Chapter 7(칠)

The spell in the dark-WJSN

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The next day was very warm, it was spring but it felt like it was Australia, everyone was out with their shorts and things on like belly tops or tank tops.


they all decided to go to the lake and relax, some actually getting their swim suits and going into the lake, seeing that some of them were also on the field running about, and some of them were just on their phones.


Soobin sat on one of the logs, looking around and then pulling out her book, reading it as she heard screams and giggles from everyone.


Someone tapped her shoulder so she looked up to her right to see a girl with bright blonde hair, obviously that she dyed it, the girl smiled as she sat down, “hello again~” she giggles, Soobin puts her book down and smiles.


”hello~” she giggles, “I never got your name yesterday...” she points out, biting on her lip slightly, Soobin observed her, her long blonde hair in a ponytail, her almond dark brown eyes.


Soobin was quite jealous, she looked so pretty, she didn’t think to herself that she was ugly, but she never really stood out when it came to looks, in her opinion anyway.


Soobin shook her thoughts and looked at the girl, feeling slightly warm, “Oh my name is Soobin...” she scratched the back of her neck slightly, the girl nods, “I’m Mei Qi...nice to meet you” she smiles brightly, making Soobin feel warm inside.


Mei was such a nice girl, they sat beside each other at dinner last night, offering their food to each other, there was another girl beside Soobin but she didn't talk much.


"Thank you for offering food to me yesterday, your actually very nice, compared to people I have actually met" Mei Qi playfully rolls her eyes, Soobin giggles slightly, "I'll have to agree on that one, not everyone in my school is nice either..." she sighs, Mei Qi giggles.


Soobin nodded in understatement and sighed, looking up at the bright sky with barely any coulds, she smiled at the sight setting her hands on the wooden log, feeling a hand touch her arm, "Your so hot, do you want a bit of my sunscreen?" She asks, Soobin nods.


Mei So pulled out a tub of her sunscreen and set it in the other's hand, Soobin smiled before putting a bit on her hand and wiping it on her arms, "Take as much as you want, I don't want my friend to get burnt" she smiled, Soobin nodded, forgetting she didn't have a mirror to see where she had to put it.


Mei Qi turned Soobin around to face her, both of them sitting on the log, Mei Qi grabs a bit of sunscreen and starts applying it to the other's face, Soobin giggles slightly at how cold it was but soon composed herself and waited for Mei Qi to finish.


"Thank you" she smiled, the other nodded and continued to sit with her, Soobin turned her head to observe the blonde haired, she smiled as she turned her head back before she got caught staring.


She looked at the people playing in the lake and smiled.


~*Dawon's pov*~


Dawon was actually walking about with Sohee, they were walking in the forest, of course Sohee kind of forced her into it but Dawon accepted either way, Sohee ran around laughing and looking at the huge trees above her.


Dawon was looking around, quite stunned of the huge trees too, until she heard a scream, her eyes widened as she looked around for Sohee but found nothing.


She ran a bit and found her in this little river beside a small wooden bridge, it wasn't even that high, probably as high as a two rulers, but there was nettles where she landed so it ended up stinging the poor girl's legs.


Dawon looked at the smaller and sighed, going down slowly, getting stung by them but didn't react, she lifted up the smaller and brought her out of the small river, setting her on a wooden log while she looks for docken leaves.


Sohee pouted and scratched her legs, they were starting to get pretty itchy, "Don't itch them it will make it worse..." Dawon sighed, crouching down infront of her and rubbing one of the docken leaves on her.


Sohee nodded and tried not to scratch her other leg, Dawon went to the other leg and rubbed it with another docken leaf, "Its gonna be red for a bit but the pain should wear off in a few minutes or seconds..." she says, rubbing some docken leaves on the smaller's arms.


Sohee winced at the pain but it was wearing off quite quickly like the taller said, Dawon sat down after finishing looking at the other's legs, " You should've looked where you were going you know..." she stated, fixing a few strands of the smaller's hair.


"Sorry..." she apolagized, hanging her head and staring at her lap, Dawon shrugged, instantly standing up, "Wait you need to be rubbed with them too, your arms and ome of your legs is red" she gasped.


"We might as well go now, we don't want to miss lunch" Dawon chuckles, Sohee nods and stands up before falling down and wincing.


Dawon raises an eye brow, "You okay?" She asks, Sohee pouts, "My ankle is sore..." she winced while touching it, Dawon crouched and lifted her leg and turned it slightly to see that it was bruised.


Dawon sighed before standing up, "Do you want me to carry you?" She asks, Sohee shakes her head and tries to stand up, "I might be too heavy..." But of course she fails to walk.


Dawon sighs, "Then I guess your gonna be leaved here..." she shrugs, Sohee gasps as she grabbed onto the taller's leg, "Okay okay lift me up, but if I'm too heavy it's not my fault..." she huffs, crossing her arms.


Dawon nodded as she picked up the younger bridal style and carried her to the campsite, chuckling as she lifted the smaller up, "You weigh a feather" she chuckles.


Sohee nodded as she carefully wrapped her arms around the other's neck, trying not to strangle the other.


I'm so sorry for not updating, I just haven't been myself recently and this lockdown , I haven't been feeling well but I hope you like this chapter ♡

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