon, Dawon, Remi.

Cabin #4: TBC

Cabin #5: Mei Qi, Ju Eun, Eunwoo, XuanYi.

Cabin #6: Dahyun,

Cabin #7: Soobin,

Cabin #8: Dawon, Yeji, Sohee, Gahyeon.

Cabin #9: Luda, Yeonjung, Suyun,

Cabin #10: Wendy, Bona, Eunseo, Juri.

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