Ready To Run
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"Mommy, I want to play," Minji whined. Sarang hummed, parting her hair from the middle. It was usually very difficult to tie her hair because she just would not stay at a place for more than three seconds. She would run around the house all day long, talk to her goldfish and squeeze the life out of her sister's cheeks. "Mommy, how can we keep Misun a baby forever?" And her questions would never stop.

"Keep Misun a baby forever?" Sarang chuckled, braiding on part of her hair. Minji intentionally nodded, knowing that would mess up her hair. Minji also liked to annoy her mother nowadays. "Minji, don't move," Sarang scolded her, keeping her in one place on the bed. "We can't keep Misun baby forever, sweetie. Misun will have to grow up one day."

"Will I grow up too?" Minji asked curiously.

Sarang hummed, "We all grow up, Minji."

"But you said I will be your baby forever," Minji argued, turning to her mother with her pout. Her hair slipped out of Sarang's grip but Sarang couldn't find it in herself to scold the little girl. "I won't?"

"You'll always be my baby in my heart," Sarang chuckled. cupping her chubby cheeks with her palms. She placed a kiss on each of them, "Done with questions? Can I please tie your hair now baby?"

"But you call Papa baby too," Minji said, folding her arms. She was five now. Sarang gulped, blushing hard with embarrassment. "Is Papa your baby?" Minji asked, frowning at the idea. 

"You all are my babies," Sarang mumbled before quickly turning her around so that Minji didn't shoot her questions anymore. She had planned to make two braids but eventually she ended up doing a ponytail because her arms were aching. "Off you go. But remember, don't disturb Hee Unnie, okay? She's studying."

Minji nodded but for some reason she stayed on the bed, looking up at her mother. Sarang caressed her hair, not knowing what was wrong. Minji quietly stood up on the bed before placing herself in her mother's lap. A little surprised, Sarang laughed, "What's with my Minji today," she asked, smooching Minji's rosy cheeks. Minji wrapped her arms around her neck.

"I just want to stay with Mommy," Minji replied. Sarang's grin widened.

"Do you want to sleep?" Sarang suggested. After the long hours in school, perhaps the girl was sleepy. Minji nodded, she rarely got the chance to sleep in Mommy and Papa's bed. Sarang moved a little, patting a pillow for Minji. The afternoon sun was low on the sky, almost orange now. Minji snuggled into her mother's arms, asking for a story. But the story department was not Sarang's. Minji didn't insist.

"I'll wake you up in two hours," Sarang said, patting her in rhythms. Minji giggled with excitement, she just loved this specific warmth that she could only feel from Mommy's body. Sarang wrapped her up in her arms under the blanket. "Do you have something you want to tell Mommy?" Sarang asked, just because. Her instincts told her that she should ask her daughters if there was anything wrong, or anything they wanted her to know. That's what her parents used to do.

Minji thought for a while. "There is."

"What is it?" Sarang eagerly asked.

"Minhye Unnie," Minji covered with her little palm, whispering. Sarang leaned towards her lips, "Minhye Unnie has boyfriend."



"Adventure," Sehun smiled, eyes on the television. Sarang scooted closer, wiping the drool off Misun's mouth with the back of her hand. She was sleeping just fine in so much noise, perhaps that was a talent she had inherited from her father. Tying Minji's hair was adventure indeed, she would agree with that. Some days she would have to chase her around the house to make her sit and have her hair tied. 

Sehun switched the television off suddenly, making her snap her head at him because she really was enjoying the show. "They're all asleep, right?" He asked.

Sarang frowned, "I don't know about Minhye, but why?"

Sehun smirked, "She is. She told me she was going to sleep."

"Yeah, so what?" Sarang furrowed her brows, trying to grab the remote back from him but Sehun held it up above his head. "I was watching that," she hissed at him but he only chuckled.

"Watch me," he said instead of giving the remote back. "They're all asleep since I don't see Minji running around."

Sarang pressed her lips together, catching up with what he meant. "Oh, sorry dude but Minji's sleeping in our bed," she said with a laugh. Sehun sighed, disappointed. "And even so, I'm tired." She laid her head on his shoulder while Sehun adjusted Misun in his arms. "Remember, we were planning a holiday?"

Sehun nodded, "Right."

"Is it too much?" She asked, "On your shoulders? Will you be busy? It's fine, we don't have to go." She said, glancing at him. Sehun's eyes sagged at the corners, giving away the fact that he wouldn't be able to plan the holiday further. "I mean, we've been to a lot of places last year. It's fine."

"Is it, really?" Sehun intertwined their hands, feeling the space between her fingers as he watched her. "Sarang I really hate to see you living like this when you're only twenty-two. You deserve so much more than this and I--"

"Sehun, we're not talking about this again," Sarang cut in, "I deserve something more than this? What can be more than you, Sehun? I'm happy with you four, I can't imagine anything else other than what I already have. Don't think like

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