°Chapter 13(Part 1)

She Is Royalty
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•SHE IS ROYALTY• 13 “Rosie wants the wedding to be overseas.” Jennie puts a coffee down in front of Wendy, who smiles in return, pushing her glasses inward as it keeps sliding off. She is currently looking through all the files and sorting it out. “Isn’t it fine? I do hope she’s not thinking of Vegas though…anywhere but Vegas.” Wendy replied, furrowing her eyes at a certain case in her hand. “What’s up with you and Las Vegas anyway? Rosie and I had a blast last vacation.” Jennie mused. “This case is really troublesome, have a look. Who is handling this?” Wendy hands it to Jennie, who frowns for the fact that her friend isn’t focusing too much in their supposed to be ‘break from work’. “Lia is handling this, I swear, she grew some white hairs due to stress regarding this case.” Jennie looked through the pages attentively. “Oh? Can she handle it?” Wendy finally looked up and glanced at her very well dressed friend, waiting for an answer. “You probably expected Moonbyul unnie to get this case right?” Wendy nodded and Jennie added on, “She was the one to pass it on her, I wasn’t really reluctant at first because of her previous case’s result but Moonbyul unnie told me that she had faith in her and everyone needs time before hitting it big. She promised to guide Lia and not make some irrelevant mistakes that does harm to the firm.” “Well, if you already gave them a go, then it’s fine. I trust your judgment.” “Enough about that, can we focus on my love-life for a bit?” “We always do that, you talk nonstop about Rosie and her charity group, her art galleries, her dog, her cheeks and now the marriage. Not that I’m bored or anything.” Jennie chuckled, “I know I’m a fool for her and I am not embarrassed to showcase it unlike you.” “I’ve always and deeply shown my love, just not infront of the general public.” “But I’m kind of…sick of it now.” Jennie almost spat out the sandwich from , she raised
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Done done done finally completed 262637 years later lol! Sorry for always vanishing but it’s been busy here! Also, I’m thinking of being more consistent with writing, thank you for everyone for reading and waiting for this to end! Another wenrene book on my list, go check it out!! :)
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