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Because these two blogs looked exciting: Fun Meta Asks For Writers and writer meta asks by sanghoosgihun and Finally_Home respectively. Please check them out for many interesting answers! 


1. Tell us about your current project(s) -- what it's about, how's progress, what do you love most about it/them?


I think I let myself get too carried away. Almost all my stories are new projects and I think I will forever be adding to the number. I am not particularly proud of the growing number but I am happy with how my story list looks; the sight of all my creations one after another brings me enormous joy! So far, I have:

- One Of A Kind, which deals with mental issues, clash between rich and poor, childhood trauma, etc. and tends to take an increasingly darker turn as the story progresses. When I first wrote this out in my diary, I believe I was young and dumb, thus making wrong decisions and including s only for the sake of views, cluttering the story with unnecessary plot twists (which I used to love to my bones back in the days). But my mistakes were glaring at me when I read it recently. So I decided to rewrite it! I've also successfully published a chapter! Find it here.

- in the loving memories of youth, which is majorly inspired from Twenty Five, Twenty One's picturesque aesthetic! Progress, despite slow, is solid. So far, I have a feeling that I've fleshed out Joohyun quite well and that she sounds like your everday normal person with an extensive life, like family problems, chronic diseases, fears and peer pressure, etc. The thing I'm most proud of is telling the experience of my early taekwondo days through this story. Writing a black belt Sehun makes me stop and take deep breaths from time to time! Find it here.

-friends can break you heart too, which, again, deals with issues in friendship. This is my first time trying something seulrene, a ship I've recently found interest in. Even though chapters have not been published, I have written a rough draft of the story and plan to publish the first chapter soon! The genre of office romance NEVER gets old. It's one of the fun things to write when incororating , the i-may-be-falling-in-love-with-her-nevermind-i'm-just-gonna-work scenes, the bump into each other's in the elevators, etc. in the premise of workplace. Find it here

There are more but these are my main concerns at the moment!


2. Tell us about what you’re most looking forward to writing – in your current project, or a future project.

It's definitely the endings of all the stories hehe. There is nothing more that I want. Even though the journey to the ending is always fun, interacting with readers, getting boosted up by their appreciation, requesting for poster, imagining the scenes in my head before going to bed keep me distracted from a whole lot, hehe. But if I were to choose one, I'm looking forward to writing the scene in OOAK right after Sehun and Areum are mutually made aware of their feelings for each other. Do you know why? It's because even I don't know how I'll react to my favorite story coming close to its end. I'm curious to know what my brain will come up with afterwards. I'll probably be crying like a baby writing their wedding scenes--with each other or with other people, I'm not entirely sure. 


3. What is that one scene that you’ve always wanted to write but can’t be arsed to write all of the set-up and context it would need? (consider this permission to write it and/or share it anyway)

I yearn to write sci-fi AUs but--BUT--they come with such technicality! I'm not sure what every single part of a freaking alien's spacecraft is called but I so badly want to write it! I remember getting so taken by a Sehun fic named Water Lily that I began to dream of green people taking over Milky Way and a sizzling hot Sehun killing the evil queen of Andromeda like some GOT >.< So a sci-fi scene, with the perfect jargon, is what I've alway wanted to pull out of my brain. But you know, ma brain is dumbdumbdumbdumbdmbdumb 


4. Share a sentence or paragraph from your writing that you’re really proud of (explain why, if you like)


And with much difficulty but satisfaction, she walked away, into the villa. But she could fool herself to be above him only that afternoon. When he disappeared with the sun, she couldn't help but desperately wipe at her tears, staring at the door of her room, strolling around the garden his mother had spent more time nurturing than him, skating on her own around the ballroom, catching her disheveled state on the mirrors of the hallway. Sehun was a lost soul wrapped in the wools of luxury, cut off from life because there was never a need to teach him how to earn a living, and there sprouted his distate for her job, his indifference towards her talents, his incomprehension of what made her happy.


But hadn't she seen all of this coming? When her eyes had lingered on him across the rooms, hadn't she seen the life he led? When he never moved forward to take her hand, hadn't she recognized his cold soul? When his lips never told her of love, hadn't she seen the emptiness of these walls, the villas that bore no sense of home, the paper rolls on the ground screaming at her to run?


