° Chapter 8

She Is Royalty
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•SHE IS ROYALTY• 8 They were definitely in the flirting phase as Wendy would like to call it. In her defense, Irene is just so weirdly attractive, though she still lacked proper manner and would have to work on first impressions but as you get to know her, it just makes your heart warm. It had been few days since school started again and they’ve been busy with schoolworks most of the time. Wendy’s eyes travelled to every detail actions Irene was currently doing, means typing in her laptop, her legs bouncing lightly, her hair flawlessly tied in a ponytail, her eyes— “Are you done staring?” Wendy coughed, avoiding Irene’s ‘caught you’ look, she in no hell wanted to boost Irene’s big ego and let her have it in her way, “You’re hallucinating, I was just reading my book.” A small chuckle passed through Irene’s mouth as she diverted her eyes towards the math assignment she was dealing with, “Like I will believe, Shon” “I’m not asking you to believe me—I’m just telling the truth.” “You’re such a bad liar, incase you don’t know.” Irene softly said while working her brain to understand the ing stupid problem in her screen. She wanted to smash the laptop right there but was holding her anger. She tried it again in her notebook but still couldn’t solve it halfway, she groaned and focused again. “Having trouble?” Wendy asked seeing Irene’s beautiful doe eyes in distress. Wendy really needed to chill and not observe the latter too much. “I’m on the verge of throwing this laptop at Mr. Lee; he always shows up late and gives bunch of assignments.” Irene leaned back at her study chair with a heavy sigh. “Just admit that you lack some braincells.” Irene frowned at Wendy, who got out of her bed with a brazen smile(which Irene secretly found hot) and walked towards her study desk. “Should I help you?” She sat at Irene’s bed which was adjacent with the study desk, Irene stretched her arms, “I only have three problems left, it would be great if you do it all!” “Isn’t this taking advantage of my kindness?” Wendy questioned, with a not so innocent smile. “You offered to help, idiot” Irene stood up from her chair and went towards her closet to hunt down fresh clothes to change into before heading to bed. “What do I get in return?” Wendy was already seated in the chair, doing the assignments. It was definitely easy for her because heck, Wendy was very smart and she was proud of it, very much. “Nothing, I didn’t beg you to help me.” Irene sardonically said, giving Wendy a straight face. “Rude .” Wendy spoke indistinctly, Irene left to shower leaving the poor girl to do her left work. Honestly, Wendy enjoyed doing it, she completed it quickly too so she was just staring at Irene’s clean study desk which consisted of text books and purple pencils. “Is she obsessed with purple?” Wendy ask to no one in particular while scanning the purple pencils, it was fresh and new. Wendy could hear the sound of running water come to a halt, Irene must be done. She then counted from zero wondering how much time it would take for Irene to get dressed and come out. “22” Wendy mumbled once Irene came out, looking much more prettier and attractive. Wendy distracted herself so she couldn’t get caught staring at her again. “I already sent it to your professor via mail.” Wendy quickly said, moving to her own space, particularly jumping at her bed not wanting to look at Irene’s breathtaking face. “Thanks, you’re useful sometimes.” Irene walked to her bed and grabbed the hairdryer from her nightstand on the other side. She plugged it and quickly started to dry her wet hair. “Are you going to bed?” Irene asked Wendy, who was still trying her best to look at the ceiling rather than Irene. She didn’t want her heart to dysfunction because of Irene. “Obviously, genius.” “Didn’t you want something in return?” “I offered to help, you didn’t beg for me to help.” Wendy said imitating Irene. “Are you salty because of it?” Irene chuckled. “No, I’m not. I’m just sleepy.” “And here I thought of giving you a goodnight kiss.” Okay, Wendy’s eyes almost popped out, was the ceiling always so strikingly white like this? She then slowly gazed towards Irene, who was focused on drying her stupid perfect hair. “Stop joking.” Irene caught Wendy’s eyes and gave her a soft look before saying, “Do you want it?” “S-Shut up! Goodnight!” Wendy covered herself with the blanket. How the heck is Irene so calm about it? Wendy was panicking, gay panicking...her heart really was about to dysfunction if Irene keeps on messing like that. “Goodnight” “Seungwan” “Is flirting her middle name?” Wendy whispered to herself while closing her eyes tightly, hoping