She Is Royalty
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°She Is Royalty° Prologue


‘…..The King has taken the right action towards his children and has apologized to the nation….’ Wendy walked in with a huge grin and wiggled her eyebrows at her parents. In an instant her mother jumped and hugged her, her dad standing and joining in the hug. “I haven't even told you the news” Wendy chuckled as she hugged her parents back. She was on cloud nine due to some specific news. “Your face says it all, Seungwan.” Her mother agreed with her father and pulled away from the heartfelt hug. Who could she fool? It was her parents, she could never fool them. They had been the reason for her confidence and strength. “I got in…I start next month.” Wendy smiled brightly, her eyes sparkling due to the tears threatening to fall. “Your sister could've been so proud if she was here.” The smiling face of her sister came flashing on her mind, she nodded and knew that the proudest could've been her sister if she was still alive. Her sister was the one who showed her the school, she fell in love instant. It was their dream to get in together but happens sometimes. Her dream school was just so expensive and it was hard to get in, hardly anyone passes. But she got in, she will live their dream together. She looked down at the letter she was tightly holding, not wanting to let go of it; the achievement of her hard work. We welcome you, Wendy Shon, to S.H.S ISLAND starting next month, the ticket and flights detailed will be emai
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Done done done finally completed 262637 years later lol! Sorry for always vanishing but it’s been busy here! Also, I’m thinking of being more consistent with writing, thank you for everyone for reading and waiting for this to end! Another wenrene book on my list, go check it out!! :)
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