no love lost

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“It's amazing how someone can break your heart and you can still love them with all the little pieces.”

Ella Harper


They meet in college a driven law student and a wealthy, good-for-nothing truant. Over the next ten years, they fall in love and out of love, over and over again, until they realize perhaps there's no love lost ― perhaps, just perhaps.




Oh Sehun. 20-30.


Kim Jinhee (OC). 20-30.




1. Ending Scene – IU

2. 11:11 – Taeyeon

3. Always in My Heart – Joy & Seulong

4. What Do I Call You Now – Taeyeon

5. All of My Life – Park Won




no love lost
Pairings: Oh Sehun X OC
Characters: Sehun X OC
Genre/AU: college!au, first love!au, growing up!au
Warnings : None
Author's note:
 Hi everyone! So I've always wanted to write a story about like the anatomy of a relationship, kind of like breaking down a relationship through the years type of thing, or at least just two people and how they interact ala "One Day". I wanted to have a story about love and loss and fate - just about how you meet that one person you never forget. So this story will be short, probably 4-5 long chapters, but will span 10 years. Not sure how I'll do it yet but I'll probably spend a month or so writing it. To Din, I know angst may not always be your cup of tea but hopefully this story touches your heart and hopefully you enjoy it! I wanted to write you something sassy and spunky (enemies to lovers, which I know you love to hate and hate to love) but also with a touch of my own style of angst and heartbreak. Thank you for making my time here at AFF lively and colorful. Love, your Number Two Fan (because Number One is Aru), Candy.
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