Ready To Run
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"Look at that one...see, it's like your diaper."

Minhye held in her laughter while listening to her father point at the white clouds and speak to a very sleepy Misun who probably just wanted him to shut up but didn't know the words. "And that one looks like a flower, right, Misun?" The little girl in his lap only nodded with a hum.

"Dad, let her sleep," Minhye helped her sister out with this one. 

"I guess," he mumbled before placing a smooching kiss on Misun's apple like cheek. Misun smiled with the two of her front teeth showing. Out of instincts, Minhye gently pulled at her cheek, chuckling along. Her baby sister was like a fluffy ball of sunshine, so soft. "Is my Misun sleepy..." Sehun asked in his singy songy voice. It was still so weird to hear it, for Minhye, to hear these extreme changes in his father. She wasn't jealous that he was never there to do stuff like these when she was little. She was rather happy that her father was truly a father now. And that Misun will not miss out on his love. 

Misun only blinked before wordlessly snuggling into his arms while making baby noises. Minhye watched with a pout. Maybe she should be carrying Misun now that the plane was afloat in the sky? Why won't her parents let her carry Misun? She already missed her soft body curling against her own. Oh, such a blissful feeling. "Dad, give her to me," she tried, extending her arms.

But Sehun shook his head, "You should get some sleep too. Come here," with one arm, he brought the girl closer. But Minhye wriggled out of his hold with a whine. "Hee, what's wrong?" Minhye wasn't expecting this tone from him. Rather, she was expecting something like Hee, don't throw a tantrum here! but her father appeared so anxious. Of course, she remembered, they were treating her like she was the most fragile these days. But she was fine, really. 

"I'm fine, Dad," she assured him before resting her head on his arm. "Was...this really necessary?"

"We talked about this, baby."

"I really don't need Paris to cheer me up after a stupid breakup, Dad."

He went silent. Only his large hand wrapped around her small one as he sighed without any words. "It's not Paris," he said, "It's us, all of us, that you need, no matter how small the problem is."

Minhye smiled at the thought. Paris was an excuse to stay away from the work waiting at his desk, so that he could be with the four of them in peace. She was excited, as she had never been there before, so was her mother while Minji and Misun were rather clueless as to what was happening. "I know, you just want to spend time with Mom," she father.

He rolled his eyes, "How do you think that's possible?"

"I'll help you," Minhye nodded with an encouraging smile. "I'll take care of Misun and Minji, promise. You can go on a nice date. Mom likes flowers. Take some pictures too!" She was so excited, she didn't realize she was yelling at her father. Sehun only faintly smiled at the idea before shrugging. "What? You don't want to go on a date with her?"

Sehun was patting Misun's back as she slept. It stopped. "Leaving you three behind is not something your Mom will ever do."

"What if I convince her?"

"We'll be worried. It won't be a nice date," he answered. "It's fine, darling. We're fine as long as you all are in front of our eyes. Don't pout."

"You're no fun," Minhye grumbled under her breath before looking the other way at her mother and Minji. They were playing a game on the tablet. If she convinced her mother, her father will not be able to say no to it, that was for sure. While thinking about how she could get her parents to go on a nice peaceful date, she slmuped into her seat and watched the two of them laugh at the features of the game. While staring, she felt her eyes grow heavy. Before long, she fell asleep.



"Hmm, whom are we stalking today?"

Minhye burst out laughing before looking over her shoulder at Sarang. The tablet fell from her hand to her lap but the screen stayed on, displaying someone's social media account.  "Mom, you scared me," she pushed it off without a regard and leaned against her mother's shoulder with a sigh. She had taken a shower just now and her hair smelled of strawberries. Sarang curled her arm around Minhye's waist, still laughing.


"So what?"

"The view is so cool, right?" Sarang drawled, rocking Minhye side to side like a baby. But Minhye knew that wasn't what she wanted to ask. After the long ride, they were no sitting in the sun that splashed into their hotel room through the large windows. 

"Mom," she called out, "I'm fine."

Sarang fondly cupped her cheeks and pressed a kiss on the tip of her nose. "I know you are. That's why I'm not asking."

"I can't be sad when I have all of you with me right here, right?" Minhye asked. Sarang nodded. "But there's one thing..." 

Sarang's shoulders immediately curled up. Eyes anxious, she moved the hair out of her daughter's face. "What is it?"

"You have to promise me you'll do it," the girl opens her palm to her mother and Sarang hesitantly puts her own palm down on it, clasping the hand. "You can't say no," Minhye's voice reduced to a whisper. Sarang hummed, confused, yet going along with it. "Go on a date with Dad."


"What oh?"

"We're only here for a week, let's all be together wherever we go," Sarang avoided looking into her daughter's eyes,

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