°Chapter 1

She Is Royalty
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°She Is Royalty° 1 “Are you excited?” Chanyeol gave the spare change to Wendy, who smiled and kept it in her pockets. “I am, but I don't want to leave also.” Wendy truthfully said, her whole childhood she has been in Canada with her sister and she just got back Korea, yet she's set to leave already. She wants to live out her dream and go but yet she still wants to stay close with her parents. “You're better off there, it's a royal school from what I've heard.” Chanyeol walked alongside Wendy to another path, they were heading towards his house to eat dinner. They can be called brothers through different mothers; Wendy being tad tomboyish. “I read a magazine about it; almost many royals graduated from there.” Wendy put on her smart and one of those proud smile. She had this magazine regarding S.H.S ISLAND and their past students; it was thrilling to know because she doesn't care about world affairs or so. They reached the small house soon enough, Chanyeol inviting her inside and swiftly going through the tiny kitchen to make Wendy some coffee. “Oh, I also heard that the princess is joining this week” Chanyeol said measuring the sugar and coffee; wanting it to be perfect for Wendy. “It is where royals go, so no surprise.” Wendy said, not giving much interest because she really wasn't interested. She had come to Korea for about 2 years now, and she has only heard about how disorganized the royals are so she doesn't really care in a way. “I was just informing, don't be too y.” Chanyeol stirred the coffee and placed it in front of Wendy. “So…Didn't Taeyeon unnie return from Switzerland?” Wendy asked, clearing twice. She was a little shy to ask about the latter, she missed her like crazy. They were a couple, at least that's what Wendy thinks. They have kissed more than enough. A knowing chuckle passed through Chanyeol, he fiddled with his phone and passed it to Wendy. It was a picture of Taeyeon with a caption; ‘I'm back home 💙’ which was posted a few hours ago. “You really need to make a social media account, you're missing out on unnie’s beautiful pictures.” Chanyeol said while Wendy only stared at the picture, Taeyeon looked pretty with those new short bangs of her. They had a senior-junior relation, but it gradually grew and they are super close and affectionate. They never labelled their relationship so Wendy wanted to confess properly. Along with those shy kisses, she wanted a relationship with her, she wanted an assurance on feelings. “She didn't text me though.” Wendy sulked, passing the phone back. She took out her own phone and checked when they last talked; it was a week ago. Taeyeon had gone to a 3 week vacation with her friends, so they hadn't talked much. “Unnie must be tired from the jetlag.” Chanyeol fiddled his phone, trying to assure Wendy to not overthink. “See the royal princess, she's a goddess. I've got a very beautiful picture of her.” Chanyeol happily said, but Wendy groaned. “I should call Taeyeon unnie.” Wendy stood up and moved away with her phone. Chanyeol just shook her head and stared the beautiful picture of the princess which was shot a year back by the paparazzi on the royals game. ° “How was the trip unnie?” Taeyeon pulled back from the kiss and caught Wendy’s stare. She took the energy drink Wendy had just brought along with her. “It was awesome, a kind of healing. I missed my dog a lot though.” Taeyeon chuckled, watching the night view at her balcony. A smile passed through Wendy, “That's good, unnie. You deserve all the happiness in the world.” “You're being too sweet now, Wendy-ah.” Taeyeon chuckled, her eyes still on Wendy’s. She leaned down on Wendy’s shoulder and closed her eyes. “I missed you too, Wendy.” Taeyeon added, her eyes already willing to close and rest beside Wendy. “I have something to tell you, unnie.” Taeyeon looked above, gave a sudden peck and smiled, “Me too” “You go first” Taeyeon nudged. Wendy shook her head, “You first, unnie.” “Okay then. Don't be too shocked.” “Baekhyun proposed me.” Wendy looked shocked, she knew Baekhyun oppa had eyes for Taeyeon but didn't expect him to do it soon. She then nodded her head not knowing what kind of reaction was needed. But what made her heart drop was when Taeyeon said, “And now we're dating” Time stopped for Wendy, she couldn't grasp what exactly that meant. Wendy loves Taeyeon and by the kisses Taeyeon initiates, she thought Taeyeon did too. But now, she needed an explanation. “What do you mean?” Wendy pulled away as she made Taeyeon look into her eyes. “That means that I said yes, and we're a couple.” Taeyeon said so easily and chuckled, which only made Wendy nervous and anxious. She didn't like it, she didn't like how Taeyeon looked happy right now. “What about us then, unnie?” Wendy asked, despite her heart throbbing. “Us? We're bestfriends, Wendy-ah. I hope us kissing didn't mean something else to you, I always thought it as a cute affection.” She wanted to run away right now, she wanted to flee away. Her heart crashed because Taeyeon took her as a joke, took her kisses as a joke. She hasn't loved anyone else like that ever. Wendy faked a laugh, “Of course, I was just joking, unnie. Congrats to you and oppa, though.” Taeyeon smiled, “Always so sweet, Wendy. So, what is that you wanted to say?” How could she ever confess now? How could she say that love had taken her over? It was impossible as Taeyeon didn't value it. So, she smiled bitterly, “It's just that I've been accepted to S.H.S ISLAND.” “That's a great news!!! You've been dreaming of it! I'm so happy.” Taeyeon happily said and jumped, leaning closer for a kiss but Wendy moved away. Why was Taeyeon asking for a kiss when she has a boyfriend now? “I should go now. It's getting late and my parents expect me back for dinner.” Wendy said, gently catching Taeyeon’s hand, but she couldn't take it anymore so she kissed Taeyeon, who smiled. Wendy promises that this will be the last kiss and the last time that with Taeyeon. ° “We will miss you” Wendy’s dad said as he hugged his daughter again, it was the fifth time already. Parents love is unconditional, so it was understandable. “Give us a call when you reach there.” Her mom said, concerned already. “If there's something called network, mom.” “There isn't network!? How are we going to call you?” Her mom babbled, looking with those eyes that spoke ‘what kind of place is that’ “There's something called internet, I'll email you if there's no network.” Wendy calmly said and kissed her forehead, aiming for a hug too. “I love you, please take care of yourself.” It was time to depart already, her parents were there to see her off, she didn't say her other friends the exact date of her departure; especially Taeyeon. Chanyeol had known but Wendy didn't want him to see her off. “We will miss you, don't skip your meals, make lots of friends!” Her parents said and waved off Wendy, who walked away and entered the lobby as per instructed on the email. The new students were supposed to meet at the lobby, and then move to the private plane of the school. “Is everyone here already?” Someone shouted, shocking the daylights out of her. Wendy looked farther and saw a fair and professionally dressed lady, she was wearing black suit and pencil skirt, holding a file. No one spoke, so the lady sighed, “I'll take the roll call then.” “Park Jihyo” ‘Yes’ “Kim Jennie” ‘Here’ “Park Chaeyoung” ‘It's Rose’ “Son Wendy” ‘I'm here’ Wendy replied on a small voice as the roll call continued on. She looked around and saw all these girls, they all looked like beauties. Everyon
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