°Chapter 7

She Is Royalty
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•SHE IS ROYALTY• 7 “You’ll always come back to me right?” Irene asked, her legs crossed over and with a subtle hurt look. She watched the younger girl pause and turn around with a gorgeous smile that put Irene’s heart at rest. “Is that even a question you should be asking unnie?” The girl strode towards Irene after putting her bag down; both of them were covered in sweat due to the excessive dancing class earlier. She took a hold of Irene’s hand and kissed it with a tender smile, “You will always be my destination, unnie” Irene was speechless; long forgetting why she asked that question in the first place. Oh, it was because she saw her with another boy, but that doesn’t matter right? She pulled the girl for a sweet kiss, her smile never fading away, as she whispered, “I’ll always be waiting for you, Seul.” “So make sure you return back to me” Irene opened her eyes as tears rolled down; it was just a stupid dream. She wiped her tears and stood up, leaving the bed to wash up. It was almost the end of their summer vacation though it felt way too short. Irene had kept her outings very low not to agitate her father incase her face flash all over the media again. She thought she wouldn’t enjoy not going out and partying but it was quite fine because Wendy was there. She could go to Wendy’s house most of the time with different looks each time. That made Wendy take lots of picture of her and laugh off by saying some stupid remarks. ‘My parents think I’ve been bringing out girls everyday due to your different disguise.’ Irene smiled with the thought of Wendy. It was obvious to Irene that Wendy is someone she would like to keep close. She felt livelier when Wendy was with her, just like how it was with Seulgi...she shook the thoughts away and went to dress up for breakfast. “You’ll be gone in a few days, will you be okay?” Suho asked, sliding his arms around Irene’s shoulder while walking down the stairs towards the dining hall. “I need to graduate, so I’ll be okay.” If they had asked a few months ago, Irene would’ve said that she didn’t want to go back but it’s different now. “Do you have any plans tonight?” She did, it was a party which was thrown by Lisa, who didn’t go back to her hometown and stayed at Seoul just to have time with Jennie. It was given that the girl admired Jennie, who has no internet on starting anything between them. “I’m invited to a party.” Irene sat down at her seat and drank her orange juice first before starting breakfast. “Wow! Can I come too?” Suho flashed his gorgeous smile but Irene cut him off by saying, ‘absolutely no’ “Why?” “Because you are not invited at all.” “I can be your plus one.” “There is nothing like that, just stop arguing about it.” “I’ll just party with my friends then, you heartless sister.” Suho faked a cry and looked away, eating his breakfast while sulking. “Did you have fun?” Irene asked once Seulgi entered the apartment. She had asked the apartment as a birthday gift but it was so she could spend more time with Seulgi. “It was fun.” Seulgi answered while hugging Irene tightly. There were tears brimming in Irene’s eyes but she had to hold it on, Seulgi was with her at last so it didn’t matter where she has been. “Are you crying, unnie?” Seulgi pulled away and stared the older’s face. She wiped the tears and kissed her cheeks. Seulgi always had the way to her heart. “Sorry...” Irene whispered. “He was a great kisser, unnie.” Seulgi started while caressing Irene’s soft cheeks with her hands. “But you’re the only I want at the end of the day.” Seulgi kissed her and Irene was speechless, more over she was hypnotized. “I love you, unnie” “You’ll always be my ending” Yes, it didn't matter where Seulgi went because she would always come back to her in the end, it has always been like that and it shall always be like that. “Why?” Irene pouted unconsciously at Wendy’s direction. “It’s boring at parties, I have plans with Joy tonight anyway.” “Are you seriously leaving me alone at that party to survive?” “Don’t you love parties?” Wendy questioned because according to her research Irene was a fan of partying and wasting her time at clubs. Irene had showed up at her house again, this time with no disguise except for that big hat. “Did you read about me by chance?” Irene