Ready To Run

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With both parents dead in a tragic car crash, Kim Sarang is left without no home to return to. The only choice laid before her is to marry the successful Oh Sehun in exchange of a roof above her head. And with him, come his two daughters that she is to take care of.

Now, that might sound easy—
but not when he is a walking stone to start with
and his elder daughter hates the new mother to the bones.

Oh Sehun, Kim Sarang





"Why do you want to get married?" Sarang asked.

He squinted his eyes at something on his phone's screen. Sarang wondered if he had even heard her. "I need someone to take care of the girls. I'm not always home. Mom doesn't trust babysitters." He said all of that looking down at his phone. Sarang felt so small and so very unwanted.

"So anyone would work?" Sarang asked again with a slight arch of her brows.

He nodded, his face void of any expression. No wonder he had agreed on marrying her. "So let me make this clear, Mr. Oh," she gathered her stern voice. The sourness in wasn't yet gone. She could bet her eyes were still puffy. That is what happens when you cry every night.

To her utter surprise, he locked his phone, keeping it away before looking straight at her. Sarang held his gaze in her hazel orbs. "I'm only to take care of your daughters. Nothing less, nothing more. Once I get my house back, I'll leave."

He shrugged, "Whatever floats your boat. I just want my kids to be looked after." Sarang couldn't help but smile a little. She had never thought the deal would be so easy.

"Um, Hi," Sarang darted her gaze at the little girl standing right by the lady, holding onto her Grandma's skirt with a confused look on her face. Sarang smiled at her, "I'm Sarang."

"Sarang," she repeated after her. Her jutted lips turned to a smile, a little one, nonetheless a smile. Sarang sighed, inaudibly. The little ponytails hung by her head, like coconut trees on either side. Chubby cheeks and a little nose, bright eyes with eyelashes longer than Sarang could imagine; Minji was very beautiful, even though only three. "Sarang," she pointed at her. Sarang smiled, looking at her little finger, "Minji," she then pointed at herself. Sarang chuckled. Cute.

The older lady seemed to have enjoyed the little act too. She patted Minji's head, "Not Sarang, princess. This is your new Mommy."

"Do you want anything specific for breakfast?" Sarang inquired in a sweet voice, coated with sugar and honey yet she didn't even bat her eyelashes. "Minhye?"

"What can you even cook?" She answered with a question. Sarang stared at the twelve year old girl sitting on the couch, watching cartoon with blasting noise, yet tried to smile, "Are you planning on poisoning me to death?"

"You're very funny, Minhye," Sarang's smile fell. A frown replaced it.

"Aren't you here for my Dad's money?" Minhye turned the television off, a smirk decorating her pretty face. Sarang blinked at the question thrown at her, "Quit playing Mom."

"You play Mommy well," She heard Joohyun's voice again, "How about wife? Do you play that role well too?"


"I think that's for me to judge."

Sarang sighed at the voice. Relief flooded her body as she turned to face the person at the door. Her eyes met Sehun's calculating ones. He darted his eyes away from her to Minhye and then settled on Joohyun. "Why are you here?" His voice was laced with ice, Sarang hadn't heard much of that tone these days.

"You know why, Sehun," Joohyun stood her ground. "Why are you doing this? You think I'm buying this stupid marriage?"

"I wish you looked at me sometimes too."

"Sehun--" He placed a finger on her trembling lips, pressing their foreheads together. 

"It's either you say it or I say it. We both feel the same." He mumbled against her lips, waiting for her to melt like she always did in his arms. Her warmth seeped through the material of his shirt as he hugged her close, hand tightening around her wrist.

"I'll say it," Sarang murmured. "I'm leaving," she queezed her eyes shut, "so live well, Oh Sehun."

"Then I'll come with you."

"Are you crazy?"

"No, I'm just ready to run," he sighed.

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