the dark to take her completely but her own heartbeat’s sound made her stay awake the whole night that day. “Why do they have to announce some important stuff while gathering everyone in the freaking morning?” Irene scowled while lining up in the hall beside Jennie. “Beats me, they should’ve just chosen someone to pass it to every students. Gossips can stretch out very fast.” Jennie yawned, she was awake the whole night helping her brainless roommate Lisa to complete her assignments. “Wendy! Don’t you ing pass out on me!” Irene looked at Joy’s direction who was yanking Wendy because that girl looked dead, bags under her eyes and very much stressed out. Didn’t she sleep earlier than her last night? “In a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like Wendy?” “Where did that come from?” Irene asked Jennie who was grinning. “Come on, you had hearts all over your stupid eyes while watching her.” “You’re overstating.” “I am not, you’re just too obvious, your highness.” “I—it’s 7 as of now.” Jennie held her laugh but couldn’t help it when Irene was looking elsewhere with that shy face which only occurred once in a blue moon. “Only 7?” “We’re not talking about it.” Irene stated, more over commanded. “And also about Seul—” “That name is off limits in front of me.” Irene secretly glanced at Wendy who was laughing at what Joy had said. As if sensing the gaze, Wendy turned to look and met Irene’s eyes, giving her a smile and sticking her tongue out after mouthing ‘I-D-I-O-T’ “Who the is she calling an idiot?” Irene rolled her eyes while murmuring. “You. Who else?” Jennie answered wanting to piss of Irene because it was always the best thing to do. Irene was ready to beat the out of Jennie when Tiffany arrived in her black and white attire. “Good-morning, ladies!” She said into the mic very excitedly. “I am here to inform you that, after 2 weeks we will hold a grand celebration within ourselves. It’s from the head of the school for you guys to enjoy before the midterms.” Tiffany said, smiling stunningly. “You guys can couple up with anyone, it’s not mandatory to partner with your roommate this time! Think of it as a prom night!!! Best couple will get a day off to enjoy the island and eat dinner at the famous tree house restaurant here!” All of the students started to chatter once Tiffany left the hall, this was very exciting for all of them. Party and coupling up? Very much fun. “You want to partner up with me?” Jennie asked, they had always been with each other since they were kids so it was obvious for Irene to agree. Also, she disliked other people, more reason for her to accept Jennie but her eyes made its way towards Wendy again. She couldn’t describe this unsettling feeling as she breathed nervously, “I’ll think about it?” Jennie snorted, “Please just admit that you want to go with Wendy, .” “I’m not admitting it” Irene turned around and walked away to her own room, her mind filled with mindless thoughts about ways to partner up with Wendy. It was always a rule to partner up with the roommate and now? Why the change? Irene was getting furious more and more because like this, it is difficult for her to ask Wendy to tag along. “It will make me look like a loner!” Irene cursed at the school system’s stupid sudden change, wanting to crawl in her bed and take a nap but unfortunately for her, she had classes in exact 15 minutes. It had been few days since Wendy couldn’t have a chat with Irene and their time didn’t sync at all. Irene was grouped up for some presentation so she was mostly out at her teammates dorm and had been sleeping there so Wendy could sleep peacefully. But Wendy didn’t know that was the reason, she was losing her mind right now thinking of possible theories on why Irene hasn’t been sleeping at their room. “Maybe she heard your fart.” Joy seriously said, munching on her breakfast that fine weekend. “You are not helping, Joy.” Wendy tiredly said, she had been waiting for Irene every night but.... “I know she has this project going on but does she really have to sleepover? She has her own personal bed...” Wendy added, groaning with frustration while stabbing the poor egg forcefully. “She’s sleeping with Jeongyeon.” Jihyo, who had been quiet finally spoke not wanting Wendy to harm any of the soulless egg. “,” Joy ily said with a wink. Jihyo shoo
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Done done done finally completed 262637 years later lol! Sorry for always vanishing but it’s been busy here! Also, I’m thinking of being more consistent with writing, thank you for everyone for reading and waiting for this to end! Another wenrene book on my list, go check it out!! :)
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