°Chapter 6

She Is Royalty
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The chandelier above the table shining brightly like always; the luxurious long dining table filled with various foods, anyone could be dying to be there and eat right? But not the royal house; it was filled with silence and glances.



“Can I get something aside from this lifeless chicken or did everyone forget about my allergy with chicken?” Stated Irene with a bored look. Everyone in the royal palace knew her sickness from chicken; it was not an allergy, she was just stretching out her words. “I’m sorry, your highness. We didn’t forget it, we prepared pork for you.” The head chef quickly directed a maid to present her the food, he had no idea who kept that poor chicken in front of her. “How is everything in the school? Did you cause any inconvenience to others there?” Irene shifted her eyes and stared at her father; the majesty, more likely glared. She wasn’t fond of the King even if they are blood related. “I hope so” Irene answered curtly and ate her food silently, she could see her mother cutting the steak for her father, she rolled her eyes on that because firstly, he can do it himself and secondly, what’s so great about him? “I hope you behave, Joohyun. I don’t want you to go around ruining the family’s pride.” Like always, her father lectured her about the ethic and discipline that should be maintained, I quote STRICTLY maintained. She nodded her head all along dinner, up-to the point she felt cramps around her neck. “You better not get involved with that girl again, or you know the consequences, Joohyun.” Irene flickered her eyes, dry as the mention of the name she so badly wanted to get done with. She took a sip of her juice as she stood up, wanting to escape this stupid conversation. “I am serious, Joohyun. That girl is nothing but a nuisance.” “I know.” She then walked out of the dining hall, heading for her room. Her mood was already ruined now, it always happened when she chatted with the King himself. “What’s up with your face?” There he was, the prince and the next heir in line, Suho, lying in her big queen sized bed. Irene sighed as she waved her brother as a greeting. “Just dinner with His Majesty.” Suho chuckled as he sat up straight, “Thank god, I missed it.” “Lucky you, what are you doing here though? I thought you had to attend minister Park’s Gala?” “Oh, I just returned from there. I got bored and no one caught my eye. Only old stuff there.” Irene lightly chuckled, everything felt good when she was with her brother. It was the feeling of being comfortable and no one else has ever made her feel, except Shon Wendy...now-days. “I thought you had an eye for Jisoo.” “She’s definitely gorgeous but I don’t feel the connection. What about you? Caught anyone?” “Well...” Her mind trailed of to Wendy and her stupid remarks. She really wanted to chat with Wendy now. “I guess not.” “Stop lying, your face says it all, my baby sister.” Suho playfully said as he stood up and faced Irene. He knew that Irene didn’t prefer boys but he was okay with it, he only wanted Irene to be loved. “There is someone, but we’re definitely just friends.” Irene took a seat at her glossy fur couch. “Only friends?” Irene nodded while Suho smiled brightly, he sat next to Irene and told her stuff about his last trip and how he missed having fun with her. “Also, what do you intend on doing about these?” Suho handed her some envelopes. Irene looked through it and recognized the handwriting in a heartbeat, she forced out a smile, “This is nonsense.” “We should be glad that father didn’t find anything about it.” “Throw these out, I’m sick of it.” Irene said as she gave it back to Suho. “I think you should have a chat, looking at how much letter she wrote for you, she must want to explain things.” There was no reply from her as she stared at the fireplace in front of her. She sighed as she told Suho to go as she wanted to rest. Suho stood out of the room, looking Irene expectedly as he once again told, “You should talk with Seulgi.” With that name, Irene’s face hardened and her eyes became cold, she then hissed, “Over my dead body.” And shut the door. She crawled to her bed not wanting to think anymore about that darn girl, she must have been a fool to be associated with her. She then took out her mobile device and stared at the text she sent Wendy which was still on the ‘seen’ basis. ‘I didn’t take you as a person to not do well with technology. Don’t you know how to reply back to a text?’ Irene exhaled with a small smile, she was expecting the reply from the latter. It had been great to visit her last time even though it was a hassle to track her. It only was possible because she had the power, if her father finds out, she would’ve been in a whole day lecture by now. The phone buzzed and Irene immediately opened the new message from Wendy, ‘Didn’t take you as a person to wait for my message? Did I grow so much on you ?;)’ Irene chuckled, “Jerk” ‘My My, what a delusional mind you have. Don’t worry, you still haven’t grown on me. :)’ ‘I must be doing things wrong then!! Princess! Let me be special, oh please princess.’ ‘Still so over dramatic, it’s boring to type in the keyboard.’ ‘Do you want to call?’ Now, that was not what Irene intended but it doesn’t hurt to call right? They’re friends so it’s okay to call here and there. She sent a simple ‘okay’ but was quite unsure why she was getting nervous. It would be the first time she would talk with Wendy on phone. As soon as her phone rang, she answered it without much thought. “You really were expecting my call! You answered so fast.” Wendy said and Irene could imagine a smug Wendy with ‘i knew it’ face. “I always answer quickly, just an ability of mine.” “So you started to joke too? Is the world ending?” Irene lain down and smiled, “I always knew how to joke, I just didn’t feel like showcasing my talent.” “Please don’t showcase it to anyone else, it will be a burden.” “You got more irritating.” Irene whispered back. “More? I always have been like this.” “What are you doing right now? Are you flirting with your unnie?” Irene said it as a joke and also a hint of curiosity. She didn’t fancy her unnie the last time she met them. “I’m about to sleep now, oh no, no flirting with her... but what’s crazy is that, she invited me to dinner tomorrow.” “Oh did she?” There was a tiny sadness laced in her voice. “It’s just some stupid dinner, I need to be done with it and her.” “Do you still like her?” Wendy chuckled, “I thought I did but I don’t know now, she is an important person to me, yes but I think I don’t feel...any spark.” “You are weird, you believe in spark?” “Of course, I do! Love comes with spark, electricity, current.” Irene laughed, “Wow, so poetic.” “You wouldn’t understand, stupid Bae.” “Are you going to talk like that to me?” “How am I suppose to talk to you then?” “I still am a princess, no one calls me by my name except from my family.” “Then I’m your family too, simple as that!” “You’re asking for a death wish, Shon.” “Oh, princess! Please spare my life!” Irene laughed out loud as she told Wendy to stop with that greasy tone and words. She wouldn’t like Wendy to go all ‘Her highness’ anyway. “Shouldn’t the princess get her beauty sleep?” Wendy asked after an hour of chat or banter. Irene yawned to that, “True, I’m getting sleepy. I should say goodbye now.” “So formal, it’s amusing.” “And also do you have time tomorrow?” Irene stayed quiet as she analyzed her work for tomorrow; there was this brunch at the Kim’s house and nothing after that. She then answered, “I’m free in the evening.” “Cool, wanna hang out?” Irene stopped herself from smiling, “Aw, you miss me. But didn’t you have to meet with your unnie?” “Oh, I forgot about it...I’ll tell her to meet me for lunch then.” “Should I be grateful?” “Of course! I am spending time with you despite my busy schedule.” A heartily chuckle passed from Irene, “I should be the one saying that!” “Okay, ok! Go sleep now, goodnight!” “Wait! What are we going to do tomorrow?” Irene asked. “Movies! With me alone! Don’t you enjoy it with me and no one else? Huh?” Wendy had her teasing voice on, Irene felt a rush of warmth building in her cheeks. “Stop dreaming, Shon. See you tomorrow.” The clattering sound was maddening, Wendy wondered how Taeyeon is holding back or is it just annoying to her? She wouldn’t know so she ate her spaghetti. Taeyeon had agreed on changing the plans to lunch so she was extremely excited for the evening with Irene later. “Do you like it?” Taeyeon asked as she took a sip of her juice, smiling lightly at the latter. Was the spaghetti good? It was good, Wendy liked to eat everything but she was hoping the lunch to be over soon. She doesn’t know why but Irene is still occupying her mind; the talk that they had last night made Wendy very jovial. “It’s good.” “I’m sorry for everything, Seungwan.” Ouch, that name hurts, Wendy didn’t like that name at all. She was mistaken a lot for a boy but thank goodness for Mrs. Brail for giving her a simple name in Canada. “As in?” Wendy asked. Taeyeon shifted her eyes el
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