meet me halfway

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“Love is the whole thing. We are only pieces.”



Seven college friends reconnect after five years and find themselves at very different points of life. Some are moving on, some haven’t grown up, and some are standing still, at the intersection of the past and future.

Kang Seulgi is a sharp, no-nonsense, twenty-eight-year-old management consultant in Seoul. She’s neither here nor there ― she doesn’t live for her work à la Kim Jungwoo, her college best friend and fellow workaholic, but she isn’t her twin brother, Kang Doyoung’s, version of a hopeless, marriage-dreaming romantic either.

A college reunion and a series of strange events reconnects Seulgi with her college roommates Wendy Son and Nakamoto Yuta, her first love Johnny Suh, and her friend― Acquaintance? She doesn’t know how to categorize him, but she somehow also gets involved with the handsome, free-spirited Jung Jaehyun.

The seven of them soon discover that time is overrated, years don’t change people, changes don’t bring answers, and life is never quite as we expect it.



main characters


Kang Seulgi. 28. Management consultant at Daehwa Consulting.



Jung Jaehyun. 28. Chef at Le Bourbon.



Kim Jungwoo. 28. Management consultant at Daehwa Consulting.



Johnny Suh. 28. Investment banker at First Bank.



Nakamoto Yuta. 28. Marketing manager at Artemis Beauty.



Wendy Son. 28. Assistant recruitment manager at Artemis Beauty.



Kang Doyoung. 28. Bank teller at First Bank.



supporting cast


Kang Haechan. 25. Investment banker at First Bank. Doyoung and Seulgi’s younger brother.

Jung Soojung. 29. Investment banker at First Bank. Jaehyun’s older sister.

Shin Ryujin. 25. Bartender at Le Bourbon. Jaehyun’s colleague and friend.



Irene Bae. 30. Homemaker. Johnny’s wife.

Nakamoto Aeri. 24. Lifestyle Youtuber. Yuta’s younger sister.

Park Sooyoung. 28. Fashion model. Seulgi’s friend and Doyoung’s ex-girlfriend.



Jane Suh. 4. Johnny and Irene's daughter.

Nicholas Suh. 2. Johnny and Irene's son.







authors' notes



Hi everyone!

I’ve been wanting to write a slice-of-life/marriage!au for the longest time but I’ve always been struggling with the concept / flow and I’m so glad to have found a friend and co-author who I know will make the entire journey so much better! Bee and I have actually been talking about writing a story for the longest time, and it’s only now that we’ve finally found a theme that can encompass all of our interests while being both real and relatable.

The story follows seven college friends who reconnect several years after they’d graduated from college. Some kept in close contact, some didn’t, but now they’re brought back together by a series of fateful events. This story follows their day-to-day lives, their problems, their relationships, as they try to navigate through adulthood while still being in this weird in-between. The whole “meet me halfway” represents this strange period when you’re between youth and adulthood, where you’re supposed to have things figured out but you’re not yet there. It represents the struggles, but also the beauty of self-discovery.

Some logistics: There are seven main characters, but we found it easier to have Seulgi as the connecting factor. But all seven main characters will have their unique problems and stories, which will intertwine in interesting ways. Some names have also been changed to accommodate the plot:

  • Doyoung will be Kang Doyoung, as he’ll be Seulgi’s twin brother in the story
  • Haechan will be Kang Haechan, as he’ll be Seulgi and Doyoung’s younger brother
  • Giselle will be Nakamoto Aeri, as she’ll be Yuta’s younger sister
  • Child actress Heo Jungeun will play Jane Suh, Johnny and Irene’s older daughter
  • Child actor Kim Kanghoon will play Nicholas Suh, Johnny and Irene’s younger son

There are a few more supporting characters we will introduce at a later stage, as we want to keep the surprise.

We’re so SO excited to present this story to you, and we really hope you’ll enjoy it. Comments and upvotes would be really appreciated - feel free to let either of us know how we’re doing!

- C



Hey guys ♥ !

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Thanks to Candy, I am able to come back with a story that I am already very much proud of. Since this is my first attempt at co-authoring, please look over our story with a forgiving eye. In exchange, I can vouch for the wholesome journey that it will be.

