Chapter 1(일)

The spell in the dark-WJSN

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It was a dark night, raining heavily as the wind blew strongly, leaving a few puddles on the sidewalk, with water going down the drains, and water droplets falling down the glass windows of all the closed and empty shops.

Footsteps are heard in the distance, more like the heals of a person, they sounded sharp, whoever had them on and stood on someone will definitely leave a bruise.

"You've got it?" The person asked, the man nodded, he handed the object as he walked off and out of the alleyway, they smirked darkly before looking at the object, they laughed evilly before walking off with the mysterious object.


"Excuse me class! Listen up! We're going to have a camping trip with three other schools!! Only two senior classes and one junior class is going, here's a note for the rest of the information!" She exclaimed, the class cheered at finally taking a break.

Some girls screamed at maybe seeing a few cute boys from the other two schools, Exy rolled her eyes at the stupid thought, why are girls in this school so obsessed with boys in other schools, she practically wanted to throw up.

Exy received a note and looked at it, "wait where's my note?" A girl asked, Exy raised an eye brow before looking at her, she's right, she didn't get one, which caused Exy to laugh slightly.

"It's only one senior class in registration, since this is a mixed maths class with the whole year, it would be a mess so they decided the classes by registration classes" the teacher announces.

"That's not fair! We haven't had a break! How do they get to go but we don't?" Another girl whines, Exy laughs as she gets her attention back to the note.

Dear parent/guardian,

We have decided on a camp trip for two senior classes and one junior class they received this for the classes with the highest attendance, the award got them to having a camping trip in the Oakland woods, it starts on November 2nd and they have to be in school by 08:30, remember to pack warm and cool clothes in case of different changes and weather, a few pairs of jeans, a few tops, shorts, swimsuits or swim trunks, welly boots, boots, casual shoes and a coat, the three other schools joining them is Yunhyun high, minkyul college and IceRidge college, thank you!

Exy groaned, that was a lot of stuff to bring to this trip, but she wanted to get away from this school for a bit, so she decided to text her mum and say to her about the camping trip, she replied and she instantly agreed, since Exy doesn't go out much, but somehow is still fit.

"Since three of these chosen schools don't get alone well...we are going to settle things and we decided to do this for our students and the teachers in this school and in the other two" the teacher exclaimed.

"Who else is going?" A familiar girl asks, Exy looks up to see Seola in front of the classroom asking, Exy and everyone that was going put their hands up, "ugh not you." She rolled her eyes at Exy.

Exy gave a glare to her as she stuffed the note in her bag, "Seola, no one would really want to be friends with you either, but I'm not sticking up for the Harry Potter wannabe girl over there" she snarled at the both of them, "your not so nice yourself, Dawon!" Seola laughed, someone groaned behind Exy and banged their head against the table, "can you actually stop banging your head against the table? But then again, you've already got a big forehead" Dawon turned to them and rolled her eyes.

"This is gonna be a great" Exy groaned, the fact that she also hates those two schools is also a problem, she knows one person from one of them and she's not excited, the fact the other girls in her classes are going also isn't helping since she doesn't like either Seola or Dawon.

But then again...

Woodland high, minkyul college, IceRige college and yunhyun high will not be a good combination.

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