smirked. “Yes, I was curious about you.” Wendy said back, she can’t be flustered by Irene. She has to win against Irene. “Why? Do you have a crush on me now?” Irene took a bite of a chocolate chip while staring at Wendy with a playful gaze. “What if I did?” Irene coughed immediately, the chocolate chip definitely went through the wrong pipe because of Wendy’s words. She looked at the latter’s face and saw it all serious, it made her heart skip a beat. “I-I, y-you..” “Don’t get flustered, I was just joking” Wendy burst out laughing seeing Irene’s face go through flustered to realization and then madness. “You’re blushing, thats cute.” Wendy added which made Irene gulp, this midget was teasing her and it was getting worse because of her blushing face. “Shut up!” Irene turned away and slowly slapped her own cheeks. “You’re really really cute right now. Should I take a picture?” Wendy nudged the other girl, who just shook her head violently. “Don’t you dare! I am not cute!” Irene shouted in her baby voice, Wendy was having her best moment teasing Irene, she didn’t want to stop now. “What are you saying? You’re really cute...” Wendy moved closer towards the burning girl in front of her, Irene getting stunned by Wendy’s movement. “Beautiful” Wendy moved more closer and caressed Irene’s chin, “Stunning” Wendy smirked as she leaned towards the frozen girl’s ear and whispered, “You’re very y too...” That was what it all took for Irene to jump away from Wendy; her face red as a tomato and her heart about to blast from some atomic bomb called Wendy. “I-I’m lea-leaving!” Irene quickly and hurriedly walked away, Wendy’s breath still lingering around her ear and that sensation of warmth of her simple touch was driving her insane. “Should I walk you out?” There was a hint of teasing in Wendy’s voice. “Just stay there!” Irene quickly yelled as she put on her shoes, ready to dash away from there. “Should I come to the party, Irene?” Wendy teased again. “Don’t! I don’t want to see you today! Bye!” Wendy laughed out a lot as soon as Irene left, she had never seen Irene so flustered and that face she made was so enchanting. Wendy smirked as she pulled out her phone and typed a few words. “It’s my turn to win this time, Irene.” Irene phone chimed inside the car, she was already minutes away from Wendy’s house. She quickly took out the phone and saw it was from Wendy, unconsciously her heart started beating irregularly. Then, she couldn’t hide the blush creeping again in her cheeks due to the message, “Damn that Shon Wendy.” ‘At least I flirt face to face unlike someone here who only knows texting’ “This chicken place is very much famous. Jihyo told me about it.” Joy happily said while waiting for their order. She loved chicken very much and her roommate had suggested this place to sell the best chicken meat ever in the nation. She was anticipating it very much. “It’s your treat right? You dragged us here.” Wendy said while staring at Chanyeol, who was looking over the menu. In the short amount of time, Joy and Chanyeol became quite close and frank with each other. Joy scoffed, “Fine, Fine...tonight is my treat.” “Are you right in your head? Did you say that you’ll pay?” Chanyeol teased while glancing Joy with a smug face. “Don’t make me regret it.” “You guys really suit each other.” Wendy chuckled while wiggling her eyebrows, I mean she was ready to ship them; aka the tall couple. “I’m not going to date this guy, he’s a mess.” “You’re the bigger mess here.” Chanyeol retorted. And just like that their bicker started with Wendy’s constant sighs. It wasn’t a exaggeration but the chicken really was the best, even Wendy admitted it. “I should thank Jihyo for suggesting this place, this really is the best.” Joy happily stated while eating the last piece of chicken wings. “I agree...I never knew this place existed.” “We should come here tomorrow too!” Joy hooted. “It will be Wendy’s treat!” Chanyeol added. “I must disagree with this p
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Done done done finally completed 262637 years later lol! Sorry for always vanishing but it’s been busy here! Also, I’m thinking of being more consistent with writing, thank you for everyone for reading and waiting for this to end! Another wenrene book on my list, go check it out!! :)
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