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The World Set Free by H. G Wells (1914). Prelude: The Sun Snarers.

 "Eh!" said the youngster. "Eh!"

He seemed to wake up at last out of his entrancement, and the red sun was there before his eyes. He stared at it, at first without intelligence, and then with a gathering recognition. Into his mind came a strange echo of that ancestral fancy, that fancy of a Stone Age savage, dead and scattered bones among the drift two hundred thousand years ago.

"Ye auld thing," he said—and his eyes were shining, and he made a kind of grabbing gesture with his hand; "ye auld red thing. . . . We'll have ye yet."

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to quote my cousin: "we're closer to the forty than we are to ten."

team rare ships.

exo ot9 shipping bingo 18 (+/-) out of 36.  excel formula for an ot9 ship generator with five results and no duplicates.

excel sheets for my prompts and an excessive timeline scatter chart on excel.

meticulous layout-ing, formatting.

handwritten notes for stories, but no bullet journaling, very neat handwriting to a doctor's signature.

ba student aesthetics / history.

autumn colours, rust, bordeaux, mustard, canary yellow, forest green, dark green, black, (gold for arts).


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