Seori could sometimes hear him screaming her name in sleep. That was probably what kept her. He didn't know it but she did. She knew he needed her.


She didn't know how to tell him that he was all the friend she needed. Can we have breakfast together? was all she wanted to pronounce every time she found him in his bathroom in the morning. Please trust me, I'm always here for you she wanted to say when she watched him soak himself in the parties, throwing smiles at people who never called him first, who never gave up the world for him, who never cried while wiping his blood off the tiles.


Out of a spontaneous decision, Seori gathered his stack of . She searched his vacation house, going as far as dragging bottles of sugar and salt all the way to the pool. The pills that he melted on the burnt spoons, the syringes that he never had the time to alter, the packets with prices written on them. The only price of his addiction was his life. Seori gathered her courage but cried for a while. And then she poured everything into the still water, including herself.


I like it because I love continuous narration of this sort, minimal dialogues building up a . I do tell my students to show, not tell but I'm no expert at it. So when I showed the turmoil of Seori's loneliness through her description of the villa's interior and her feelings of insecurity through her descriptions of Sehun's lifestyle, I felt very proud 😭


5. What character that you’re writing do you most identify with?

Bae Joohyun from in the loving memories of youth. It's not only the taekwondo part--and no, it's definitely not the bumping into hot cashier slash black belt in nearby superstore, but her ordeal with friendships, her growing self-esteem, her finding better friends and newer hobbies, her love for the sky, her healing period, etc. 

I'm usually the most comfortable in writing Irene and Sehun. It's because I find that I can pour a lot of soul into each of them and yet make them different from every Sehun and Irene I've ever written. A character that would closely follow ITLMOY Bae Joohyun will be invisible string Sehun. His extreme attachment to his father, his drive to decide for his family, and his habit of writing are things I find in myself too!


6. What do you think are the characteristics of your personal writing style? Would others agree?

Um, continuous rambling...? Little to no dialogues...? s..a..d..n..e..s..s..? 


7.  Are you more of a drabble or a longfic kind of writer? Pantser or plotter? Do you wish you were the other?

I am convinced I can't write any shorter than 13k words after participating in ecstasy contest. I'm not even sure if I won't get kicked out because I surpassed the word limit by a whopping 4k words *facepalms*. So no, longfic it is. I'm a mixture of both.


8. What do you envy in other writers?

ability to write (??) 

I'm not sure if sometimes my readers can even tell that what they've just read was lol. 


9. Do you share your writing online? (Drop a link!) Do you have projects you’ve kept just for yourself?

Yes and yes. I have a whole Baekhyun villain origin story in my docs but I'm not very sure if I want to make him the bad guy.


10. Tried anything new with your writing lately? (style, POV, genre, fandom?)


Though I'm certain I'm going to embarrass myself big time. 


11. Do you think readers perceive your work - or you - differently to you? What do you think would surprise your readers about your writing or your motivations?

Hmm, I wonder how my readers perceive me other than a sad cat mom who likes to overcomplicate every sentence of a story and I don't think they'd be surpised to know that I don't read very often, despite being aware of the fact that good writers read. Also, I find it very hard to consume angst, despite it being my main comfort genre to write. Even the smallest things make me cry.

I am also ten miles away from social media, I know boring me, but I'm still on my phone 24/7, usually staring at the pictures of my catto who has passed away recently 😿


12. Is there something you always find yourself repeating in your writing? (favourite verb, something you describe ‘too often’, trope you can’t get enough of?)

You'll find that my writing tends to go back in time unless I can't absolutely help but to keep them in modern times. Stories like DWOHT, TBTB  and TSAHM are all set in years like 1940s, 20s, 60s, etc. The vintage charm is my favorite to write about. Previous eras are also quite simple, aren't they? No phones, no extensive security locks, no CCTV cameras to easily solve a murder case, no option but to write to each other. Oh, I love these!

oh and I almost forgot my obsession with lowercase titles :] 😹

and oh no I totally forgot about all the Taylor Swift stuff I borrow my titles from 💀


Hm, that's it for today! I'll add another part to this blog if even one person subscribes. I hope that in the case that you're a writer, you'll tag yourself! But I'm specifically tagging my friends Princess_charming and dreamshun. I hope this blog hasn't lulled you to sleep. This has been Rosa all along.


Bye bye! 



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