°Chapter 2

She Is Royalty
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•SHE IS ROYALTY• 2 A dreadful thunder made almost everyone freak out; they looked at the sky and at each other, getting confused about the outing. “I don’t think it’s proper to have lunch out today. It’s getting cloudy.” Rose said, hoping the one who was in charge of their group could suffice and agree on heading back to the dormitory. This lunch was planned unexpectedly, it had only been three days after their arrival and they wanted to explore the island. So, Miss Tiffany made up a plan to go out and eat lunch in the best and biggest restaurant in the whole island. Wendy wasn’t too enthusiastic about it because she wanted to sleep just a little more. Irene had been keeping shut for some odd reason which particularly scared Wendy. “Don’t worry darling, it’s always like this here. You’ll get used to it” Tiffany laughed, trying to calm the new students. “This is kind of boring, and if it rains, my whole outfit will get damaged. Let’s just head back” Jennie, the cat like girl said, with the tone and aura she had it was easy to identify that she was from the golden spoon family. “No one’s going back till we have a nice lunch” Tiffany made her way to the market area, the island was full of prettiness and amazing things. It was like a fantasy. “She’s too childish” Wendy turned to the person beside her, non other than Irene. It was mandatory to walk with your room mate on outings like this, Tiffany had clarified them which was kind of dumb. “There you go again calling other people childish when you’re the actual one” Wendy looked away and sighed, with Irene she always has something to banter about. “I wasn’t talking to you, dumbhead” Irene rolled her eyes while following the others. “And I was definitely talking to you” Wendy replied which made Irene a little mad. “With that attitude, you’re getting nothing out of your life” Irene hissed and moved a little quicker, not wanting to be in the same space with Wendy. “Coming from you? Amusing” Wendy chuckled a little. Irene clenched her jaw, glared the latter, “i really don’t like you” “I’ve been telling you that since i saw you” They glared at each other, Irene ready to jump and strangle Wendy’s throat, but it was un royaly behavior and if news get out, her father’s going to send her to north korea for sure. “We’re here!” Tiffany exclaimed, a little too excited than the students. Wendy was amazed by the restaurant and could get why it was given the ‘best’ title. It was a tree house restaurant with sparkling lights beaming everywhere. “I’m sure this is going to fall after another thunder” Joy said out loud, little scared because they had to climb a little bit to get inside the restaurant. “This is so pointless, I’ve seen better” Irene muttered to practically no one. “Want to ditch?” Jennie suddenly came up and asked Irene, a little informally. Everyone in this school addressed Irene as their “highness” except Wendy of course. She isn’t fond of the latter so she won’t ever bow down to her. “Totally” Irene smirked, eyeing Tiffany heading inside first and everyone else following suit. The two girls snickered and moved away from the crowd, Wendy stared them and Irene winked at her. That wink wasn’t flirty, it was supposed to mean ‘keep quiet’. Wendy has absolute no reason on complaining about them, it’s just a waste of time. Wendy followed the others while Irene and Jennie moved to the other direction and disappeared from her sight in an instant. Life has been particularly good, but Wendy can’t stop thinking about home and of course Taeyeon. She missed Taeyeon and her warm hug in weather like this, but Wendy wasn’t going to be selfish and hurt herself more by seeking out to Taeyeon. She desperately wanted go run away from Taeyeon, who took her feelings as a joke. “Penny for your thoughts?” Wendy turned to her left and Joy was staring at her uninterestingly. “What were you thinking about? You looked depressed.” Joy started out while sipping her glass of water. Wendy was confused on how the girl was seated next to her, she was alone a while ago because her so called room mate has ditched the whole session. “Aren’t you suppose to sit with your room mate and enjoy the lunch?” Wendy replied, looking back at Joy’s partner, Jihyo. “My room mate is very motivational and every word of her is inspirational. I don’t like inspirational person.” Joy fiddled with her glass and snatched the menu to look after some dishes. “What about yours? Where is Her Highness?” Joy asked. A groan passed through Wendy, “God knows where she went, she’s very annoying. The title doesn't suit her.” Joy laughed, “I heard she’s the real deal, doesn’t spare those who insults her.” “Does that involve killing?” Wendy whispered. Joy kept the menu down and had a grin, “She is from the royal family, I doubt she’ll do that; it will make the royal family bloody but who knows what she has done.” “She’s always stuck up on something, does she ever smile?” Wendy tried to remember if Irene had ever smiled on the way here and even at the dorm. She either had a mischievous grin or smirk. A waiter greeted them warmly and Joy ordered almost everything out of the menu, Wendy didn’t even had to order. Joy’s amount of food was enough for her too. “The royal family is full of secrets and mystery; but what everyone knows is about how Her highness is the rebellious and rude type.” “There’s no doubt in that.” Wendy replied. Through the corner, she could see Tiffany visiting each and every table and she knew that Irene will be in trouble soon but who cares really. “It was all over the news that she was sent here because the media found herself involved with some boy in a freaking motel.” Wendy was shocked, because she knew for the fact that it was really flashy and to be the princess, it meant trouble and ungracious. “The whole citizens threw a rampage and called out the royal for being so careless. Her highness got so much hate that the King had to apologize and send her here.” “Wow... I didn’t know that at all. I just heard that she did something but I didn’t know that.” Wendy proclaimed. “Where’s Kim Jennie?” Tiffany asked garnering everyone’s attention. Wendy sighed and turned around to see Tiffany scanning every table and it stopped at hers. “And Irene?” She added with a troubled eyes. “Well, she definitely brings trouble with her” Wendy said. “Did anyone see them?” “I saw them heading the other direction, Miss Tiffany.” Nayeon said. Tiffany didn’t say anything afterwards and just sat with some students and mingled. Soon, the foods arrived and Joy was delighted. “This is delicious!” Joy exclaimed and Wendy nodded, it was something new to what she ate always. Well, firstly she couldn’t afford these kinds of food. There went the thunder again, Joy didn’t flinch at all because she was so into the food. Soon, heavy raindrops were heard, the rain finally happened. “How are we supposed to head back?” Rose asked because none of them had umbrellas and no one wanted to drench in the heavy rain. “This is the exciting part, students. The reason why this place is the
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Done done done finally completed 262637 years later lol! Sorry for always vanishing but it’s been busy here! Also, I’m thinking of being more consistent with writing, thank you for everyone for reading and waiting for this to end! Another wenrene book on my list, go check it out!! :)
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