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c a n d y

reader. writer.

nctvelvet collection: "in the name of love", "strange bedfellows", and "the years of our circus". masterlist here.

spent my life between singapore, jakarta and los angeles.

sment ot6: johnny, jaehyun, seulgi, wendy, yuta, jungwoo. but also a big fan of mark, irene, taeil, lucas.

k-actor/actress biases: baek jinhee, lee soohyuk, lee kiwoo, kim woobin, lee jongsuk, kim jiwon, lee sungkyung.

aff besties: bee & emily <3

About Me

the ultimate ot6:

johnny suh, jeong jaehyun, kang seulgi, wendy son, kim jungwoo, nakamoto yuta



the kdrama otp:

lee soohyuk / baek jinhee