°Chapter 4

She Is Royalty
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•She Is Royalty•


Wendy agreed on the fact that Irene could dance; it was smooth and very soft. They had been going to the dance club for a week now; yet Wendy didn’t dance fully. She only watched from the side while others took control. Lisa was a great dancer with flow and style but Irene had it too, which was amusing. “Are you a watchman or something? We came here to dance in case you forgot the meaning of dance club.” Wendy rolled her eyes at Irene who sat down beside her for a quick break; she was soaked with sweat, “Dance club wasn’t even my choice. You dragged me in this mess.” “I get that you don’t know how to dance, but you can always try.” Irene kind of motivated her which was surprising. But, then her y went on to add, “Don’t just sit here like the universe’s loser.” “I am not dancing at all, I at it.” “You at everything, Shon.” Irene clicked her tongue and stood up; leaving Wendy alone so she could dance with the others. Irene had been enjoying this class very much but she had to do something about Wendy because that girl has been like a statue ever since they came to the club. Wendy was chilling at Joy’s room after the classes, she complained about how dance club has been so hard as if she ever moved her waist there. “What about you? Are you enjoying basketball?” “Don’t even talk about it; it’s so amazing.” “I wish I could say the same about mine.” Wendy sighed and sat down on Joy’s bed, she was adjusting here pretty well. Taeyeon could bug her mind sometimes but she’s learn to ignore and enjoy here. “Show me your dance.” “I can’t dance, Joy.” “Show me the bare minimum that you got up on your sleeves.” An agreement was made that Joy wouldn’t laugh at any cost, but it was broken the moment Wendy started to move her body; Joy laughed as loud as she can and almost cried. “You are so stiff!!! Her highness would do something to remove you from the club after she sees it.” Wendy hit her with a pillow, “You promised not to laugh!!!” “How can I not laugh!? You look like a chicken with breathing problem!” Wendy soon left the room because she was humiliated and Joy couldn’t stop laughing. She sighed as she regret showing Joy her so called dance. She then tried to focus and slightly swayed her waist, it looked okay from her point of few, then she started to sway little by little and she was very much satisfied. “You look creepy. Do you have a problem with your waist?” Wendy looked up and saw Irene, who wasn’t quite sure of what Wendy had been doing in the middle of an empty hallway. “I am not doing anything.” Wendy quietly said as she walked and went inside their room, leaving Irene to ponder for a bit. “Dance.” “What?” “Were you trying to dance?” Wendy threw her books on the bed and shook her head, “Absolutely not!” “Then dance right now.” Irene closed the door behind and headed to her own space. She sat down on her bed and faced Wendy who was opposite of her bed. “What?” “I need to see your dancing. You’ve been mysterious about it.” Irene folded her arms. She was seeming to adapt living with this loud roommate of hers. Sometimes it would be irritating but fun too. But she still disliked the latter and they weren’t friends at all. “I don’t know how to. Goodnight.” “It’s only 5 pm right now. Move your feet, come on.” Irene ordered around, Wendy shook her head and made an X sign using her hands. “I’ll tell the head about your ramen incident.” “This again!? I told you Joy stole it!” “You are her partner so it doesn’t matter who stole it.” “You are impossible.” Wendy muttered. “Will you dance now?” “You have to promise one thing though!” An agreement was made again, that Irene wouldn’t laugh at any cost. And Wendy felt relieved that Irene followed that promise and didn’t laugh when she danced for a whole minute. She had a poker face the whole time. “How...was it?” Wendy nervously asked. “I’ll use the bathroom first.” Wendy nodded as Irene quickly went to the bathroom, but she didn’t expect the latter to laugh at there. “YOU PROMISED NOT TO LAUGH!!” Wendy yelled as she was so embarrassed and Irene laughing secretly made her more unsettled than before. “I PROMISED TO NOT LAUGH IN FRONT OF YOU...I KEPT MY WORDS, SHON.” Irene shouted back with fits of laughter. “DON’T SHOW ME YOUR FACE, I’M LEAVING FIRST.” Irene quickly came out of the bathroom and sat down in her bed, she stayed calm and didn’t look Wendy in the eye. She then took a deep breath and managed her expression, “We really need to work on your body movements.” “...” “Like really, you looked abnormal.” Wendy didn’t reply and started to manage her books, sat on her study table and began doing her assignments, ignoring Irene who had a sheepish smile. “What!? Are you ignoring me right now?” “Yah! I’m talking with you!” Irene said again but didn’t get any response from Wendy. “Ou—Ouch” Wendy exclaimed as she rubbed her head and noticed a pencil sharpener on the floor. “Why would you hit me with that!?” Irene shrugged, “I am talking with you so pay attention.” “What? What do you want? You traitor, you went and ing laughed.” “Because you were doing a comedy routine right in front of me.” “I was dancing per your highness’s threat!” “If you call that dancing, you’d be sued by the dancers around this world.” “...” “W—” “Keep your mouth shut.” “You cannot give me a cold shoulder, nobody does that to me.” “I’m not one of your fans so please shut up now.” Wendy hissed as she threw the sharpener towards Irene who swiftly dodged it. “That’s a violence towards a princess, you’ll be held charge of it!” A week had passed, Wendy was learning the basics about dance from Lisa. After the humiliation, she thought of asking Lisa to help as she is very good at dancing. When she showed her dance to Lisa, the latter chuckled and said ‘you have a lot to learn’. Irene has been Irene, she has been giving Wendy weird glares but Wendy doesn’t mind, they banter all the time because Irene sure is annoying for a princess. “Good morning, Her highness!” “How did you sleep, Her highness?” Irene ignored the bunch of greetings directed to her early in the morning. There was a sudden call from the head that all the students are expected to be presented in the grand hall. “You look beautiful, Her highness.” “Don’t believe them, you look like a raccoon.” Wendy whispered as they walked together. Irene gave her a glare and told her to mind her own business. “Hey, chicken dancer!” Joy called out to Wendy as soon as she sighted her. Irene scoffed, “That name suits you.” “Oh, good-morning Her highness.” Joy added as she noticed Irene beside Wendy. Irene nodded and went to where Jennie was standing. “Good-morning, folks.” It was none other than the head of the school, Hyoyeon. It was weird to see the head as she always is so busy, so most of the works are done by Tiffany; she is everywhere. “I have come there for an amazing news.” Hyoyeon proudly said with a big smile, she couldn’t be taken as a serious person and she makes so much mistakes in her speech. After Tiffany stopped her, she cleared and said again, “I have come here with an amazing activity. We all will go camping on the south jungle today!” Every student started buzzing happily, the excitement was real this time but what worried Wendy was Irene, usually this school plan activities regarding roommates. It would be a burden to have Irene in this camp and of course tent. “It is like a survival game, the team will be divided by two and yes, according to your room partners..” Irene and Wendy made a disgusting face to eachother. “It’s fo
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Done done done finally completed 262637 years later lol! Sorry for always vanishing but it’s been busy here! Also, I’m thinking of being more consistent with writing, thank you for everyone for reading and waiting for this to end! Another wenrene book on my list, go check it out!! :)
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