my heavy heart (is too much for you)

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There in the grey land near the sea, lived a quiet man named Do Kyungsoo in the gloomy mansion of his late father. With him lived his butterflies, old vinyl records, dusty furniture, his little dog, his box full of ribbons and his heavy heart. When I had first set foot in his house with the objective of interviewing him about the life he had chosen for himself, I never thought I would fall in love with all that.


-my heavy heart-
-is too much for you-

There is a wooden box on his night stand that he always caresses before going to sleep. There are butterflies in his garden who always find their way back to his gloomy mansion. There are scars on his hands from the wars he has fought. There is a barren land under his name in the east side of the river where nothing grows. There are walls around his heart he has built for ten years now, his only friend tells me. The curious nature of my job forces me to pry; as much as I want to leave this man alone, I cannot. The chance to interview the only remaining family of my country's hero doesn't come by often. So I stay in this mansion, falling in love with him, while he silently stalls...charmingly stalls. And I can only watch as he plays me around on his palm. It is perfectly alright if he doesn't want to tell me anything.

As you have already gathered, I cannot write to you the date of my return as I myself am not sure. I rather like it, living with him and learning the names of his butterflies. The interview is much like the last thing on my mind these days.



characters: do kyungsoo, lee dasom (oc), byun baekhyun, oh sehun
genre: angst, romance, sliceoflife
tags: postwar!au, columnist!oc, ex-soldier!au
warning: portrayal of war
inspiration: kyungsoo (his existence), heavy heart (by RIO) 

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 author's notes:
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