Plagiarism Again.

What a rollercoaster last night was. In the frenzy between discussing with my friends and speaking to the plagiarizer, I had scribbled down a blog post that I later took down as they (the plagiarizer) apologized and deleted the story from their profile. I will use they as I have no idea what pronouns they like to use. I have no interest in the tinsy view the story got in their profile, neither the votes or comments like this is the best story ever! as I hope they are mature enough to understand deep inside that they don't deserve any of it. However, when my friend (Pearllin) first tried to confront her through the wattpad inbox thingy, they blocked her.

I also have news that she has been fooling her readers into believing she is the coauthor of this story in AFF and that the main author (me) has given her the permission to post on wattpad under her name. This morning, someone dm-ed me asking if I was the other author of the story in wattpad, asking me what is the reason we decided to take it down. The reader was in the middle of reading the story in wattpad and the plagiarizer deleted the story, because of which the reader couldn't access the next chapters. So she asked the plagiarizer why this is happening and the plagiarizer told her the main author decided to delete it and being the co-author, she had no say in it. 

It is a simple calculation that the plagiarizer is lying to their readers. Through this, I understand the sincerity of their apology to me is rather slim. Plagiarism is a grave crime, snatching away someone else's work only in hopes to get praised for it is something only the lowest of the scum would do. There isn't a guarantee that they learned from this situation. Altering the character names and keeping the writing same is still plagiarism. If you check their profile in wattpad, you'll see how she does the plagiarism thing frequently.

Here's an example:

  Posted new story Jaerose and Jenyong sss. BUT CREDIT TO OWNERS BECAUSE THE STORY AINT MINE. It was just too good to post ✨

What writer would do that, I don't understand. Only when you are desperate for some attention will you copy some else's work. I guess they got caught and the original author forced them into writing this on their wall. I know the plagiarizer is lurking around in AFF and I want you all to be aware of them. There is no such guarantee your story won't be plagiarized by them. This makes me want to put every story of mine under friends-only. Spread this blog so people know. The username is: honeymoo0n

I can't express how grateful I am to my friends for standing with me through this. Ash. Hems, Lin, Ruth, you all are the best! I love you so much :') Also to Vanillaabear who brought this to my attention and the reader who update me about the situation (they wish to remain anonymous). Thank you so much, for you I was able to resolve this issue :D


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Thats so frustating. Imagine doing the hard work but someone else got all praise and credits! Been there and its awful :(
Oh dear,so ANGRY to read this,actually!
But don't be know,I haven't read your stories up to now,but I will...
The thing is I assume you're such a great author that they did such a thing,their job just proved this! You're the owner,so you are creative,they are just some people who don't understand anything about humanity & being my view people who tell lies don't deserve even talking & thinking about! don't bother yourself because of those cheap people!
Stay healthy!
Oh honey, its okay dear. And .... idk what to say. There are many people who would do things like this. All we have to do is bring them down. Don't worry, I think everything willbe fine soon.
You're an amazing writer and I know you do wonders. Maybe that's why they copied it. Cuz they ain't gotta clue how to write some good stuff.
Forget about this and keep going hon. We are here to back up ;)))))))) (soooomanyyyy doubleee chinss xD)
That's actually scary tbh like imagine doing all the hard work and the other person just copy paste it and gets all the praise like ew. I'm so glad the situation is finally settled I mean just imagine what other amazing works did she rip off of tbh
OMG, that's horrible! Did that person copy and paste everything word for word without any change at all? Like it wasn't even an adaptation?
rosa, i was so worried when I saw your feed post at 5 am... I know this kept you awake till the dawn~ i'm telling you, the plagiarizer will get what she deserves. please get some rest, hun. i know it's hard to digest quickly but trust me, she will get what she deserves.
plagiarism is very shame.
now i know why some author remind using "subscribe only, member only or more friends only". cause plagiarist are everywhere and worst.
Rosa, don't worry. They gained nothing from this, except for humilation and pity. They will learn the lesson someday, if not today. I really understand that this has caused an immense pain and I pray you soon forget about it and take steps to protect your stories in a better way. Writers are never safe from the sight of plagiarisers, no matter the protection. But you'll be fine, I know. You're the strongest person ever!
Wow, this is beyond insane! Is it resolved now, though?