it's a nice thing to upvote

Okay, I hope it's pretty clear what I am going to talk about. I am going to talk about the first button from the left underneath the story title or chapter title. It's the upvote button. And I'm also going to talk about the consequences of pressing it and not pressing it. I hope you will read until the end.


As we know, the upvote button is pressed by any reader who likes the story enough to do this extra work. Unlike the social media like button, this upvote button actually carries a lot of weight to the content creators of AFF. For this upvote, an author needs to provide readers with quality work--and this is the most important, or the writer has to have friends on this website who love them too much to not upvote all their stories (i'm talking about my friends hehe). Upvote is a big measure for stories in AFF. 


Okay, now that we have the definition of upvotes out of the way, let's plunge into what I want to say to my fellow readers. I've been in this site for two years now, and I am quite active in both reading and writing (tho i've been going through a writer's block these days). I have friends in this site who have passed their fifth year in AFF and they tell me that AFF used to be such a thriving place for readers and writers and now...well, it is quite dead. Writers don't have all that motivation to publish a new chapter, readers aren't really keen on expressing their thoughts on the stories, etc. There is basically really less interaction.


Sometimes, readers forget to verify their accounts. Or they just don't want to. I'm here to read for myself, why'd I do the extra work? Honey, that is a very nice way to think about the situation. Of course, in this world, you'll live for yourself, don't do the extra work to make another happy. You sure are here for your own enjoyment, but who is giving you that? Writers. So please make sure that you appreciate the creator of your enjoyment and verify your account to vote them up. 


It might sound like I'm talking to silent readers at this moment, I most probably am, I just think there should be some kind of way they want to tell the authors that they are doing a good job if not with words. And AFF really makes that easy by including that upvote button in not only one spot, but two spots! Their silence gets too eerie sometimes. It makes a writer feel like they are sitting in the middle of a circle of mean people. When I have a story with 2000+ subs but only 20 people bother to upvote after the eleventh chapter yet all the 2000+ people view that chapter, it becomes a little weird. Upvoting is not just a number, it really emphasizes that the writing is good. That truly boosts the writers and sparks motivation in them as they now know that one more person is looking forward to that story of theirs that they have spent days on planning and writing and polishing. Remember your silence can mean that you're not saying anything because you don't like the content. Authors get mixed signals all the time. Some stop because of that. 


As a writer myself (even though i quite at it T__T), I have seen subscribers hop from one story of mine to another story of mine and to another, but don't bother to vote. I crave to know what they thought about my stories but they are busy tending after themselves, not trying to understand that my writing is giving them a worthwhile time. I just don't get it, you don't have to be a writer yourself to appreciate other writers. I upvote every good story I come across. Before a writer, I was a reader and I still am a reader. I always want to make my authors happy, with a vote or with plenty comments. I want them to know that whatever time I had spent reading their stuff, I felt very good and that I owe it to them. 


Most times, readers forget about upvoting. That is not nice. Again, I know you're reading for your own enjoyment but appreciating the source of your enjoyment is something you're supposed to do as a human. Forgetting makes you very ignorant, not wanting to give karma points to author makes you very stingy and all of this makes the writers think that maybe they should just stop. No one bothers anymore. I've felt like that a lot. It's not a good feeling at all.


Also, in a place where the worth of your story is based on how many upvotes it gets, it is difficult to not focus on the numbers. There are options that list stories of one tag from most upvoted to least upvoted. Now, would you want your story to be in the end of the list, given people only ready the first ten or fifteen from the list? It might mean that your story isn't good enough regarding the plot lines, characters, all that writing stuff, etc. but it can also mean that your readers are not very appreciative of you. In either cases, it's not your fault! You just need a little more practice with writing OR you just need better readers. 


Writing is not complete without reading. So readers, you must understand the weight of it on your shoulders. Upvote the good stories as long as you can. Your one upvote can save one writer from leaving this site. If you didn't upvote that one story you liked in the past, there is a possibility that you will go back and discover that the writer has deactivated or deleted that story. There are many many many reason for a writer to deactivate. But one of the many reasons is not enough appreciation of their hard work. So, you get what I'm saying, right? The upvote button is underneath the title on the very left and there's another one under the chapter text. In case you didn't know where the options are, now you do!  




