Housemate Chronicles





In which, the ice queen and the class clown live together.
And try to get along.
And try to not kill each other. 
And, most importantly, try to not fall in love.'s truly quite difficult.




Oh Sehun, 24

fashion designer

drama queen, writes sometimes

whines 24/7 , walks in sleep


Choi Hanuel, 24
owns an online clothing store

clean freak, loves food

(and only food, hates everything else)



Sehun was definitely not expecting his ex-classmate to be his housemate but here she was, standing before him,
wearing her infamous poker face. He grinned at her, pushing the hood off his head.


Two seconds in but she didn't reply, only stared at that smile on his face as if that was the stupidest thing ever.


"I will expect that you follow the rules," she finally spoke. "And no pets."

No pets? But...he already has a dog and he was pretty sure she even knew that. He was quite loud about it at school
and he made sure everybody knew that he was a dog-dad now but...oh well.
He opened his mouth to protest but she had already slammed the door of her room shut.

With a dejected expression, Sehun stared at it before heaving a huge sigh.


Choi Haneul was still the same.



(by SehunieNuna!)

I was suggested to write this trope by a friend and when I came across a poster and damn, it really triggered my
creative juices to finally write it and post it.
So here it is, my third story, which I hope to finish in time. I want to avoid angst as well, which is quite the
challenge for me. This story will also include red velvet members because i love them so much. Haneul's character
was inspired by these gifs of yeri lol and Sehun's character from exo next door.
if there's anything triggering in the chapter, i will let you know at the start. I will also summarize the whole chapter
in the end so that you don't have to read the chapter if it's triggering, so don't worry.

Your comments, subscriptions, votes, are very very very much welcome
Please support me while i write this story! I'm looking forward to updating the story soon!
Thank you for reading up until this much ^^



To dreamshun who has put in her precious time to design this gift for me. It's a shame she doesn't have a graphic shop, right? She has been one of my main sources of motivation and idk AFF without her at this point lol. Also, pls check this c story of hers out: HERE! 

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I have to also thank my friends for being such incredible sources of encouragement, I swear they never run out of things to say
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me even though i can be very annoying at times T_T

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