I've always wanted to write a long story, but god forbid - I never managed to extend my creativity into anything concrete. "Meet Me Halfway" however, holds such a relatable and beautiful theme that all I can wholeheartedly promise is that I will do my best on this new adventure. Adult relationships take more complex depths than what anyone is prepared for, but the essence of life is navigating through those ties - holding past lessons learned close to one's heart whilst heading to one's next endeavours. Please join the journey of our main characters in this slice-of-life marriage!au story which will keep the realism of family, friendship, romance and everything else at heart.

Thank you all in advance for entrusting us. I hope that you all enjoy the ride. As always feedback is more than welcomed throughout it all.

Love always,



Main poster and also forewords poster credits to the amazing Alis, who has this amazing poster shop - BEEB gfx, please check her out!


"We accept the love we think we deserve." 

― Stephen Chbosky


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minhoyyuri24 #1
Chapter 1: Please update soon ❤️❤️
2534 streak #2
Chapter 1: OOF, right from the start, we're getting DRAMA and I feel so bad for Doyoung already, even though I know nothing about his relationship with Sooyoung. ^^; It's never easy when you go through a break-up, especially when it's as seemingly unexpected as this. But highkey, this is giving me flashbacks to uni, because my college roommate went through something VERY smilar to this, LOOOOOL. She and the guy she was dating never ended up on the same page when it came to their budding relationship, so lots of nasty friendship-breaking drama ensued afterwards and I hope that neither Doyoung and Sooyoung end up going through that for their sakes. OTL But oooh, Wendy and Yuta are a couple here!! Super cute and I already love their dynamic, HAHA. And of course, Jaehyun is here and I'm so excited to learn about his connection to Seulgi, hehe. x] And WOW, the Kang siblings' dynamic is so chaotic and I am LIVING for it, HAHA. Especially Haechan and Doyoung getting under each other's skin, LOOOOOL. XD Poor Doyoung seems to be the soft, sensitive sibling out of the three while Seulgi is the mature, no-nonsense lady we all love. :')

And her friendship with Jungwoo is awesome and so much fun as well!! :D There are some people in life who just stick with you, no matter what, and I love that they're lifelong comrades who playfully banter with each other like this. ^^ Also, part of me lowkey relates to Jungwoo's comments about someone else being in my house and touching my stuff, LOOOOOOOL. My space is kinda my sanctuary and not just anyone can be allowed in. :') And I've always wondered if a "let's get married by 30 if neither of us are in a relationship by then" type of deal actually works out the way people expect it to. :P

But oof, Johnny looks like a mess and I highkey relate to that feeling of perpetual exhaustion. OTL There's just not enough time in the day to do everything that's needed and everything that's also wanted. >____> But GAH, the way Jaehyun appeared in front of Seulgi unleashed the butterflies over here as well and OH MY, they've been meeting up like this for six months now?! I'M SO CURIOUS TO KNOW HOW THIS CAME TO BE AND WHAT THEIR CURRENT STATUS IS AND HOW THEY'RE FEELING AND JUST EVERYTHING!! Also, poor Doyoung, this sad and clueless child. :')
Mistycal #3
Omgomg the cast thoo
Chapter 1: Ooh! I enjoyed this chapter! I'd surely look our for this story!
Congrats on the main page ad bid feature!
Chapter 1: hey! im really enjoying this, definitely a lot more lighthearted, and so damn entertaining bahahaha. what i love most is seulgi and her brothers, hahahaha
really can't wait to see more. thanks for the really enjoyable update!!
Every time I see an ad for your story I'm like "Please, please, finish the ones you left hanging too." LOL.
Congratulations on winning the bid.
Congratulations on this new endeavor too.
Congratulations on the bid
candypark #9
Chapter 1: phew, that was a strong opening if I may say! I notice that in every story you wrote, Seulgi's character is always a sharp and no-nonsense person who's doing so well independently. This portrayal followed me wherever I read another Seulgi's fanfic lolol, so it's kinda weird to have Seulgi character in contrasting traits. Ahh alsoo I like the Pina Colada metaphor as the title, the plot running exactly like how Pina Colada tastes; sour at first but got sweeter towards the end. I can taste the warm n sweet rum in the Jaeseul scene, it's so fitting!

Expected this to be a more comical and laid-back version of adulthood story. Way to go Candy and Bee! <3