°Chapter 10

She Is Royalty
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•SHE IS ROYALTY• 10 “How should I kill her?” “Just so you know, I’m not involved.” Jennie said while shifting farther away from Irene, who had her eyes set at the poor oblivious hamster. “Why the is she touching Wendy!?” Irene growled while clenching that poor water bottle. Jennie regretted asking Irene to walk at their leisure period because now she had to see Irene’s wrath. A few days has passed after their confession and Irene can’t believe it’s real; its too good to be true. They had their grand party tomorrow, Irene had already chosen her outfit while Wendy still didn’t know what to wear, nor she had some decent party dress. She didn’t really think a party dress was necessary. “What’s that girl name?” Irene threw the crumbled water bottle into the trash bin and eyed her girlfriend, who had an awkward smile plastered while some girl tried touching her. “Sana” Irene has definitely heard that name here and there; and soon enough she connected the dots, Sana; infamous daughter of the famous Japanese businessman, also a big flirt. “Do you think they will find out if I kidnap her and throw her from my jet?” Irene looked at Jennie, who unconsciously gulped because she hasn’t seen this Irene for a long time; with evil dark eyes and a subtle smirk. “Don’t plot anything, let’s just go and attend our next class.” Jennie chose the escape route but Irene’s eyes almost popped out when Sana kissed Wendy in the cheek. “I...I need to call someone right now!” Irene hissed while walking away; her head aching due to excessive glaring and jealousness. She had to call people to kidnap that girl, how can she so recklessly kiss her Seungwan!? “Oh, someone will definitely die tonight.” Irene chuckled to herself while Jennie tried to ignore this massive black aura oozing from her; Jennie just wanted to run off to her cute crush but is afraid that Irene would change to a satan any moment. Wendy is happy; honestly, she felt blessed with everything. It was only few days but being with Irene felt as if it was meant to be, it felt real and warm. She wondered if Irene felt the same but her sweet and soft gaze would answer her thoughts. Irene definitely looked cute when all soft. “Give me a reason why you need it?” Sana winked at her while touching her arms, she felt uncomfortable being touched but she had to obey if she wanted the thing. “To sing...” Wendy softly said. “I know that, but for whom?” Sana smirked. “W-What do you mean for whom?!” “You’re blushing; I just wanna kiss you.” “What!?” Wendy shrieked but Sana just leaned and kissed her cheek, Wendy was stunned and only thought about how Irene would react if she had seen it. “You can take the guitar from the club but return it by Monday.” Sana gave her a flying kiss and walked away and Wendy could only nod and mumble a small ‘thank you’. Wendy didn’t plan things to turn out this way; the moment she entered her room, Irene was holding an axe while staring at her. What the actual ? “Uhm...are we going in a field trip or something, Joohyun?” Wendy nervously asked seeing how serious Irene looked, she slowly put down the acoustic guitar that she borrowed and made way to Irene, wanting a warm hug from the latter. “I’m committing a crime tonight.” Irene said in a hushed tone, and Wendy nodded, “Do you need my help?” “I do, Shon.” Irene gave a wicked smile. “I still have that black ugly cloak, it’s finally the time to wear them.” Wendy joked but Irene didn’t laugh or even twitch a muscle. “We need to kill Sana.” Irene is scary, Wendy blinked multiple times and waited for Irene to say ‘I’m joking’ but nothing came out from . “What did she do?” Irene held Wendy’s cheek and caressed it gently, “Only I can kiss you.” That made Wendy laugh, and Irene pouted shyly while looking away. “Stop laughing! How can she just kiss you there!?” Irene reasoned. “And YOU— you let it happen!?” Wendy couldn’t stop laughing, tears already rolling off from her eyes, “You’re so cute, Joohyun.” “I’m not! I want to go and use my axe already.” “How did you even get the ax— wait, never-mind that.” Wendy doesn’t question because it’s Irene; she can do anything. “So you’re the scary killer type when you get jealous.” Wendy chuckled, pulling the petite body into her and embracing it tightly. Irene’s fresh scent always calmed her and Wendy just sighs in content; Irene is just so beautiful. “No one will find out if I have my men dispose her body.” Irene muttered while getting comfortable in Wendy’s arms. “You’re basically a drama queen huh.” “I’m not!” “You are, a very dramatic and beautiful princess.” Irene just rolled her eyes while putting down the axe and finally hugging back Wendy with all her might, “But seriously, I didn't like it.” “Neither did I.” “So, can I get a kiss to make it up?” Irene asked. Wendy giggled but complied, how could she say no to kissing Irene? She isn’t that damn stupid, she pulled away and faced Irene, their eyes met making both of them blush but Irene’s ears started to turn pink too, Wendy had that much of an effect... They kissed, it wasn’t a peck but a deep passionate kiss while Irene got lost in the scene and Wendy just wanted to shout that Irene is the whole world to her. Slow and tender; their tongue danced perfectly and it would’ve gone to more if Irene hadn’t pulled away. “That was...” Irene breathe out, ears pink while her heart is beating so fast. “Amazing? I know, Taeyeon unnie used to tell me that I am a very good kisser...” Wrong choice of words and Wendy realized it later as she sees Irene pulling up her mysterious axe; a stone cold stare set towards her. “Who told you again?” “Uhm...put that axe down, Joohyun.” Calling out her name so sweetly with a pout made Irene stop and stare at her face, she gradually kept her axe down and smiled, “Don’t worry, its a fake axe.” “I don’t care if it’s fake! You were threatening my poor life.” Wendy dramatically said. “Shut up and move on.” Irene went to her side of the bed and jumped on, “so, what is it that Sana had business with you?” Wendy lights up, grabbing the guitar and moving beside Irene, “I had to ask her this guitar so I could play for you.” “You want to play for me?” Wendy nodded her head slightly, already overthinking if she overdid it or if Irene hated the idea, Irene seemed to figure out Wendy’s trail of thought so she subtly grabbed her band and rubbed it gently, “I just asked you because no one has ever said that to me, I...I just feel so loved.” “Cause you are worth loving, simple as that, Joohyun.” Irene gulped, smiling so big with slight pink on her cheeks; Wendy always knew what to say and how to say but it’s natural when it comes to her, she is just so honest which makes Irene melt everytime. “You always know what to say.” Time went by as Wendy sang for Irene, who has never been this happy and just seeing Wendy...is making her confident and so loved, its like her life does matter to someone. Irene gets teary eyed but
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Done done done finally completed 262637 years later lol! Sorry for always vanishing but it’s been busy here! Also, I’m thinking of being more consistent with writing, thank you for everyone for reading and waiting for this to end! Another wenrene book on my list, go check it out!! :)
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