°Chapter 11

She Is Royalty
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•SHE IS ROYALTY• 11 ‘I’m not ready for this’ is what Wendy thought as she looked across the unfamiliar space. The comfy fur seats and a big television to binge watch any shows. She gulped in cold sweat as she looked around but exhaled in relief when her eyes met the most soothing and pretty eyes ever; Irene’s. Irene kept staring at her, finally taking the initiative to hold Wendy’s hand and caress it, “I’m sorry for all the trouble. I’ll have a talk with my father.” “It’s not...Okay, I’d be lying if I said I am not nervous, because who wouldn’t freak out when the King—THE KING asks you to visit him?” Wendy panicked. “I wouldn’t freak out” Wendy threw a subtle glare, “Of course, you wouldn’t. He is supposedly your father; who put a seed inside your mom to make you.” There was a small pause before Irene laughed, she cracked up so much due to Wendy’s sense of panicked humor. She looked at Wendy again and saw the girl not even batting an eye at her; pouting cutely. It was a rare sight. “You’re really beautiful, do you know that?” Irene softly sighed, keeping her gaze at that perfect face which has become a strength to her these days. Wendy blushed, “You are not helping at all.” “Please relax, look out the window; we’re above the clouds. I don’t know why His Majesty called for us but we’re in it together, Wendy. We have each other” That was probably the most beautiful thing Irene has ever said; given her cold personality and aura. Wendy smiled and pulls up Irene’s milky hand to kiss it, “I know that I’m beautiful but you’re heavenly.” It was Irene’s turn to blush, she cleared and looked out of the private jet’s window; intaking the beautiful sight above the clouds but she chuckled to herself because god, Wendy is as pretty as that scene. It was a big deal. Wendy’s jaw dropped when she got out from the jet; multiple black cars everywhere and those bulky guys in suit scared her to death. She kind of expected it being in love with the nation’s legit princess but now that she’s seeing it right before her baggy and restless eyes; it was a lot to take in. “Is it too late to run away? They’re ready to kill me, Joohyun.” Wendy mumbled as she stepped down the jet with Irene beside her, not happy as she usually is. “His majesty is dramatic as ever. He is trying to scare you away for sure. He doubled the security.” Irene groans while signaling one of the guard in front of her. “How was your flight, your highness? I hope there was no trouble in the way.” The big guy said with a polite bow, which didn’t impress Irene at all; maybe it was the jet-lag kicking in. “Bring the luggage in one piece and send half the guards from the other direction. We don’t want any attention.” “I can’t follow your order because that would be disobeying His Majesty.” Irene sighed, looking irritated, “Who the sends twelve cars with....” There was a pause while Irene eyes take in all the bodyguards, “...twenty four bodyguards... TWENTY FOUR!???” “It’s what His Majesty wanted.” “Listen here, you—” “Joohyun, stop it.” Wendy took in Irene’s hand and pulled her closer shocking everyone, some even almost took out their guns which literally scared Wendy(who was screaming inside). “I know you don’t want them here, Wendy. I’m so sorry for this.” “Stop saying sorry, I knew what I was getting into when I started to like you. Just get in the car and take a rest.” Wendy caressed her face with a smile that made Irene weak. “But there’s like twenty four of them!?” Irene whisper yelled. Wendy chuckled, “Be thankful that there isn’t thirty four of them, otherwise I would piss my pants.” “You could run away in the next flight.” “And leave you with them??? Nah, even if they’re your protectors, they’re scary.” “I just hope everything goes right tonight.” Irene sighed as the bodyguard led the way to their car, Irene hoping in first while Wendy followed suit. “So, do I need to know anything before I enter His Majesty’s lively oh so exciting domain?” Wendy tried to loosen up the stress for both of them, which was a success cause Irene chuckled. “Well, the one you should be the most exciting to see is His Majesty himself. I never got along with him so I can’t disclose anymore.” “That doesn’t help me a bit, princess Joohyun. I should’ve dated some country chick or the stable keeper’s daughter.” Irene is such a tsundere; Wendy should’ve thought before spitting out those words because Irene glared at her, coldly looking away and ignoring her all the way to the lair which awaited her presence. Several maids awaited outside the castle with their seemingly dull dress-code, Wendy zoned out for a while staring at the bug castle she only saw on movies or the news. And she definitely jumped with surprise when all the maids greeted them enthusiastically but with a very scared look, Wendy didn’t know why but when she turned to look at Irene; she found the answer. The ever so laid back princess had the iciest look that even made Wendy scared a little bit. “How was your flight, Joohyun?” A handsome man came down to greet them, but Irene wasn’t that excited. There was a heavy sigh, “What is father planning?” “Beats me. I would want to know for myself. Oh, this must be your lovely girlfriend.” “Oh no, she’s Yeji’s girlfriend, didn’t you know?” Okay, Wendy was a little lost in this conversation. Who the heck is Yeji? Is it Irene’s another name besides Joohyun? “Are you being serious or...?” Irene nodded her head in confidence, “Suho, please be a kind brother and show Miss Wendy the way to Yeji.” Other maids follow Irene as she walks inside, leaving a stunned Suho and Wendy behind. “Who the heck is Yeji
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