strange bedfellows

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Title: strange bedfellows

Genre: Friendship, Romance, Family

Ratings: All ages


"He's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same."

– Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights


They met in their teens, in the middle of some dingy practice studio, surrounded by cotton-candy clouds hanging in some tawdry blue sky.

They could have been better off as they were – trainees, schoolmates, colleagues, competitors, stars, friends, semi-in-laws, but somewhere down the line, they decide to be lovers, and try to make it work.


us and them

(Year 2025 - they age as the story progresses)


Kang Seulgi (31) & Jeong Jaehyun (28)



Johnny Suh (30) & Wendy Son (31) = Suh Youngran (2)

Kai Kim (31) & Krystal Jung (31) 

Oh Sehun (31) & Irene Bae (34) = Oh Sungwoo (3) & Oh Eunjoo (1)



supporting cast


Doyoung & Joy 


Zhou Mi & Victoria = Zhou Huiling

Baekhyun & Taeyeon = Byun Minhyuk & Byun Minsu

Kyuhyun & Seohyun = Cho Seonjung & Cho Yeonjung

Eunhyuk & Hyoyeon

Onew & Tiffany = Blaire Lee

Minho & Yuri

Henry & Sunny = Julien Lau & Danielle Lau



       Main OSTs - I Like Me Better - Jaehyun's Cover & Like Water - Wendy

1. Me After You - Paul Kim

2. Make It Right - BTS ft. LAUV

3. Day 1 - Honne

4. Bunny - Baek Yerin

5. How Will I Know - Sam Smith's Cover

6. Somebody Like You - Keith Urban

7. Try Again - D.ear & Jaehyun

8. Future - Red Velvet

9. Coming Home - NCT 127



author's note


Hello readers!

Apologies for all the writes and rewrites. I know a lot of you missed "If SMTown Moved On..." so I decided to bring you guys through memory lane a little. (Notice all the names, the kids, especially of the supporting cast!) But if you enjoyed ISMO, this one will be vastly different! 

As you know, I have quite a lot of stories, and way too many ideas. This one will serve as my brainchild of sorts, where I will write short chapters with short moments of a lot of thoughts that I have. Things may seem disjointed at times, but it's because it'll be more of snippets of real life, of our main characters in all their subtlety. 

So I've recently been a huge Jaehyun/Seulgi shipper for some weird reason, LOL. As usual, I love my crackships. I plan to showcase the ups, the downs, the fluff, the angst, the quiet, the noisy, everything. The story doesn't have a tone, which is why it's kind of experimental in many ways. I want it to be reflective of real life, where there is just a mishmash of everything. I also really have been wanting to write some Johnny/Wendy, Kai/Krystal and Sehun/Irene, which I think will serve as awesome contrasts to support Jaehyun/Seulgi. And of course our SMTown family with all their noise <3

Also in terms of divisions, it won't be all just purely Jaehyun/Seulgi! There are 4 main couples for a reason! I will give the other couples loads of screentime and individual scenes as well, kind of like ISMO in that sense.

Most chapters will be short, but updates will be frequent. I designed this story such that it's easier for me to update without overthinking, LOL! But yes, long chapters will come whenever I deem necessary! (I ambitiously want to update this once a day because how hard can it be to write one scene a day... But well, I mean, you really never know right. Huhuhuhu, or at least try to write really, really often.)

Important note: This story will take place over the span of 10-15 years. Exactly how many I haven't decided, but definitely >10 years. So it will really follow many relationships as they evolve over time! Things will definitely change a lot and I want to show you how our characters grow over a long period of time. So don't think falling in love = end of story! Love, relationships, marriage etc will all have its brand of challenges that I plan to explore in the story.

I hope this story will bring you a lot of warmth & love!


Dedicated to @luv_kero who's supported me for so many years - I've tried to do your pairings!

also guys please follow me on Twitter @colorme_candy for regular updates or just to chat!

- C

P.S. If it's not clear, the equal sign and the made up names after are those specific character's kids! So for instance Youngran is Johnny and Wendy's daughter :)

P.S.S. Actual start date of this story is June 2021, this used used have other characters and I just recently decided to make the change because I couldn't resist NCTXRV.

P.S.S. Also on Wattpad and AO3!



“We won’t know if we don’t try,” Jaehyun said softly.

Seulgi drew her breath. Her voice dropped to a murmur. “Alright, let’s try.”

Sorry for the delay in updates, I've been taking this week off SB to focus on "in the name of love", expect some SB updates next week :) In the meantime, if you'd like, please also check out "in the name of love"! :)
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