°Chapter 5

She Is Royalty
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“Are you good?” One of the teachers, Irene doesn’t remember quite well but maybe it was their business teacher, asked her while covering her with a blanket.




It wasn’t her intention to get sick, also at the second day of the challenge, she honestly thought they could’ve won but god had other plans. As soon as Wendy had found out that Irene was sick, she had immediately called quits to the challenge. “Do you need anything?” Irene shook her head and just stared at the ceiling of the medic room, she wanted to go back to her room and chill, and also she wanted to talk with Wendy. “The nurse will be here soon, you have a fever. The food will be delivered to your room till you’re healthy again.” “Thank you.” Irene muttered as her eyes forced to shut down, making her fall in a deep slumber. Wendy wandered around the hallway, she was on her way to check on Irene but she wasn’t sure if that was okay. She had this small frustration around Irene which she couldn’t understand. They’re roommates and they have started to get along, Wendy hopes so, but what is this drive whenever she’s close with Irene. “Are you visiting Irene?” Jennie asked as she noticed the poor one lingering here and there. “Kind of, how about you? You quit too?” Jennie sighed, “Camping is not my thing and also to be in the same space as the girl with bang, no.” Wendy was aware of Lisa’s admiration towards Jennie but just chuckled as seeing Jennie’s frustrated face. Jennie went her way and Wendy dashed towards the medic room. “I kind of expected to see my room mate earlier than others.” Irene said as Wendy closed the door behind. “Well, I’m a nice one...I gave others the chance so I could be the last one you see.” There was a tint hint of pink on Irene’s cheek but Wendy chose to ignore it, it was probably because of the fever. “How are you feeling?” “Sick.” “I must’ve asked a stupid question.” Wendy said as she looked around the room, it was her first time inside the medic given the fact that she hasn’t gotten sick which was kind of good for her own benefit. “Sorry, we could’ve won this challenge.” Wendy chuckled, “I wasn’t looking to win honestly, my only goal was to survive it with you.” “What does that even mean?” “You know that you’re not used to camping like this so I was afraid on how to handle you, you’re really annoying too.” Irene scoffed, “I will take that as a compliment, thank you.” “Are you supposed to stay here the night or?” Wendy trailed. “Nice, you want me back so I’ll be back.” Irene told with a smirk as she sat up, Wendy looked elsewhere as she couldn’t focus looking at Irene’s face; it was beautiful. “I didn’t say that.” Wendy stated. “Sure, chicken dancer.” Irene stood up with a slight chuckle. Wendy sighed opting to kill Joy for that nickname, she wanted to go and help Irene but the latter could do on her own and Wendy didn’t quite have the courage to touch Irene. “Are you feeling any better?” They were walking beside each other to their dorm, Irene nodded her head, something about this made her feel a little nervous, “I am, I haven’t gotten sick in a while so this was a surprise.” “Even if you got sick, you’d have the best doctors, Your highness.” “There you go again. You need to stop with the references.” “It is true though right?” Irene rolled her eyes as she twisted the knob and walked inside their room, “It is true,I give you that” Wendy shrugged and watched Irene settle in her bed; according to their talk earlier Irene already had dinner and also some medicine so she didn’t had to worry for the night. “Do you miss home?” Irene asked. Did Wendy miss it? The home where Taeyeon was also involved. “I miss my family that’s for sure,” “How about you?” Wendy added. “I miss it, I miss my mother; followed up with my brother. Oh I also miss the paparazzis; they had my face in every news.” Irene smiled slightly, that kind of smile which was sarcastic. Wendy didn’t ask about her dad; His Majesty as she nodded. “Isn’t it weird seeing yourself everyday in every news?” Irene thought for a while, “I’m used to it, I have always been the troubled one in the family. My brother is so opposite; poised and the royal one and then there’s me, the media’s favorite princess” “Everyone’s different, from what I see, you don’t have to be like your brother but maybe a little less y? You leave hateful first impression.” Wendy said remembering their first encounter which was so ugly. Irene laughed out loud, Wendy noticed that she’s been doing this frequently, she means that laugh; outrageously beautiful laugh, “I’m a softie once you get to know me.” “I doubt.” Wendy chuckled as she settled down on her own bed, killed the lights, hoping to go in a beautiful slumber. “Have you ever dated, Shon?” Irene asked in the absolute dark room, only a slight light illuminating from between the curtain and the window. “The princess is interested in my love life. I must have done some amazing thing in the past life to have this talk.” Wendy joked and Irene sub consciously chuckled. “I mean...I had this thing with someone back in Canada but ever since my sister’s death, only Taeyeon unnie had my attention.” Wendy wasn’t sure why she was saying this much to Irene, who was listening quietly in her own space. “Sorry to hear about your sister, it must’ve been hard” Irene softly said and Wendy’s heart raced because how the hell can someone’s voice be so elegant? Wendy had serious talk to do with herself in the bathroom tomorrow. “Well, that’s that...What about you?” Irene stayed mum but Wendy added, “Has any boy made an impression?” “No” It was short and simple. “Is it princessy law? To not date or something?” “I have dated.” Irene said again. “But you just said that no boys made an impression.” Irene slowly, uncertainly said, “Yes that...” “What are you even—-Oh.” It was like realization hit Wendy like a bomb, she wasn’t sure if she got the meaning behind Irene’s words right but it is what she thinks right? That made her choke up in the air, Irene sure is something else. “Its getting late, Goodnight Wendy.” Then there was no more talking but just Wendy awake with her stupid thoughts. Few months passed, Wendy and Irene both had become close pals, as everyone liked to call it. It was as if, Irene got a little soft when it came to Wendy. They still fought sometimes; like right now... “Why can’t I guide you?” Irene angrily said. “Lisa is already doing it; you don't have to.” Wendy said back. This was not what she wanted as soon as they got back to their room. Due to Lisa’s lessons, Wendy had become quite good at dancing; more over freestyle, but earlier she didn’t get this new choreography that Momo dropped and Lisa had been an angel to help her again. Which apparently Her highness didn’t like. “Are you fond of this Lisa? I’m your room partner and supposedly friend, I have every right to help you!” Irene said back, throwing her stuffs with slight force. What’s gotten into her? “You’re being noisy again. I’m fine without your help.” Wendy irritatedly answered back. “Wow, the disrespect. I don’t like you.” Irene said and glared her. Wendy had to surpass her laugh because Irene really looked cute when she adorably huffed and pouted when she was angry—wait wait Wendy, keep that thought to yourself. “I can help you better than Lisa! I am confiden
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Done done done finally completed 262637 years later lol! Sorry for always vanishing but it’s been busy here! Also, I’m thinking of being more consistent with writing, thank you for everyone for reading and waiting for this to end! Another wenrene book on my list, go check it out!! :)
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