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ahhhhhh omg agree with this so much!
This is exactly how I feel. It seems that many Jongkey writers have started to disappear or have gone inactive, and I love writing about Jongkey...but I would hate to leave as well. I would love to know if my readers really liked what I am doing. I put a lot of thought and effort into my stories just for people to say nothing, l feel like I’m wasting my time or I should just keep the stories to myself. And I too see subscribers that subscribe to 2 or more of
my stories but never say anything. It’s very discouraging and unmotiving to the point that that was one of the reasons I went on hiatus on Aff for a year and a half.
I am so sorry about this. I was actually trying figure out how to upvote but it keeps saying i dont have any karma points. I really dont know how to get karma points but i just found out recently that by commenting you can gain some karma points. Im just so used of being a silent reader thats why i am deeply sorry about not commenting on your --not just yours but all-- stories that ive enjoyed.
That may all be true, but I understand that some people like to read through what they consider good writing or plotline and upvote and comment on them at the very end. I do that myself a lot as well, if I'm being honest.

Still, the whole upvote system here on AFF is a wholly unfair when some Fics take a long while to get upvoted.

I think that they should have it set up to it automatically Features a story once it meets a set number of upvoted. Old or present. In order to make it even more fair.

In this way even more Fics can be Featured, because when you go under Featured Stories on AFF, you will that not even 0.00000000000000001% of Fics are Featured on this website. To which is one of the main reasons that a lot of writers have given up on this website.
I read all of this blog post and I must admit I ended up quite stirred with emotions since I agree with all of it. Appreciation or feedback does a lot of help and the desire to get your story out there is something all authors want. Upvoting means a lot in this site. I'd like to share this feed to get this out there. Thank you for taking your time in writing this!
now isnt this so true, i totally agree!!! as a new writer myself, i can say it is very demotivating with the lack of response and i just feel like whats the point in writing when i dont know if its any good :/ but the responses and upvotes i do get mean so much to me T_T
I had a phase here in AFF where I started to unsub readers in one of my fics (Lucifer's First Love) because of the disparity b/w the views, comments and upvotes. I was very disheartened bec many of them were reading but not a lot of them left comments or gave an upvote. I started to doubt myself and things got really bad when I voiced out how I really felt and I received comments that my writing wasnt even that good hahahaha. It was bloody awful that I swore to myself that I wont write exo fics anymore.

Fast forward to today, I have learned to simply be happy by knowing the fact that someone is reading my story. But of course, receiving an upvote always make me smile. Sometimes tho, I feel kinda envious of other authors who get featured in a blink of an eye. I mean, I've been in this site for years and that is still a far-fetched dream for me. I even considered writing those fics that tend to receive many upvotes (Like ) but in the end I couldnt do it bec I rarely read those kind of fics (I have nothing but pure respect for others, it's just that I dont prefer to read them). Hence, I decided that I will stay true to myself, write what I want to write, block people I wanna block and do things the way I want to.

Albeit I'm happy with the amount of readers, upvotes and comments can make authors feel giddy and loved. I hope readers can take their time to express how much they love a certain story and how much they appreciate an author.

Thanks for this the_wylde and apologies for the lengthy comment. Keep safe!
I think all of the people who upvote my stories mostly consist of my aff friends. It's so seldom for me to get an upvote from a reader. It's not really that important to me but I hope I could get more response from readers so thank you for posting this. Well said !
This is well said. Thank you so much from the authors side 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻
i don't read as many stories on aff since my main platform is ao3, but i also am affected by it one way or another. i mean, on ao3 you even see who gave kudos and what i like about ao3 is the possibility to also do that as a guest without an account. but i never understood why people don't feel like upvoting, i mean, it's less work than even giving a comment, and i most surely give an upvote esp. when i don't leave a comment. tbh honest, sometimes i even give upvotes when the story wasn't up to par with my standard, but i won't to give the author some form of acknowledgement. but yeah, guess people aren't as easy.
i've been on platforms before where you happened to be on the front page relatively often but due to yourself being on the front page, people just like the blog and scroll further down. and that feels even worse, esp. since at some püeople you could even see how many people had visited your blog by actually clicking on it and seeing 200 likes, but only 45 people read the blog and 2 even commented makes it even worse. fortunately, they removed the feature, because hell, that was depressing.
but yeah, giving an upvote is minimal work but still can mean a lot to an author.
This explains my feelings a lot even though sometimes I feel like a very bad person when I think like this. It seems like I'm not alone. Also, rose, the way you put it makes me not feel guilty of having such sentiments regarding this issue. I am very grateful for everything my readers have given me. But there is one story of mine, completed, where there are 2000+subbies but it seems only one out of ten people like it. That makes me feel really insecure. I don't know what the nine people out of ten think about my writing. I am so clueless and it's very demotivating. Thank you for writing this blog. I hope through the blog, readers will at least try to understand
I do understand that the upvote can be done only when we have an email verified here. But I do see many readers who have done that, yet they chose not to do a simple act of clicking a small arrow. It is totally disheartening. To an author there is no big reward than their readers' comments or upvotes. It breaks a small part of me every time I see a new subscriber but not an upvote, nor a comment. I seriously pray that they are at least a tiny bit more considerate and interacting....