°Chapter 12

She Is Royalty
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•SHE IS ROYALTY• 12 Tension around the air, the sound of the utensils gently hitting the plate doesn’t make it leas awkward because no one is talking. Wendy names this the most intense dinner ever, she turned her gaze to her beautiful girlfriend who looks nervous as well. “Did you meet Seulgi?” With the mere mention of that name, Irene scowled and she put her fork aside while staring at her father, the majesty, who has his eyebrows raised. “I did and I would want to ask you why on earth did you send her? I thought you hated her.” Wendy can only look back and forth between their glare, but she noticed Mrs.Bae, well the Queen if we understand, staring at her with a soft smile. She almost choked if it hadn’t been Suho handing her a glass of water. A soft touch startled her but her body relaxes as it’s Irene who gives her hand a gentle squeeze to tell her ‘we’re in this together’, she smiles with the thought and holds her head high as to give out the image that she’s confident and ready to brace on whatever is stored in her way. “Marriage proposal.” Okay, this definitely threw all the them into a shocked stage, Irene had her lovely gaze pierced into his majesty’s way, haw hardened and the grip on Wendy’s hand getting tighter with each passing second. “Wow, this meat is so...plump...juicy and rich...with proteins!!” All of them turn to look at Wendy, who smells the meat, putting a very innocent and curious look. As she pulls away from Irene’s grip, she raises an eyebrow questioning all of them, “Is something wrong?” Suho chuckles and shakes his head first, “No, I must agree with the juicy part though.” Irene is looking at Wendy, studying her not understanding the course of action she had just done because anyone from miles away could distinguish between the seriousness of the topic which is yet to be discussed. However, she fondly smiles noticing the way Wendy glowed with that radiant smile and she is to be sure that Wendy did that to cool down the atmosphere, divert the tension for a bit. They never discussed about the marriage thing while they devoured the classy dinner laid out on the table, Wendy could make a small talk with Suho here and there, which eased Irene’s worry a little bit, ‘at least she is getting well with Suho.’ Honestly, she didn’t care if her parents didn’t approve of Wendy, it didn’t matter to her because Wendy is her safe heaven; she’ll do anything for her at this point. “I heard you’re quite smart, garnering the scholarship with top marks. What’s your plan in the future?” It was Mrs. Bae who initiated the conversation, trying to get to know the girl her dear daughter bought home the first time, at least she’s trying to understand and stand on the same ground as her daughter solely for her happiness. “My sister really wanted to be a lawyer so maybe I will go that route, no, I’m sure of it.” “Why? Is she not capable of doing it herself?” His majesty said sternly, sipping the glass of wine and eyeing Wendy like a prey he is ready to hunt and vote out. Irene put the knife down loudly, “Can’t you read the room for once!?” Wendy chuckled lightly, “Don’t be hard on him, it’s only understandable because he doesn’t know.” “My sister passed away a few years ago, she had countless dreams and in the end, she couldn’t do any of them so I’m trying to let her feel those things through my eyes.” The room fell silent and no one dared to speak out of shock or pity, Wendy couldn’t distinguish it at all. But what she felt is how Irene softly and lovingly looked at her, leaning to her and whispering into her ear, “you’re so beautiful.” The hot breaths definitely distracted Wendy but also the meaning behind those words hit her heart very badly, it squeezed and all those butterflies erupted at once. “I understand the sentiment but it doesn’t make you so great if you’re doing it like this. Instead of going after her dreams, why don’t you find your own happiness? She’ll like that for you. Don’t you think?” His majesty said without caring if the other party found it offensive or hard go digest, he’s said his part so he really doesn’t care how they take it. Wendy nods her head and thinks for a little bit, everyone at the table anticipating her reply. Irene almost speaks again, getting all defensive and trying hard not to pull her own father’s hair for his unremarkable comment. “My happiness...is doing this. It’s not only for her but also for me because I am truly happy with things working out like this. So, I don’t think I’ll change it, out of others opinion or weird view. I’ll do it because I want to do it.” His majesty nods his head and goes on to take a bite from his steak, but Suho definitely sees him hiding that small smile. Irene looks at Wendy with stars in her eyes which only makes Wendy blush under that passionate gaze. “You’re making it hard for me to swallow.” Irene giggles, “That’s the intention...” “Stop it and eat your dish, Princess.” “But how can I when you’re right in front of me, Shon?” Wendy widens her gaze and glares at Irene while blushing, she makes a ‘shh’ sound and diverts her attention towards Suho, who seems to be saying something that happened at some party last week. Everyone eats their dinner patiently, only the chattering Suho and Wendy making comments here and there, whether it’s the food or the drink. At some point, even Mrs. Bae starts to get involved in the short conversation. “Oh? You almost drowned?” Mrs. Bae asks with an astonished face. Wendy nods and sighs, imagining that horrific moment, “Yes, and everyone thought I was doing some synchronized swim there while I was drowning.” Suho laughs out loud, “So, you’re scared of water?” “Absolutely but not when I take a shower.” Irene clasps her hands, “We have something in common, I see.” “You’re scared of water too?” Wendy asks. Mrs. Bae laughs along with Suho, “Oh, Joohyun is absolutely terrified.” “That’s not true! I can handle myself.” “That’s not what you said when you were almost swept away by the ocean waves.” Irene glares at Suho, “That’s Jennie’s fault for wanting the banana float to go faster than what I bargained for.” “You drowned on the ocean? That’s cool!” “Cool!? I almost died, Shon.” Wendy winks, “But you’re here with me now, we make a perfect drowning couple.” His majesty cleared his throat, drawing attention from the very noisy members. He stood up after cleaning his mouth with the cloth, “The dinner ends here, help yourself if you’re still hungry. Joohyun, follow me to the study room.” Irene rolled her eyes and stands up but is stopped by Wendy’s grip, she looks down and sees Wendy smiling sheepishly. Wendy stands up too and looks at His majesty directly and asks innocently, “Where do I apply?” His majesty frowns, “What?” “The marriage proposal. Whe
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Done done done finally completed 262637 years later lol! Sorry for always vanishing but it’s been busy here! Also, I’m thinking of being more consistent with writing, thank you for everyone for reading and waiting for this to end! Another wenrene book on my list, go check it out!! :)
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