°Chapter 13(Part 2)

She Is Royalty
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°Chapter 13(Part 2) •SHE IS ROYALTY• 13 “This is a lovely dinner.” Mrs.Bae’s smile literally blinds Wendy and she can clearly see the similarities between the mother and daughter pair. A huge feast on the long, over the top dinner table was set for the occasion, only the close family were invited to it and Wendy feels joyous that she’s part of it too. His majesty, the king of the nation chuckles along with what his dearest son, Suho has been gossiping about. Five years and Suho still hasn’t changed a bit, maybe a few wrinkles here and there but still single. A hot bachelorette as the tabloid presses. The three layer cake is resting in the middle of the table, Wendy glances at it and then back at her wrist watch, sighing helplessly. “Do you want to eat the cake that badly, Seungwan?” Mr. Bae suddenly calls out, silencing the entire table. Wendy’s face turns red with embarrassment, not wanting the attention to herself. Five years into his majesty’s birthday party and he still calls her out at some point. Last year it was “Want to open the present, Seungwan?” “Honey, don’t be hard on her. She’s too eager to meet Joohyun, isn’t it?” Mrs. Bae gazes her softly. That’s when Jennie dramatically sighs with tears welling up her eyes, glaring at Wendy then back at her food. Rosé, who loves Jennie to death obviously sees that reaction and worriedly asks, “Babe, are you okay?” Everyone turns to stare at Jennie, who chokes on her own saliva, “I..Wendy…she…” Before Jennie could tell them what she had told her which would lead to Wendy’s demise by the royal guards, she abroad stands up and clears . “Why don’t we cut the cake now?” Mr. Bae laughs and nudges his wife, “See, I told you. She definitely wanted to eat the cake.” Wendy had the urge to call Joy and also Chanyeol for making her do this kind of proposal. That’s right, a ing proposal. Wendy had bought a ring a month ago which was discovered by Chanyeol and his weird tendency of checking her purse every now and then. Then he told Joy, his other bestie by now, and they came up with a plan; a very stupid and dangerous prank. “Prank Irene by breaking her heart and then go propose.” Joy had said. “Wouldn’t that just make her hate me? Are you trying to tear us apart?” Wendy had screamed. “Oh shut up, if she says yes even after that; it means that she truly loves you.” Chanyeol had said. “What drugs are you both on?” Wendy had yet again said. “Do that or I’ll tell his majesty that you guys ed up in the royal palace’s attic.” A threat! They had threatened her and Wendy had been scared, who wouldn’t be scared if you’re challenging the most elite person of the nation who is worth billions. And also the fact that his majesty had clearly said, ‘No funny business before marriage or I will thoroughly see with the military head about you, Seungwan’ Coming back to the present, Wendy tightens her hold around her purse where the shiny velvet box rested. She is very much excited to see Irene again, any minute now and she’ll be here. She’s still a little upset about Irene not wanting to be picked up from the airport. So, she sits idly waiting like a child. “I hope you guys didn’t cut the cake yet!!” The high, familiar voice makes Wendy’s stomach do back flips. She looks up and meets Irene’s eyes; the softest eyes. Her girlfriend is finally here, flesh and bone and not from the mobile screen. Wendy lovingly gazes Irene but her smile flatters away when Irene looks away instantly. “What…” Wendy mutters but before she could pull Irene for the embrace she craved, a new voice settles in. “Bonjour!!!! I can’t believe we’re actually inside a freaking palace.” Wendy would’ve dismissed the stranger if it weren’t for Irene holding the stranger’s hand. As in intertwined. Hands. A sudden rage engulfs Wendy, she clenches her jaw and confusingly looks at them. Irene, not even sparing her a glance, only focusing at the girl she’s ing holding hands with. “Who is this?” Suho asks, while frowning at their intertwined hands, just like Wendy. The stranger chuckles, “Oh, Hi! Sorry to come uninvited but Joohyun here told me it’s fine. I’m Yeri, the girlfriend.” Pin drop silence.
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Done done done finally completed 262637 years later lol! Sorry for always vanishing but it’s been busy here! Also, I’m thinking of being more consistent with writing, thank you for everyone for reading and waiting for this to end! Another wenrene book on my list, go check it out!! :)
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