Chapter 4(사)

The spell in the dark-WJSN

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~2nd Of November~


•*Soobin's pov*


Soobin was very excited, like a lot, she wouldn't stop moving about, it was finally the day she has been waiting for, the time for a wonderful camping trip.


Soobin has friends of course, but since they are all in different classes than her, they sadly couldn't go, but that also means making new friends on the camping trip, which she couldn't be excited about anything else in her life.


Soobin got her suit case and her bag filled with useful things(mostly food and a note book to write things down) and went down stairs, getting a breakfast bar, then thinking of something, what if I get all my roommates multiple breakfast bars so they can have breakfast in case they don't have anything? She thought, instantly grabbing around fifteen breakfast bars just in case she makes any other friends while on the camping trip.


Soobin ate her breakfast bar before saying goodbye to her mother and father, but her father decided to drive her to school, so of course Soobin agreed, it would be easier to get all the stuff-which was hardly anything other than the suitcase and the bag filled with food and a notebook-to the school easier.


She then realised something, "Dad, do you have a few pens?" She asks, forgetting to take a few pens from her room, only leaving with a notebook, "Yeah sweetie, there is a packet in the glove box, take them all since I actually bought them a month ago, I haven't used any of them yet" he said, pointing to the glove box in front of her.


Soobin nodded as she took out the packet of 30 pens from the glove box, quickly putting them into her little bag, "thanks dad, I'll remember to bring them allllll back" she giggles, giving her dad a hug before exiting the car, waving good bye as the car went off.


Soobin smiled brightly as she turned around and went to the classroom where they all had to meet, seeing a few friends along the way, "Hope you have a good time Soobin!" Her friends shouted across the hall, Soobin waved as she smiled brightly.


Soobin went into the classroom, met with only a few other people so far, not a lot of people were going since they either didn't want to or camping wasn't their thing, of course, a full class was going and a few other people, and then there was three other schools going, but she heard not a lot of people were going their either.


The rest of the people came in and they all got registered, only two people missing, more likely late or sick, and since it was already time to leave, they couldn't have a chance to come. So they had to miss it.


They all headed towards the bus and they all went on, getting comfortable in their seats, of course Soobin sat at the back, with her bag beside her and her suitcase infront of her legs, Soobin smiled brightly as they were starting to leave.


After a while Soobin then fell asleep, feeling quite comfortable in her position, with her elbow on the side of the window and her cheek squished against the palm of her hand, it looked quite uncomfortable, but Soobin could sleep in any type of pose.


After a few shakes, Soobin was finally awake again, feeling the bus being slightly shook at the stones below them, obviously banging your head against the window wouldn't be so nice because of the way you were sleeping and the stupid rocks ruined it for you.


Soobin groaned but then almost screamed, her happiness overflowing her expression as she looked outside.


The bus came to a stop and everyone got off, Soobin looking at the nature around her, the big, bright, green trees at one side, and a field on the other side of her, she looked up at the bright sun, thinking it's the brightest it's ever been.


"The cabins are this way, come on!" The teacher smiled brightly, obviously excited to see them too, the students ran with their suitcases and their bags and followed their teacher, Soobin following as well, but got distracted when she walked, looking at all the nature around her.


They all finally got to the cabins and seen a lot of the cabins, and also a lot of people were waiting, Soobin seen a lot of people around them, seeing a campfire around the big wooden cabins.


Once they were all in a group, there was quiet a large amount of people going on the camping trip, there were 4 teachers in total, so that wasn't necessarily a lot when it comes to multiple kids but most of them were pretty most old enough to take care of themselves when it comes to unpacking and stuff.


"Okay so...I am going to give you all your cabin numbers and then your cabin roommates, there is too sides but we are all going to be doing the same activity, all the cabins have a number so you will be able to tell which one is yours, and of course the girls will stay with girls and the guys will stay with guys...." the teacher starts.


Some girls whined slightly, before the teacher chuckled slightly, "so the first cabin is the one beside me, is the cabin no.1, who will stay in there is..." 

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